Can StealthGPT Beat Originality's AI Detector?

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Can StealthGPT Beat Originality's AI Detector?

Originality claims that StealthGPT's bypass tool can't bypass its AI detector. But is this true? Let's see if StealthGPT can beat Originality's AI Detector.Here, we will discuss the following:
  • What is
  • What is
  • Testing Originality's AI Detector
  • Findings Explained
  • Originality's Review About StealthGPT
  • Final Verdict on Whether or not beats Originality's AI Detector

What is

StealthGPT is the ultimate AI humanizer and bypass tool that's capable of beating major AI detectors such as TurnItIn. It offers different features such as Bypass tool, Generate tool, Essay tool, AI Checker, and Chat with Stealth.StealthGPT is an all-in-one platform that offers many different solutions depending on the user's needs. It's the best platform to use if you are someone who want to remain undetectable against AI detectors and avoid getting penalized.

What is

Originality is an AI checker, plagiarism checker, and fact checker tool. Originality helps website owners, content marketers, writers and publishers publish their content with integrity against the growing use of AI-generated content.

Testing Originality's AI Detector

We subscribed to Originality's AI detector for this experiment. We will be using Chat with Stealth to generate us with the prompts. Chat with Stealth is StealthGPT's newest feature that allows users to ask questions and generate prompts similar to ChatGPT. The generated text are AI written unless the user wants to humanize the generated text to sound more natural. Let's ask Chat with Stealth to generate us with three prompts to use as cases for the experiment.StealthGPT's Case 1
StealthGPT's Case 2
StealthGPT's Case 3
We will then use StealthGPT's bypass tool for all three prompts. Let's use low, medium, and high stealth mode and academic tone for our prompts. Case 1 - Low Stealth Mode
Case 2 - Medium Stealth Mode
Case 3 - High Stealth Mode
Finally, we will be showing a side-by-side comparison of StealthGPT's bypass tool output from all three prompts and the result from Originality's AI detector.Case 1 Bypass Tool Output
Case 1 Against Originality
Case 2 Bypass Tool Output
Case 2 Against Originality
Case 3 Bypass Tool Output
Case 3 Against Originality
This concludes the result of the experiment.

Findings Explained

The results were shocking. StealthGPT's bypass tool received 86% human score in the 1st case, 99% human written score in the 2nd case, and 96% human text score in the 3rd case. The 1st case had low stealth mode, 2nd case had medium stealth mode, and the 3rd case had high stealth mode. In all three cases, StealthGPT manages to bypass and beat Originality's AI Detector.What caused the different scores for all three cases? The first prompt had low stealth mode resulting in the highest score of AI detection out of all three cases. It should be noted that low stealth mode is meant ideally for blog writers and content creators. Second and third prompt are used ideally to bypass major AI detectors, resulting in more than 95% human written score.

Originality's Review About StealthGPT

Let's take a look at Originality's review of StealthGPT.
In the screenshot, you can see how the low stealth mode was used with no clear indication of what tone was used for the output.
The review is also written recently on April 24, 2024, yet the website's layout design looks outdated from our new homepage.
Originality claims that StealthGPT's bypass tool cannot bypass its AI detector based on this image alone without creating multiple prompts against its own AI detector. The evidence provided is also outdated considering how recent the review was made. With how intentionally the low stealth mode and unknown tone were selected, it's no wonder why this evidence was used as a basis to claim that StealthGPT cannot bypass its AI detector.It's up to the reader to decide what to believe but we will be doing more experiments and reviews of different AI detectors to see if StealthGPT can bypass them. However, one things for certain: Originality's 99% AI content detection accuracy is not accurate. We firmly believe that if you are ever caught using AI detectors, we will issue you a full refund.
If you are unsure if StealthGPT's texts are still AI-generated, you can always use our AI checker tool to examine if the output is AI-written.

Final Verdict on Whether or not beats Originality's AI Detector

StealthGPT not only beats Originality's AI detector, but it also bypasses it through different stealth modes from low, medium, and high. We will be consistently making more reviews against Originality and other AI detectors frequently to keep you updated. Check out our blogs for more information.We hear you and we listen to your feedback. We will be updating StealthGPT to become the best all-in-one platform for everyone looking to humanize and bypass AI-generated content.

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