20 Top AI Marketing Tools for Blogs in 2024

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20 Top AI Marketing Tools for Blogs in 2024

One AI marketing tool for blogs can do the work of two or three humans in much less time. If there's anything that matters in marketing, it's timeliness. In this article, you'll find a comprehensive list of the most effective AI marketing tools for blogs.

We've grouped them into six categories for easier navigation. Here's a list of recommended softwares in each category:

  • Content writing: Copy.ai, ChatGPT, Writesonic, and StealthGPT

  • Content editing: Grammarly, Hemmingway Editor, and ProWritingAid

  • Image and video generation: ChatGPT 4, Grum AI Art Generator, and Krikey AI

  • Social media management: Lately, Buffer, Sprout Social, and ContentStudio

  • SEO optimization: Semrush, Ahrefs, and Surfer SEO

  • Email marketing: ConvertKit, Campaigner, and Rasa.io

Let's take a closer peek at the AI marketing tools in the various groups.

AI Content Writing Tools for Blogs

We selected AI content generation tools with advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities. Any text that they write is almost-ready-to-go.


StealthGPT has two important features for AI content generation; its Generate and Bypass tools. The Generate feature is fantastic at writing articles on thousands of topics under the sun.

Meanwhile, the Bypass tool paraphrases AI-generated content. If you use StealthGPT's Generate feature for writing your blog posts, you may not need the Bypass tool. The Generate feature automatically humanizes the content that it writes.

This ability to make blog posts sound human is what places StealthGPT a step ahead of other AI blog writing tools. StealthGPT doesn't offer a free trial.

StealthGPT Pricing

Standard Plans

  • Essential: $17.99/month or $99.99/year

  • Pro: $24.99/month or $199.99/year

  • Exclusive: $34.99/month or $299.99/year

Business Plans

  • Business Beginners: $39.99/month

  • Business Pro: $49.99/month

  • Business Enterprise: $99.99/month


Copy.ai writes blogs better than many AI content generation tools, including Frase.io, Anyword, and Jasper. What we love most about this software is how it strictly adheres to the selected tone of writing.

Copy.ai can develop an outline into a blog in a couple of minutes. You can adjust the headings of articles and regenerate any sections if you please. While giving Copy.ai the instructions for a blog post, input your target keywords. When it's writing the blog post, it'll weave in those keywords naturally. You can use Copy.ai to generate 2,000 words for free every month.

Copy.ai Pricing

  • Starter: $49/month or $432/year

  • Advanced: $249/month or $2,232/year

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


The versions of ChatGPT that are most suitable for generating content for blogs are ChatGPT 4 and 4o. ChatGPT 4 generates outputs that sound more intelligent and excellently mimic the telltale signs of human writing.

ChatGPT 4 is especially impressive in generating blog posts on generic topics. However, if you're writing an article on a topic that requires specialized insights, ChatGPT 4 can't help you.

ChatGPT 4o is faster and more intelligent than ChatGPT 4. In addition to writing blog posts, ChatGPT 4o can also be used to conduct research and brainstorm ideas.

Unfortunately, neither ChatGPT 4 nor 4o can generate anything longer than 900 words at once. To write long-form blogs with either versions of ChatGPT, first develop the outline for your blog. Then, prompt ChatGPT to write content on each section separately. You can't access ChatGPT 4 or 4o for free.

ChatGPT Pricing

  • Plus: $20/month

  • Team: $30/month or $300/year


For three years, Writesonic was the number 1 AI article writer on Google. Writesonic’s Article Writer 6.0 generates blog posts ranging from 500 to 5,000 words. This high word count limit hastens the pace at which you can write articles using the tool.

To start using Writesonic, enter the topic of your article in Writesonic. It searches for the top-ranking articles on that topic and uses them as a reference point for deciding what to write. If you have any references, upload them to Writesonic.

Also, specify your primary keyword and secondary keywords. Writesonic will make sure to incorporate them into the blog. You get 25 free credits when you open a Writesonic account.

