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Ask AI Writer Anything. StealthGPT's Newest SEO Writer

If you are still struggling with the way to create SEO-friendly content that could rank high on the search engine results but could not be detected as AI-generated. Then, this blog post will adress your concerns and show you the way how to resolve them in one note.

Table of Contents

  • What Is SEO Writing?

  • Why Is SEO Writing Important?

  • AI Content Detection and SEO

  • Undetectable AI content and SEO

  • Introducing StealthGPT's Undetectable SEO Writer

  • How to Use StealthGPT’s SEO Writer

  • To Sum Up

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • StealthGPT’s SEO Writer Pricing

What Is SEO Writing?

SE0 writing, or could be known as Search Engine Optimisation writing, is the practice of writing content with implied and explicit keywords so that when people search for something, the article will be better positioned to come up in search engine results pages (SERPs). So, for example, when you are writing an article about the historical significance of heart health, not only the article should it provide a well-written answer for human readers but also include terms that people would most likely type into a search bar like Google for information about that topic.

A good SEO writing should aim for readability while also tailoring it towards searchability. Even though it‘s really important to include relevant keywords in your writing, however, the content itself still needs to be engaging as well as informative for the readers. Some techniques in which SEO writing is usually used include such as: optimize headers and sub-headers, internal and external links, meta descriptions, and making the entire article easy to read. Moreover, this also involves linking to other reputable sources that score with high domain authority and with images that make use of alt text.

Why Is SEO Writing Important?

“Content is king” is a popular phrase in marketing, and this famous quote is more true when it comes to the search engine optimization. Here are some main reasons that could explaning why SEO writing is so much important.

Increased Visibility

SEO writing is writing designed to help a website rank well in organic search results. By utilizing keywords and phrases, SEO writers are able to boost the chances of their crafted content showing up towards the top of the SERPs, therefore increasing the number of people who get to view and read it, as well as driving more fresh traffic for the website.

Increased Credibility

If your content appears high in results listings, you automatically gain a bit of authority in the eyes of the searcher. Internet users tend to become accustomed to the idea that search results listings delivered in the first one or two pages are by far the most trustworthy –SEO writing can help you acquire it. This authority can lead to greater conversion, sales, or even brand recognition.

Better User Experience

SEO writing is not just about keyword stuffing – although it involves that, too. However, it’s also about writing great, relevant, and optimized content that people will enjoy reading. A good SEO writing is usually displayed with a clear understanding, well-structured, easy to read and engage with, and has the information that the reader is searching for.


SEO writing is a cheaper alternative form of marketing than other mechanisms for lead generation and growing organic traffic for a business. Once we can optimize them, they can keep continue to bring traffic and conversions for a longer period of time.

Long-Term Benefits

One of the main differences between good SEO writing and other kinds of marketing copy is that its effects can be persistent. If your content cracks the code and starts ranking well, then the traffic comes in over time with minimal further investment in the future.

AI Content Detection and SEO

AI detection tool is simply known as a kind of software that has the ability to distinguish the writing produced by humans and by artificial intelligence – and it is increasingly sensitive to detecting material thought to be AI-generated more accurately every single day. Since the launch of ChatGPT in 2022 has became a savior for millions of people all over the world to generate content and these AI checkers were also born after that, have also posed challenges for those who want to continue using AI-assisted writing tools.

Besides, Google’s March 2024 has also updated its policies that it will keep low-quality and spam content away from Search results. This is mainly because Google found that some online content was created to satisfy search engines instead of people; this means that Google will likely rank human writing content higher than AI-generated ones. At the same time, Medium, a famous and largest platform in the world that allows users to publish articles, stories, and other kinds of content, also announced a policy that it would demonetize and deplatform any AI writing content. As a result, this is a major problem for writers and SEO professionals who used to rely on AI-generated content to scale their content creation efforts.

Undetectable AI content and SEO

So, it can be seen that from now on, publishing detectable AI content can lower the website ranking as also impact the website's visibility and traffic negatively if you do not follow the rules. And that's why Undetectable AI stands out as a powerful tool designed to meet the unique demands of SEO content creation using the advanced AI SEO Content Writer tool. It not only support in crafting content that highly resonates with readers but also ranks well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

This means that if you want to feel free to benefit from the efficiency of AI writing without the risk of being flagged by Google rankings. You will need to find a solution from an Undetectable SEO tool. This tool could support you in generating engaging content that not only appeals to your audience but also meets the search engine's criteria.

Introducing StealthGPT's Undetectable SEO Writer

StealthGPT's Undetectable SEO Writer is the only AI tool that craft completely undetectable artcicles and blogs that Google and Medium that will rank as human. The tool itself not only undetectable but is also increadibly fast, and exceptionally easy to use.

Key features of StealthGPT's SEO Writer

  • Boost Search Rankings: Improve your website’s ranking and visibility in SERPs due to the SEO-friendly content generated and the keywords optimization.

  • Undetectable and High-Quality Content: Ensure that your content is non-detectable and bypasses major AI detection services. At the same time, consistenly maintain the conherence, authentic, informative through out the post without the need for manual effort.

