Everything You Need to Know About StealthGPT

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Everything You Need to Know About StealthGPT

StealthGPT is a triple-edged sword. It can write AI content, detect AI content, and paraphrase AI content to bypass AI detection. But that's not up to half of what you need to know about StealthGPT. In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about StealthGPT, including how to use its features and whether or not it can truly bypass AI detection. Let's start.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • TDLR
  • What Is StealthGPT?
  • Who Uses StealthGPT?
  • How We Tested StealthGPT
  • Test Results
  • What Do These Results Tell Us?
  • Conclusion
  • Pricing


StealthGPT is popular for its unbeatable ability to help users avoid AI content detection, but it can also be used to write, edit, and check content for AI. It's used by students and teachers at various levels, freelance writers, and essentially anyone who needs to write, check, or bypass AI content.

What Is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT is an AI-powered content writing assistant that can perform multiple tasks. It's an AI bypasser, AI checker, and content writer rolled into one. StealthGPT has grown to become popular since it was launched, and its popularity is largely due to how it claims to be capable of avoiding AI detection by all AI detectors including TurnItIn.

What Is StealthGPT for?

StealthGPT can be used for writing AI content, detecting AI content, and bypassing AI content. As a multipurpose tool, it's the Swiss army knife of the AI content writing industry.Here's an overview of how to use StealthGPT.

Writing Content with StealthGPT

To generate AI content on StealthGPT, open Chat with Stealth. Type your query into the chat bar and click “send.” Chat with Stealth is much better at writing short-form content. Here's a screenshot of the Chat with Stealth interface.
If you want to write something longer, like an essay, open the Essay tool. Write the topic of your essay, the tone and style of the essay, a thesis statement, and an outline if you have one. Then, click “generate.” Here's what the Essay tool looks like.

Detecting AI Content with StealthGPT

StealthGPT’s AI checker works like other AI content detection software. You paste the content inside the AI checker and click “analyze.” StealthGPT will scan the content and let you know the chances that it was human-written or AI-generated. Here's a screenshot of the AI checker.
Our AI checker can detect content generated by AI writing tools built on GPT 3 and GPT 4 models, and text generated by ChatGPT. Nearly every AI content writing site is powered by either GPT 3 or GPT 4. This means that no matter which AI writing tool is used to generate text, that text can't evade StealthGPT's AI checker.

Bypassing AI Content Detection with StealthGPT

StealthGPT is the best software for avoiding AI detection. To experience the peace that comes with humanizing AI content using StealthGPT, open the Bypass Tool, paste the AI content and click “Generate.” StealthGPT will humanize the AI content. Here's a screenshot of the Bypass tool.
StealthGPT can humanize any kind of AI content, including essays, blog posts, emails, messages, term papers, research projects, etc.

Who Uses StealthGPT?

Anyone who needs any AI content written or needs to make content undetectable may use StealthGPT. The software can also be used by anyone that needs to check if content was written with the aid of AI. This includes teachers, students, content writers, copywriters, technical writers, script writers, ghost writers, editors, etc.

How We Tested StealthGPT

Although StealthGPT has many features and use cases, we focused on testing StealthGPT's ability to bypass AI detection. In conducting this test, we first generated content with an AI writing tool. We humanized or paraphrased the content using StealthGPT. After this, we scanned the content using AI detectors to see if they could tell that the content had been rephrased with an AI software.If, according to the test results, the AI detector could pick up a strong AI trail in the content, then it meant that StealthGPT couldn't bypass that AI detector. If the opposite were the case, then our claim regarding StealthGPT's prowess at avoiding the AI detector would be true.

Which AI Detectors Are We Testing It Against?

For this test, we selected five of the best AI content detection tools: Winston AI,, Conch AI, Content at Scale, and Copyleaks. In case you aren't familiar with these tools yet, read their descriptions below to know more about them.

a) is the king of AI content detectors. Although it sometimes struggles with misidentifying human content if the content is written in a neutral and straightforward tone and is free of grammatical errors, it excels at AI detection almost 100% of the time. Since we didn't use human-written content in this test,’s misidentification of human writing wouldn't affect the test results.

b) Conch AI

Conch AI has over 150 thousand monthly active users who're happy with the quality of services that they receive from Conch. One of those services is AI content detection. While Conch AI isn't primarily known for its AI checker, this checker is pretty smart. In the past, we've scanned AI-generated text (not text humanized with StealthGPT) with Conch AI and it successfully identified them as AI-written.

c) Content at Scale

Content at Scale’s AI detection feature is trained on text found in blog posts, articles, and Wikipedia pages. Notwithstanding the shallowness of its training, Content at Scale is trusted by freelance writers and professors worldwide, who scan millions of words with it every month. At the time of writing (May 2024), Content at Scale had been used to scan over 170 million words in May alone.

d) Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a software that's used for plagiarism checks and AI detection. Large organizations such as Semrush and Medium trust the efficacy of Copyleaks. Their commitment to using Copyleaks is proof that the app is at least a wizard at AI detection.

e) Winston AI

On the official Winston AI website, Winston AI is described as the leading AI detection tool. According to online reviews of the AI detector, this claim is true., a competing software, also attests to Winston AI's high content detection accuracy. Independent testers such as reviewed Winston AI and agreed with the general perception of Winston AI as a difficult-to-bypass AI detector.

