Does AI Undetectable Bypass TurnItIn?

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Does AI Undetectable Bypass TurnItIn?

AI Undetectable is different from its competitors because it doesn't specify which AI detectors it's capable of beating. Instead, it claims it can beat any AI content detection tools. By implication, TurnItIn should be among the AI detectors that can't stand up to AI Undetectable. Can AI Undetectable beat TurnItIn, though? In this blog post, we'll carry out a simple experiment to check if AI Undetectable's claims are true. Let's go.

Table of Contents

  • What is AI Undetectable?
  • Why Are People Interested in AI Undetectable?
  • The Experiment
  • Findings Explained
  • Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-generated Content
  • Final Verdict on Whether AI Undetectable Bypasses TurnItIn

What Is AI Undetectable?

AI Undetectable is a less popular artificial intelligence tool powered by proprietary technologies or methods for bypassing AI content detection. These methods are said to be proprietary because AI Undetectable doesn't reveal them publicly.However, the information we've found on the official AI Undetectable website strongly suggests that the software claims to be best at humanizing or paraphrasing AI-generated academic essays. Therefore, we'll pit AI Undetectable against the most trusted AI detection tool in the academic sector, TurnItIn.

Why Are People Interested in AI Undetectable?

AI Undetectable gives users control over the quality of the content that it generates for them. They can choose to have their AI-written essays paraphrased with “premium” words. These are used together in a way that increases the overall undetectability of the paraphrased essay. If a user prefers “regular” words, they're also free to select the option. This option maintains the undetectability of the paraphrased essay but makes it sound a bit unnatural.In AI Undetectable, “regular” words are cheaper than “premium” words. While AI Undetectable appears to advise users to select “premium” words, it doesn't say anything against choosing “regular words.”

The Experiment

The experiment involved these steps:
  • Generating an essay using ChatGPT.
  • Humanizing the essay with AI Undetectable.
  • Checking the humanized essay with TurnItIn.
First, we asked ChatGPT to create a 300-word essay about the history of Christianity. Here's a screenshot of the essay.
Once the essay was ready, we fed it to AI Undetectable. The software proceeded to humanize the essay, paraphrasing it with “regular” words.See the screenshot of the paraphrased essay.
Now, it's time for the moment of truth. Here's a screenshot of TurnItIn's rating of the paraphrased essay.
TurnItIn detected that 100% of the words in the essay humanized with AI Undetectable had been AI-generated. Sadly, despite its huge claims, AI Undetectable couldn't bypass TurnItIn.

Findings Explained

From our experiment, we found that TurnItIn had no problem flagging the text generated by AI Undetectable as AI-written content. Based on this result, we can say that AI Undetectable's “regular” words aren't strong enough to bypass TurnItIn.Let's take a closer look at the paraphrased essay. Here's the first paragraph:
The account of Christianity is a captivating odyssey that extends over two thousand years, entwining with the wider chronicle. Christianity, rooted in the existence and guidance of Jesus Christ, who resided in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago, has burgeoned from a diminutive Jewish faction in Palestine to merge as the globe's most extensive belief system, counting over two billion adherents.
You may notice that AI Undetectable used many big words strung into extra long sentences. The second sentence is especially difficult to read. In comparison, here's the paragraph of the original essay written by ChatGPT:
The history of Christianity is a fascinating journey that spans over two millennia, intertwining with the broader history of the world. Christianity, rooted in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ who lived in the Holy Land 2,000 years ago, has grown from small Jewish sect in Palestine to become the world's largest religion, with over two billion followers.
It appears that the essay was easier to read and understand before AI Undetectable rephrased it. So, in addition to failing to bypass TurnItIn, AI Undetectable reduced the essay's readability. This means that using AI Undetectable to paraphrase academic content may not be the best idea.

Final Verdict on Whether AI Undetectable Bypasses TurnItIn

Although AI Undetectable has claimed that it can bypass any AI detector, our independent investigation has revealed that this claim isn't true. AI Undetectable can't bypass TurnItIn. When we ran the AI-generated essay paraphrased with AI Undetectable through TurnItIn, TurnItIn predicted there was a 100% probability that the essay was completely AI-generated. If you're looking to bypass TurnItIn, it's in your best interest to use an alternative website that can actually beat TurnItIn, like StealthGPT.

Frequently Asked Questions About AI Detection Tools and AI-generated Content

Is AI Undetectable Free?

AI Undetectable isn't free to use. However, it offers a free trial. During the trial, you can humanize 250 words for free.

What Is AI Undetectable?

AI Undetectable is a website that claims it can humanize AI content or make the content sound as if it was written by a human. The goal of humanizing AI content is to prevent AI detectors like TurnItIn from detecting that the content was AI-generated.

How Do I Make AI Non-detectable?

You can make AI content non-detectable by altering the order of words and splitting long sentences. Better yet, you can use an undetectable AI website to rephrase AI content. This site employs the best practices for making AI non-detectable.A stellar example of an undetectable AI website is StealthGPT, which can bypass all AI detectors, starting with TurnItIn. Join StealthGPT today. Thanks for reading!

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