Writesonic Pricing

  • Chatsonic: $15/month or $144/year

  • Individual: $20/month or $192/year

  • Standard: $99/month or $948/year

AI Marketing Tools for Content Editing

Editing a 1500-word article could take up to an hour, but only if you're doing it manually. Below are the best AI content editing tools that can fast track the editing process for you.


Grammarly improves the clarity, delivery, and grammatical accuracy of articles. Errors that a human editor wouldn't notice won't pass under Grammarly's nose.

This AI-powered content editing software now has an AI text writer. The text writer rewrites any portion of your blog post that needs tweaking. It also generates a little bit of more content to increase the word count of an article. You can access Grammarly’s basic features for free.

Grammarly Pricing

  • Premium: $30/month or $60/quarter or $144/year

  • Business: $25/month or custom pricing/year

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway's text editor is primarily used for monitoring the readability of blog posts. On a scale of 1 to 10, Hemingway rates how easy it is to read a blog post. It highlights those sentences that are difficult to read. Hemingway also identifies phrases and sentences written in passive voice.

Unfortunately, the free version of Hemmingway doesn't suggest solutions to pinpointed problems. You'll have to think for yourself to discover how you fix any issues that Hemingway identifies.

Hemmingway Editor Pricing

  • Individual 5k plan: $10/month or $99.96/year

  • Individual 10k plan: $15/month or $150/year

  • Team 10k plan: $15/user/month or $150/user/year


ProWritingAid is a creative editing software. Does it contain too many cliches? Does it tell rather than show? Is the pacing of the blog a bit off? Is your tone throughout the blog consistent? Did you overuse any words while writing it? ProWritingAid will let you know the answers to these questions and more.

The software will also offer pointers on how to enhance the grammatical correctness of your article. Some of ProWritingAid’s features are accessible for free.

ProWritingAid Pricing

  • Premium: $30/month or $120/year or a $399 one-time payment

  • Premium Pro: $36/month or $144/year or a $699 one-time payment

AI Marketing Tools for Image and Video Generation

Without images and videos, you can't have an engaging blog post. But you don't want to spend a fortune on creating custom images and videos for your blog, do you? The AI image and video generators below will help you to eat your cake and have it.


ChatGPT 4 and 4o have been integrated with DALL-E. If you have a premium ChatGPT account, consider accessing DALL-E through ChatGPT 4 or 4o.

To generate images using ChatGPT 4 or 4o, just type the prompt or description of the image in the input box. If you're not quite sure what the image should look like, ask ChatGPT for recommendations.

You can copy any of those ideas that you like, refine it, and send it to ChatGPT as a prompt. In less than a minute, the chatbot will load the image.

The more specific your prompt is, the closer to your expectations the generated image will be.

ChatGPT Pricing

As specified above.

Grum Instagram AI Art Generator

Grum AI Art Generator is one of the best AI image generators. Unfortunately, it's not as popular as its competitors. We honestly wonder why.

On Grum AI Art Generator, you'll find four art styles: default, cartoon, realistic, and scribbles line. We prefer generating images in the realistic and scribbles line styles on Grum. However, its realistic art style results in some pretty solid photos.

Grum AI Art Generator is excellent at accurately portraying humans in realistic AI-generated photos. Furthermore, it properly depicts motions, such as dancing, walking, running, cycling, etc. in images.

Grum Instagram AI Art Generator Pricing

Grum is free to use forever.

Krikey AI

Krikey AI is a 3D AI animation software. The three-dimensional nature of Krikey AI's avatars makes them more interesting to watch. The app has now rolled out a Gen AI feature, which can animate custom 3D AI characters performing specified actions and lip syncing to the video script.

On Krikey AI, you can change the angle from which the “camera” captures the AI avatar in each scene of the video. Switching angles from close-up to midshot to from above to from below helps to make a video appear more attractive to your audience.

