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Make ChatGPT Undetectable

ChatGPT has become the craze since its first launch in 2022. Millions and billions of people have used it from all over the world, and many like the speed as well as its efficacy in creating textual content. With AI-driven tools like ChatGPT, writing content has never been easier, it can be used for writing articles, research papers, essays, and more. However, this flood of new AI-powered writing tools also has its dark side which is the existence of the AI detectors. The AI-powered detector is a tool that is now used to detect and send signals to AI-generated content to prevent people from using these shortcuts to fake their classwork, cheat search engines, or anything else. This is, of course, causing a problem for anyone who tries to use ChatGPT without getting caught, as it also leverages its powers to fulfill their work in a more effective way. Nevertheless, luckily for us, there are several methods to make ChatGPT undetectable. In this article, we'll guide you through some methods of how to make the created generated content with ChatGPT go undetectable and more human-like. Moreover, we will also introduce you to the help of StealthGPT, a powerful tool designed to make your text sound human but seamlessly blend in with your human-written content without sacrificing its quality or authenticity.

Table of Contents

  • What Is ChatGPT?
  • How Can Content Generated by ChatGPT Be Detected?
  • The Best Method To Make ChatGPT Content Undetectable
  • Other Methods To Make ChatGPT Content Undetectable
  • To Sum Up
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model created by OpenAI. It was first released on November 30, 2022. The platform has caused a stir worldwide with more than 100 million users after only two months since its launch, becoming the fastest-growing application ever.ChatGPT is a program that acts like a virtual assistant that you can chat with. It was designed to understand your questions and provide helpful and relevant answers. It can talk about anything, from a science approach to giving advice on any problems that you encounter in your daily life. Basically, it understands your messages and generates thoughtful replies that seem like they were made by a human. The model is trained with a significant amount of data downloaded from the internet, so it can not be perfect sometimes.

What is ChatGPT used for?

ChatGPT is versatile and can be used for more than human conversations. Here are some of the most popular features. Content Creation
  • Writing articles, essays, stories, scripts, emails, reports, and other long-form content
  • Composing any creative writing like poetry, song lyrics, etc.
  • Generating code in programming languages like Python, JavaScript, etc.
Language Understanding and Analysis
  • Answering questions and engaging in conversations across diverse topics
  • Summarizing long texts, articles, as well as documents
  • Translating data for multiple languages
  • Analyzing text for sentiment, tone, and linguistic features
Task Assistance
  • Helping with research, data analysis, and problem-solving tasks
  • Providing coding assistance, debugging code
  • Solving math problems, explaining solutions step-by-step
  • Offering suggestions and ideas for creative projects
  • Scheduling appointments, setting reminders, or even providing information on various topics like weather updates or finance.
Multimodal Capabilities
  • Describing and analyzing images in detail
  • Generating images from text prompts using DALL-E 3 integration

How Can Content Generated By ChatGPT Be Detected?

It is quite complicated to detect such content generated by language model GPT like ChatGPT since it achieves the highest sophistication and naturalness, and their platform is also upgraded by the day. However, it is possible to notice for some patterns that are the characteristics of machine learning models.The first tip should be to search for patterns commonly used in machine-generated projects, such as constant phrasing, absence of interpretation, or uncommon syntactical structures that the human is less likely to produce. Another approach is leveraging software programs and algorithms that were developed to identify such kinds of content like GPTZero,, WinstonAI, etc... These platforms use machine learning methods and patterns to compare the suspected material with vast databases of human-written feedback and AI-generated to determine its original.Another illustration could be the mining of metadata or context about the happening of content because AI-generated text might lack some human aspects like personal experience or deeper personal insights, which naturally characterize as human beings.Finally, the text generated by AI is also further refined, polished as well as coherent; this is due to the fact that these models are trained on huge datasets in order that the output appears grammatically corrected and fluent. Because, normally humans often make some mistakes like typos or idiosyncratic errors when they are typing quickly.

The Best Method To Make ChatGPT Content Undetectable

I have to be honest that the most effective, most time-saving, as well as the speediest way to make ChatGPT undetectable is through an AI Humanize tool, which is SteathGPT. Because sometimes, no matter which prompts you feed into ChatGPT as well as tweak the output, the content produced just keeps getting flagged as AI-generated, and you have to do it manually by rewriting the text again. So why not leverage Undetectable AI software to make this process more easier?The main selling point of a Stealth writing tool is that it helps to paraphrase AI-generated text into humanized writing within less than two minutes of paraphrasing. Also, the content humanized with StealthGPT is more refreshing and capable of bypassing AI content detection software than content that's been humanized by yourself.

Convert ChatGPT Text to Human Content with StealthGPT

StealthGPT is also known as "Stealth Generative Pre-trained Transformer,". This is an Undetectable AI service that allows users to create undetectable text or rewrite ChatGPT output to be undetectable.With an active StealthGPT account, you can write essays, blog posts, marketing copies, proposals, emails, etc., but won't fear that any tool will detect that you've used AI in creating content. It can also enhance the readability of the content and adjust its output based on your content purpose. The AI-generated text produced by StealthGPT is 100% secure and successfully bypasses all AI-checking procedures used by AI checkers.Moreover, the tool also produces content in such a way that it is uniquely different each time a response is generated, thus avoiding any plagiarism issues. This makes StealthGPT as an invaluable asset for those requiring high-quality, AI-generated content that mirrors human writing.

Is StealthGPT Really Working?

