Does WriteHuman Work?

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Does WriteHuman Work?

This blog post will cover on whether or not WriteHuman, an Undetectable AI tool, can bypass popular AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn.

WriteHuman claims to be the world's most powerful AI humanizer tool. A big statement to say the least but we will test it out to see if what they claim is true.

Finally, we will compare WriteHuman against StealthGPT to see which undetectable ai website reigns supreme.

Here's what we will cover:

  • What Are Undetectable AI Websites?

  • What is WriteHuman?

  • What is StealthGPT?

  • Test Preparation

  • WriteHuman Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

  • StealthGPT Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

  • Final Thoughts

What Are Undetectable AI Websites?

Undetectable AI websites are platforms that use advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to create content—such as essays, articles, paragraphs, or reports—that is indistinguishable from human-generated material. They utilize sophisticated natural language processing and machine learning techniques to mimic human writing styles. This makes the content produced by these AI tools, including the AI paragraph generator tool, difficult to detect by algorithms designed to identify AI-generated text. These websites are particularly useful in scenarios where the authenticity and human touch in writing are essential, such as in academic settings, creative writing, or digital marketing.

What is WriteHuman?

WriteHuman is an advanced tool described as a powerful AI detection remover. It is designed to work seamlessly with plagiarism detection systems like Turnitin and ZeroGPT, among others. The primary function of WriteHuman is to help users maintain their online privacy and anonymity by supercharging their text to eliminate AI tracking and bypass AI detection. This feature makes it a valuable tool for those looking to create content that appears authentically human-written, avoiding detection by AI algorithms used in various online platforms and services​​.

What is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT is an advanced artificial intelligence tool designed to generate written content that is undetectable by AI detection systems. It uses sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing techniques to produce text that closely mimics human writing styles. The primary aim of StealthGPT is to create content that bypasses the detection mechanisms of systems like Turnitin, which are designed to identify AI-generated text. This makes StealthGPT particularly useful in scenarios where the authenticity of human-like writing is crucial, such as in academic writing, creative content creation, and other professional fields where originality and the human touch in writing are valued. The tool is part of a growing trend of AI applications that blend seamlessly into human-centric environments, offering solutions that are both innovative and indistinguishable from human-created work.

Test Preparation

We will use ChatGPT for our experiment. Let's take the content written by ChatGPT and place them to WriteHuman as well as StealthGPT. We will then take the content produced by WriteHuman and StealthGPT and place them against well known AI detectors.

Popular AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn will be used for this experiment. We will provide images showcasing how StealthGPT compares against WriteHuman.

Finally, we will make a conclusion based on the experiment to see if whether or not WriteHuman actually works.

WriteHuman Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

Firstly, let's come up with a text written by ChatGPT. Here is the prompt that we will be using for this experiment.

Now, let's place this text within WriteHuman's paraphraser.

WriteHuman Against GPTZero

WriteHuman Against Originality

WriteHuman Against TurnItIn

StealthGPT Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

Now, let's compare StealthGPT against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn. We'll take the same text from ChatGPT and convert it to StealthGPT beforehand.

StealthGPT Against GPTZero

StealthGPT Against Originality

StealthGPT Against TurnItIn

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it turns out that WriteHuman doesn't really work against major AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn. Especially against GPTZero which saw over 91% AI written content. While WriteHuman achieved over 93% AI written on Originality, it's a large margin of AI detection which can be detrimental for students or professionals who want to avoid AI detection on their work. TurnItIn was no better at over 100% AI detection which proves that WriteHuman is not the best AI humanizer tools out there.

Comparatively, StealthGPT goes beyond expectations and achieved over 0% on TurnItIn and Originality with a slight 15% AI detection from GPTZero. It's clear that StealthGPT reigns supreme as the best AI humanizer platform out there currently.

StealthGPT: Write AI text, Get Human Results

StealthGPT is currently the best Undetectable AI website out there, beating even TurnItIn. Check it out in here. If you are a highschool or college student looking for the best AI humanizer tool in the market then look no further. StealthGPT consistently beats GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn. It's simple, easy to use, and give you the assurance you need to make sure you stay undetected.

StealthGPT is able to beat most AI detectors due to the way it was built from the ground up. We cannot speak to how WriteHuman was built but we are aware most AI tools are built with very simple prompts from OpenAI's GPT models. Unlike most AI tools out there, StealthGPT was built and trained on hundreds of hours of human styled writings that make it uniquely different from any other AI writing tool on the market. That is how StealthGPT is and continues to remain the best Undetectable AI on the market.

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