The only downside of Krikey AI is that it doesn't work on scripts that are longer than 500 characters. If the script for your video exceeds this length, you'll need to split the script into parts and merge the generated videos into one. You can try Krikey AI for free.

Krikey AI Pricing

  • Standard: $14.99/month or $159.99/year

  • Pro: $29.99/month or $339.99/year

AI Marketing Tools for Social Media Management

Four of the top AI marketing tools for social media management are:


Lately is a multipurpose AI tool. With it, you repurpose your blogs into content for different social media channels. Before repurposing your content, Lately attempts to understand your brand's voice by reviewing your existing branded content. Then, it ensures that the repurposed content aligns with your brand's voice.

Lately also doubles as a social media scheduler. When the scheduled publication date arrives, Lately will automatically post the content on your social media channels. Lately doesn't offer a free trial.

Lately Pricing

  • Small business: $49 - $199/month

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


Buffer is an AI content writing software for social media. That's all Buffer does — rewrite existing content to make it suitable for sharing on social media. For instance, while Buffer tends to rephrase content in a formal tone for LinkedIn, it tones down the formality when rewriting the same content for Instagram. You can use Buffer for free to manage three social channels.

Buffer Pricing

  • Essentials: $6/month per channel

  • Team: $12/month per channel

  • Agency: $120/month for 10 channels

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an elaborate AI marketing tool that can drive your marketing efforts across all social networks. Sprout Social also suggests content that you could post on social media. Based on the data gathered from your audience's interactions with your posts for 16 weeks, the app tells you what your optimal posting times are.

Besides, you get to schedule when you want Sprout Social to post your content across your social media channels. You can also monitor the effectiveness of your social media marketing.

Through Sprout Social, you can respond faster to customer queries and customize your responses. Such efforts improve your customer relationship management. You can try Sprout Social for free.

Sprout Social Pricing

  • Standard: $249/month per seat or $2,388/month per seat

  • Professional: $399/month per seat or $3,588/month per seat

  • Advanced: $499/month per seat or $4,788/month per seat

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


ContentStudio helps you plan and publish content on social media and blog networks. Like other AI social media management tools, it can repurpose content into a format that's suitable for different social media platforms. For instance, it can take a caption from Instagram and turn it into a LinkedIn-worthy post.

ContentStudio is integrated with Canva. So, if you use ContentStudio, you'll find the process of designing graphics much smoother.

Furthermore, joining ContentStudio means that you no longer have to wait until your writer's block is over to write content for social media. ContentStudio’s writing assistant can help.

Finally, with the app’s image generator, you can make thumbnails and featured images for various content marketing channels. You can try ContentStudio for free.

ContentStudio Pricing

  • Starter: starting from $25/month

  • Pro: starting from $49/month

  • Agency: starting from $99/month

AI Marketing Tools for SEO Optimization

Why use AI marketing tools for SEO optimization? They tell you what you need to do to make your content rank high on Google. Here's a list of our favorite AI marketing tools in this category.


Semrush does more than provide SEO optimization suggestions. However, for the purposes of this article, we'll restrict our overview of Semrush to what it can do for your blog's SEO.

When you feed a blog post into Semrush’s SEO writing assistant, it analyzes how SEO-optimized the article is. Then, it supplies feedback on the article's readability, originality, and tone of voice.

Semrush browses the web for existing blog posts with that title or similar titles. The app lists the keywords that you need to include in the article to make it rank high on Google.

Through an SEO content template, Semrush recommends semantically related keywords that you should include in your blog. You'll also discover the sites where to backlink the blog.

The ContentShake AI on Semrush gives you content ideas and drafts SEO-optimized articles based on those ideas.

These are just three of Semrush’s features. There are various others that you can access all in one Semrush subscription. You may try some of Semrush's features for free.