Test Results

It wouldn't be fair if we showed you the test results without presenting proof of us following the steps for the test, would it? In this section, we'll disclose how we followed the procedure for testing these AI detectors.

Step 1: Generate AI Content

All of the AI detectors that we tested could detect ChatGPT content. With that in mind, we used ChatGPT to generate an essay about how to brew coffee. Here's a screenshot of the article.
Please read it carefully so that you can be sure that we didn't swap it for a human-written essay later.

Step 2: Input Text into StealthGPT

We opened the Bypass tool and pasted the ChatGPT article into the tool. Here's a screenshot of the text pasted in StealthGPT.
As you can see, we didn't edit the text at all. Even the hashtags and asterisks that ChatGPT usually includes in text while generating text were left intact.After pasting the text, we clicked the gear icon at the top right corner of the Bypass tool, opening the undetectability mode and tone. StealthGPT has three undetectability modes: low, medium, and high. We chose the medium mode. This mode is suitable for humanizing essays, and it makes it fairly difficult for AI detectors to detect that the content was AI-generated.We wanted to keep the tone of the article formal enough for an essay, so we chose the “academic” tone. Then, we clicked “save” to set our preferred undetectability mode and tone. Here's a screenshot of the undetectability mode and tone.
After taking these steps, we clicked “Generate.” StealthGPT rewrote or humanized the text. See the screenshot of the humanized text below.
StealthGPT took less than two minutes to finish humanizing the content. The Stealth score of the content, which indicated how difficult it'd be for AI detectors to correctly identify the text, was 94. Based on this score, we expected the AI detectors that we tested to give the content a human score of at least 94. In AI detection, a human score is the probability, expressed as a percentage or a whole number, that text was human-written. Therefore, a human score of 94 means that there's an 94% chance that the content was human-written.

Step 3: Testing Against AI Detectors


We first scanned the content on the standard 2.0 model of The 2.0 model is much smarter than Turbo 3.0. Unlike 3.0, which is so sensitive that it can claim that a human-written article is 100% AI-generated, 2.0 yields more accurate results.After scanned the text, the AI results showed that the content had a human score of 97%. This means that believed that there was a 97% chance that text humanized with StealthGPT had been written by a human. This score is even higher than what StealthGPT predicted that the text would score on AI detectors. Here's a screenshot of the result.

b) Conch AI

Conch AI scored the text humanized with StealthGPT an 87 out of 100. Put differently, Conch AI was confident that there was an 87% probability that the content rephrased with StealthGPT was human-written. This score is lower than what StealthGPT predicted, but it's still an excellent score. Check the screenshot of the test result below.

c) Content at Scale

Content at Scale's AI detector doesn't award scores after checking the text for AI. Rather, it tells you whether the text passes as human or not. After reviewing the essay humanized with StealthGPT, Content at Scale was positive that the text passed as human text. See the screenshot below.

d) Copyleaks

Like Content at Scale, Copyleaks doesn't give text numerical scores. When it's evaluated text, it reports that “This is human text” if it believes that the text was written by a human. If it's confident that the text is AI-generated, it states, “This is AI text.” After evaluating the text that StealthGPT paraphrased, Content at Scale reported that the text was human text.Here's the screenshot.

e) Winston AI

Winston AI gave the text paraphrased with StealthGPT a 70% human score, indicating that it believed that 70% of the text was human-written while other parts were written with AI. An excellent score like this one implies that you can bypass Winston AI using StealthGPT.Below is a screenshot of the result.

What Do These Results Tell Us?

Based on the results above, it's clear that AI detectors think that there's up to a 97% probability that AI content paraphrased with StealthGPT was actually written by a human. Although AI detectors’ terms of service usually state that the results they produce shouldn't be taken as the gospel truth, most teachers and clients heavily rely on these detectors to determine whether or not content is AI-detected. Once an AI content detection tool says that a text is likely to have been AI-written, the client or teacher, as the case may be, could immediately fire the freelancer or give the student poor grades. Luckily, you can avoid these consequences of using AI for content generation by humanizing the content with StealthGPT.


Whether or not you should buy a StealthGPT subscription depends on your readiness to accept the risks associated with AI-generated content. If you'd like to generate AI content while evading any repercussions of doing so, StealthGPT can help. If catching those using AI to write content is a priority to you, StealthGPT can also help.Given that you read this blog post all the way to the end, we're quite sure that you fit at least one of the bills described in the paragraph above. Ideally, the only reason why you haven't created a StealthGPT account is that you don't know how much it costs. We'll address that in the next section.


It doesn't matter the StealthGPT subscription plan you buy. You'll be able access all StealthGPT tools. These include the writing tools (Chat with Stealth and the Essay generator), the AI checker, and the Bypass tool. This means that one StealthGPT subscription is enough to cater to your writing needs for as long as your subscription is active. With it, you can beat Conch AI detector, bypass Winston AI, beat TurnItIn AI detector, and do so much more. Get a StealthGPT subscription now.

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