Alright, "Said is always easier than done". You probably want to see the tool in real action. So, let’s put StealthGPT into the experiment and see whether it can transfer ChatGPT-generated text to be undetectable.First, I will open my ChatGPT account and give it a prompt: “ Write a paragraph to distinguish between phenol and benzoic acid”
After the AI writing tool has already created the content for us, I will copy the newly generated content and paste it into the Stealth Bypass tool to humanize it. For the purposes of this paragraph, I selected the “medium” undetectability mode and the “casual” undetectability tone for the readability as well as remaining the key meaning of the messages.
Want to see if the Stealth-generated text can actually bypass AI detection? In this case, we will run through the newly generated paragraph into the two famous AI detection platforms in the market, which are GPTZero and, to confirm the “AI score” of the testing paragraph.
After GPT Zero scanned the text paraphrased by StealthGPT, GPT Zero believed that there was only a 7% chance that the text was considered AI-generated; this also claims that StealthGPT is a clear winner against GPTZero.Moving on to, we asked it to scan the text paraphrased by Stealth Bypass. Here's a screenshot of the result of the scan.
When scanned the ChatGPT paragraph that was humanized with StealthGPT. predicted that there was a 96% chance that the paragraph was written by a human and only 4% showing that it was pure AI content.
The results are indeed impressive and already speak for themselves. StealthGPT surpasses both GPTZero and Originality and remains undetectable. The tool could be seen as one of the best Undetectable AI tools in the market to make your ChatGPT content undetectable and even bypass those advanced AI detection platforms out there.

Other Methods To Make ChatGPT Content Undetectable

Leverage StealthGPT is not the only option to make your ChatGPT-generated content undetectable. There are some other approaches to avoid detection when using ChatGPT, too. However, it is absolutely gonna take more time, and there is no guarantee to ensure that 100% of your content won't get flagged as AI-generated.

Add the ‘Perplexity’ to Your Content

Perplexity meaning measures the predictability of the sentence, and it is the main material that is required for AI-generated content to be undetectable. For example, if you have a sentence like "She walks with her..." and the next word is a cat, and AI guessed correctly, then that sentence has a low perplexity. This can be predicted because your sentence is easy to forecast. But if you write a sentence like "She walks with...her giraffe" and AI can not know the answer, then your sentence is high perplexity. Always keep in mind that you should make your content more perplexed, and it would seem to be less as AI-generated.Some tips to improve your perplexity:
  • Use more vocabulary; don't overuse single words; you can verify them or use synonyms, for instance.
  • When you are writing, put yourself in someone's position. This means that you could put your own experiences into a specific context. Try to say something from your angle because a unique human perspective on life can never be recreated by AI.

Add Your Viewpoint

Another way you can try to humanize the ChatGPT content is by adding your personal opinion to each part of the paragraph. Showing your knowledge, understanding, and perspective and giving rigorous and logical arguments will make the passage sound more professional and authentic, not like a bot-generated. By combining your personal experiences, stories, or anecdotes relevant to the topic along with the knowledge of artificial intelligent, it will make the article more difficult to detect and also increase the diversity of your content.

Use Slang and Idioms Language

As much as ChatGPT is able to understand and help you produce idiomatic text, it still isn't developed enough to be able to use the latest version of such a language in a natural way. Add some color to your text; throw in idiomatic expressions or slang that would benefit the audience. In this manner, your text will sound less formal and more conversational, and it would seem like a human had written it.

Creative Formatting

Do not forget the great power of the format. AI tends to follow conventional writing formats, while humans usually go out of any conventional way. Be creative: use bullet points, juggle your text alignment, or add weird subheadings. These formatting choices can give the impression that a human was behind the keyboard, making decisions based on aesthetics and readability.

Paraphrase Content By Hand

Last but not least, another way you can make ChatGPT undetectable is to go through your ChatGPT-generated text and make manual changes to it.You could begin by deleting a few more paragraphs and replacing them with actual human writes. It gives it an actual feel when the text sounds more like it was authored by a person. Use varying sentence lengths and structures because ChatGPT and a majority of AI tools compute very definite writing styles. Changing it enables you to remove from these very definite patterns that have been set up initially. Replace some common adjectives and adverbs with less common words to make the text more complex. But, a mere word replacement is not that efficient. To fool the AI detectors, you need to put a human touch or ‘entropy’ on the content. This was possible if you first read a paragraph and then looked away, tried to recall the content from memory, and then rewrite the content. This approach makes the generation of language sound more natural and helps to create content that is less likely to hit the flag on being made by AI.

To Sum Up

It is clear that the landscape of content creation has been greatly changed by AI tools, such as ChatGPT, in an operating environment constantly put in a state of flux. The reading above is also indicative of the fact that since AI detection methods have been changing now and then, tools like StealthGPT, and usage of strategies like personalization, creative formatting, and manual paraphrasing, will keep the AI content away from easier detection. However, it should be kept in mind at all times: great power brings great responsibility. Beyond the application of AI to content creation is the need to explore ethical use so that this revolutionary technology can be deployed not only in a manner aligned to all but also respects the norms of creating and consuming content.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Is The Content Created by ChatGPT Detected by AI Detectors? Of course, many AI detectors can identify content written by AI models such as ChatGPT. These include ones that analyze word choices, sentence structure, and overall patterns to ascertain if the text was written by an AI or a human. On the bright side, based on some methods explained in this blog post and using StealthGPT for humanize your content, the probability of AI detectors detecting your GPT-3, and GPT-4 content can be greatly minimized.#2. How Can Colleges Detect the Use of AI?It can be seen that nowadays, almost all universities and educational institutions are using Turnitin AI detector as well as plagiarism detection to check for students' research papers, articles, essays, and assignments… when they submit them for marking. #3. Is there a ChatGPT prompt that would make the AI disappear or something?
While these are some prompts you can give to ChatGPT to get more human-like content, there really isn't a way to beat AI detection using just a prompt. It is important to note that only depending on the prompts might actually not lead to effective output, so the user should consider making use of SteathGPT in order to get more authentic content.

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