Semrush Pricing

  • Pro: $129.95 or $1,299.96/year

  • Guru: 249.95 or $2,499.96/year

  • Business: $499.95 or $4,999.92/year


Ahrefs helps you implement almost every SEO strategy. On it, you can conduct site audits to uncover your site's SEO problems. Wondering what keywords your target audience is searching for? Ahrefs Keyword Explorer will disclose those keywords.

With its Content Explorer, you can get fresh content ideas and find backlinking opportunities for your site. For example, Ahrefs searches the web for broken links or 404 pages on sites.

You reach out to the administrators of the sites. You tell them about their 404 pages and encourage them to replace those broken links with backlinks from your site. In this manner, Ahrefs has created backlinking opportunities for your blog. Ahrefs offers some free resources.

Ahrefs Pricing

  • Lite: $129/month or $1,290/year

  • Standard: $249/month or $2,490/year

  • Advanced: $449/month or $4,490/year

  • Enterprise: $14,990 per year


Surfer’s solutions are limited to optimizing individual blogs, rather than solving sitewide SEO issues. Based on the title of your blog, Surfer provides primary and secondary keyword suggestions. To keep you on track, it indicates how many times you should mention each keyword in the article.

Surfer also suggests how many images to include in the blog, as well as the number of headers to add. In recent times, Surfer rolled out an AI humanizer that humanizes AI-generated content.

If an article gets a high Surfer score, that doesn't mean that the article will rank high on Google. But a high Surfer score is an indicator that the blog may rank high on Google. You can't use Surfer for free.

Surfer Pricing

  • Essential: $89/month

  • Scale: $129/month

  • Scale AI: $219/month

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

AI Marketing Tools for Email Marketing

Litmus did research on how much return on investment (ROI) marketers derived from email marketing in 2022. Two thousand marketers were subjects of the study. After putting all the figures together, Litmus found that each $1 invested in email marketing yielded $36.

So, it's clear that you shouldn't sleep on email marketing if you want to grow your blog. Here are the top three AI tools for email marketing.


ConvertKit simplifies email marketing. Even if you don't have a website yet, you'll be able to reach out to your audience via email consistently and still build a brand image through ConvertKit.

When you start using ConvertKit, you group your email contacts into categories, based on their behaviors and interests. Rather than sending out boring emails containing long chunks of text and no fun, you select beautiful email templates from the content editor in ConvertKit. You can customize these templates to your liking.

When these emails are ready, send them immediately or schedule them for delivery later. Emails sent through ConvertKit have a 40% opening rate. In other words, there's a higher potential for your recipients to open and read your emails if you create and send those emails via ConvertKit. The tool offers a free trial.

ConvertKit Pricing

  • Creator: starts at $15/month

  • Creator Pro: starts at $29/month


The email marketing process on Campaigner works like this: the customer performs a trigger action, e.g. clicking the “subscribe” button on your website or at the bottom of your blog. Campaigner adds that email address to your contacts list.

Moving forward, it gleans information about the customer to help you personalize the future emails that you send to them.

Campaigner Pricing

  • Starter: starting from $69/month

  • Essential: starting from $179/month

  • Advanced: starting from$649/month

  • E-commerce: starting from $79.95/month


Rasa.io is an AI marketing tool that lays down the groundwork for the extreme personalization of emails. Highly personalized emails tend to foster the formation of a connection between the recipient and the sender.

Beyond just gathering your subscribers’ first names, Rasa.io makes calculated guesses regarding their interests based on their interactions with your emails. This helps you further curate the contents of the emails you send to them.

Enterprises using Rasa.io have reported a 97% year-on-year rise in their client retention rate since they began to use it.

Rasa.io Pricing

  • Plus: starting from $219/month

  • Pro: starting from $564/month

  • Enterprise: Custom pricing


Running a successful blog these days requires a lot of everything: time, money, and energy. AI marketing tools for blogs conserve your resources while increasing your productivity.

If you're not yet using AI in managing your blog, an excellent place to start is by creating a StealthGPT account. And if you're already leveraging AI to build your blog, StealthGPT can help you get the most out of your efforts. Try StealthGPT today.

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