  • End Writer's Block: Get AI-generated AI drafts and content.

  • Efficient and Time-Saving: Ensure the well-written, engaging, and valuable information for readers, while still saving your time and effort in the content creation process.

How to Use StealthGPT’s SEO Writer

Here is a detailed guide for you on how to use StealthGPT’s newest SEO Writer to create undetectable as well as high-ranking blog posts.

Choose Your Customization Level

When you first access SEO Writer, you will have to select your preferred level of customization based on your needs. Here, we provide you with two options:

  • Basic: For a quick and easy experience. Enter your ideas for a blog, and it will handle the rest

  • Advanced: For more control and continuous editing until the content is perfect. This level will be ideal for professional writers.

Additionally, you will also have the permission to pick your desired length for your blog post between “Small, Medium, and Long” according to your needs and purpose for how long you want it to be. Also, if you want to have your blog post images generated by StealthGPT's image generator instead of using Dall-e, then you will have the freedom to go with the suggested option.

So, in this case, I would like to choose the advanced features for my writing and set the parameter as “Long” for the length of my blog post. Afterward, I will utilize the AI-generated images to help me create a suitable and quality image along with my content.

Step 1: Enter Your Prompt

In this section, all you need to do is tell the SEO Writer what your blog post is about and What information to cover. Here is the screenshot of the request I would like my blog post to talk about.

Step 2: Pick Keywords

Choose up to 5 relevant keywords from SEO Writer's suggestions based on relevance, difficulty, cost, and search volume. Or you can even add your own here if you find yourself do not like some of the keyword options presented. The SEO Writer will generate their value using the same metrics.

Step 3: Edit Content

After finishing pick your relevant keywords. The Stealthgpt's SEO Writer will immediately generate an outline text based on your prompt and keywords. In this step, please note that you will have the freedom to edit, add your personal touch, put more specific explanations, or change category titles to the writing process to make it more unique.

Step 4: Download and Publish

Once your blog post is ready and finalized, you can download it in two options, which are Markdown or HTML format. Otherwise, you can also simply copy and paste the content directly.

Furthermore, if you notice, StealthGPT’s Seo Writer also generates high-quality and unique AI images that are ready to use in the blog post. This feature definitely not just saves your precious time but also the cost of spending on the Dall-e image generator.

Verify Undetectable AI Content

To make sure the SEO Writer’s content passed as human-written, I also put the entire blog post to GPTZero AI Checker for fast checking.

The estimation score that GPTZero predicted on Stealth’s Content was 5 probability as AI-generated. The number speaks louder than words. So, from now on, by using our newest SEO writer, you will no longer need to worry about your AI content getting penalized or downranked by Google anymore.

To Sum Up

In simple terms, SEO writing is a strategy to make a website more visible and attract more traffic, based on keyword optimization and the readability of its contents. Recently, the ever-growing industry of AI software aimed at content detection online has raised insecurities dealing with the use of AI-assisted writing tools. This is where StealthGPT Undetectable SEO Writer steps in; it creates completely undetectable SEO-friendly content, passing all majors in AI detection services and ranking on search engine results pages. It is efficient, time saving and espcially useful for any businesses, bloggers, or professionals out there who want to find a way that generate high-quality and unique content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between AI SEO Writing and ChatGPT?

While both tools allow you to generate content that can help you create high-quality content for your audience, however, with SEO Writing AI, the tool will focus more on SEO content creation, using natural language processing and human-like writing style in an attempt to create an authentic and quality blog post in just minutes that can bypass all AI detection tools and rank high on search engine page results.

What’s the Best AI Writer for SEO Content?

StealthGPT is the number one SEO Writer that creates high-quality and SEO-optimized blogs that are undetectable by AI detection services, as well as rank high on the search engines without penalties.

What types of content can StealthGPT’s SEO Writer create?

Whether you are in case to write blog posts, articles, social media content, marketing materials, product descriptions, email campaigns, or any kind of content that you wish. StealthGPT's Undetectable AI SEO Writer can support you from the bottom to the end without any distractions.

Who can Benefit from using StealthGPT’s SEO Writer?

Blog writers, marketers, professional writers, etc.... who are seeking to produce not only original, unique, and non-detectable AI content that could likely to rank high on SERPs, can benefit from our tool.

Is the Content produced by StealthGPT’s SEO Writer original?

Absolutely, our tool was primarily designed to focus on creating original content to help avoid any plagiarism penalties so that you don't worry too much about copying the works of others. Instead, you will have more available time to focus on other aspects of your business.

StealthGPT’s SEO Writer Pricing

Currently, our Stealth’s Undetectable SEO Writer is only available for “Business Subscription”. This is because we want to focus on the customers who honestly want to create unique and SEO-friendly content and save their valuable time and unnecessary costs on so many tools. But now, all they really need is to pay only $39.99 per month but can utilize all the powerful features not just limited to SEO writing. The values that our tool provides to its users now are priceless, especially if you could see the potential impact of undetectable AI writing on your product is in the future.

If you are ready to achieve high SE0 rankings with AI content. Join us now to see the differences and upgrade your writing process to the next level!

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