Does Quillbot Work?

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Does Quillbot Work?

This blog post will cover whether or not Quillbot, an AI-powered paraphrasing tool will enhance your writing, can bypass popular AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn.Quillbot claims to be a paraphraser that lets you rephrase text countless ways. Quillbot's product will improve your fluency while also ensuring you have the appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style for any occasion. By simply entering their text into the input box, and Quillbot's AI will work with you to create the best paraphrase. While Quillbot doesn't claim to bypass AI detectors, many users use their website to use their paraphraser tool to humanize and bypass AI detectors regardless. Let's put it to the test to see if their paraphraser tool is worth using.Finally, we will compare Quillbot against StealthGPT to see which Undetectable AI website reigns supreme. The results will shock you.Here’s what we'll cover:
  • What Are Undetectable AI Websites?
  • What is Quillbot?
  • What is StealthGPT?
  • Test Preparation
  • Quillbot Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn
  • StealthGPT Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn
  • Final Thoughts
  • Quillbot vs StealthGPT's Value and Pricing

What Are Undetectable AI Websites?

Undetectable AI websites are a breakthrough in the field of digital content creation. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, these websites generate content that closely resembles human writing in both style and substance. The primary characteristic of these websites is their ability to produce content that is virtually indistinguishable from that created by humans.

Characteristics of Undetectable AI Websites:

  • Human-like Writing Style: The AI-generated content is fluent, coherent, and contextually relevant, mirroring human writing.
  • High Scalability: These platforms can rapidly produce large volumes of content, catering to the needs of constantly updating digital spaces.
  • SEO Optimization: The content is often optimized for search engines, enhancing the website's online visibility and search ranking.
  • Versatile Content Generation: Capable of covering a wide range of topics and adapting to various writing styles and formats.

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot is an AI-powered writing tool designed to assist in creating and refining content. It is primarily known for its paraphrasing capabilities, making it a popular choice among students, writers, and content creators.

Features of Quillbot:

  • Paraphrasing Tool: Quillbot's core feature is its ability to rephrase existing text, providing alternatives that maintain the original meaning while altering the structure and wording.
  • Writing Assistance: It offers various writing modes, catering to different styles and requirements, such as formal, creative, or concise writing.
  • Grammar and Spell Check: Quillbot includes tools for checking and correcting grammar and spelling errors, enhancing the quality of the content.
  • SEO Enhancement: By improving the quality and uniqueness of content, Quillbot can indirectly aid in SEO efforts.

What is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT, akin to undetectable AI websites, refers to advanced AI technology designed to generate content that appears to be written by humans. This technology emphasizes creating original, high-quality content that does not evidently seem AI-generated.

Features of StealthGPT:

  • Advanced Language Modeling: Uses sophisticated AI algorithms for natural language processing, ensuring content is natural, coherent, and context-appropriate.
  • Indistinguishability: Specializes in producing content that closely resembles human-written material in quality and style.
  • Adaptable Writing Styles: Capable of mimicking various writing styles and formats, making it versatile for different content needs.
  • SEO Integration: Often includes features to optimize content for search engines, enhancing online visibility.

Test Preparation

We will be using ChatGPT for our experiment. We will use the content produced by ChatGPT and place them onto Quillbot and StealthGPT's bypass tools. We will then test to see if they can bypass well known AI detectors.Popular AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn will be used for this experiment. We will provide images showcasing how Quillbot compares against StealthGPT.Finally, we will make a conclusion based on the experiment to see whether or not Quillbot actually works.

Quillbot Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

Firstly, let's come up with a text written by ChatGPT. Here's the prompt that we will be using for the experiment.
Let's copy this text from ChatGPT and use Quillbot’s paraphraser tool for the experiment.

Quillbot Against GPTZero

Quillbot received a 91% probability score of AI content. All sentences were detected as AI generated. Let's see how well Quillbot does against Originality and TurnItIn.

Quillbot Against Originality

Quillbot receives 100% AI detection score through Originality. It's not looking too good for Quillbot. Before we make a comparison, let's give them hope that they can go up against TurnItIn.

Quillbot Against TurnItIn

Quillbot could not bypass GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn. Before we come up with conlusions, let's see how well StealthGPT does against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn.

StealthGPT Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

Now, let's compare StealthGPT against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn. We'll take the same text from ChatGPT and convert it to StealthGPT beforehand.

StealthGPT Against GPTZero

StealthGPT receives just 2% AI written score from GPTZero. It's a good sign for StealthGPT but let's not get too excited just yet. Let's see how well StealthGPT does against Originality and TurnItIn.

StealthGPT Against Originality

Not once but twice that StealthGPT is able to bypass major AI detectors. Let's see how well they do against TurnItIn to see if it's not a fluke.

StealthGPT Against TurnItIn

StealthGPT is able to bypass all three AI detectors compared to Quillbot which never managed to bypass one.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it turns out that Quillbot fails to bypass major AI detectors such as GPTZero at 91% AI detection score, Originality at over 100% AI written score, and TurnItIn at 100% AI content score. Quillbot fails to claim itself as the best paraphraser tool out there.Comparatively, StealthGPT goes beyond expectations and achieved over 2% AI detection score on GPTZero, 0% on Originality, and TurnItIn. This is a major breakthrough for college, highschool students, and other professions out there who want to avoid AI detection. It's clear who the true winner is as StealthGPT reigns supreme as the best AI humanizer platform out there currently.StealthGPT currently ranks as the best AI bypasser website and this experiment proves it. We will continue to experiment with other undetectable AI websites to see their capabilities and trustworthiness. Check out our blog post here.

Quillbot vs StealthGPT's Value and Pricing

Quillbot Pricing

StealthGPT's Pricing

Starting at $14.99 per month for 100,000 Undetectable AI words, 1 user, and with chrome extension. $19.99 for 500,000 words per month and $29.99 for 1,000,000 words per month. An annual option of $99.99 for 100,000 words per month, $199.99 for 500,000 words per month, and $299.99 for 1,000,000 words per month.

Quillbot vs StealthGPT's value

Quillbot offers a slightly higher price than StealthGPT starting at $19.95 per month for unlimited words in paraphraser. Meanwhile, StealthGPT starts off at $14.99 for 100,000 words per month. However, It's important to note that both platforms offer different needs to its users. Quillbot paraphrases words to make it seem written by the user but can still be detected by AI detectors. Compared to StealthGPT, which can paraphrase and bypass AI detectors. While Quillbot's unlimited words seem enticing, if the users' needs are to paraphrase and bypass AI detectors, then StealthGPT is for them. In terms of value, both platforms are similar as StealthGPT has tones and modes for its users as well. StealthGPT has tones ranging from casual to academic. It also has low to high mode for undetectability that Quillbot doesn't have. In the end, its up to the users to decide which platform offers more value as Quillbot and StealthGPT offer similar but different needs for its users.

StealthGPT: Write AI Text, Get Human Results

StealthGPT is the best Undetectable AI website out there, beating major AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn. If you are a highschool or college student looking for the best AI humanizer tool in the market then look no further. It's simple, easy to use, and there's plenty of evidence you need to give you the assurance of staying undetected. Try StealthGPT out today!StealthGPT is able to beat most AI detectors due to the way it was build from the ground up. We cannot speak to how Quillbot was built but we are aware that most AI tools are built with very simple prompts from OpenAI's GPT models. Unlike most AI tools out there, StealthGPT was built and trained on hundreds of hours of human styled writings that make it uniquely different from any other AI writing tool on the market. That is how StealthGPT is and continues to remain the best Undetectable AI on the market.

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