How To Beat Conch AI Detector

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How To Beat Conch AI Detector

Conch AI detector has a unique way of detecting AI content. If it finds a sentence as common as “Let's get to it” in an article, it believes that the article may be AI-generated. With this in mind, you can see that bypassing Conch AI is tasking. Thankfully, this article reveals how to beat Conch AI in five ways. Of these methods, using StealthGPT to humanize content is the easiest and most efficient.

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  • What Is Conch AI?

  • How Does Conch AI Detector Work?

  • How to Beat Conch AI

  • StealthGPT Pricing

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  • Conclusion

What Is Conch AI?

Conch AI is an artificial intelligence software with a suite of functions including: detecting AI content, humanizing AI text, generating essays, summarizing PDFs, etc. It also has an AI detector that checks content for AI-generated text.

How Does Conch AI Detector Work?

When you use Conch AI detector for the first time, you'll observe that it grades the perplexity of each sentence. A high perplexity score suggests that the sentence sounds a lot like AI and needs to be humanized.

You're most likely wondering, “What does perplexity mean?” In AI content generation, perplexity is a measure of the ease with which an AI detector predicts each word that appears in the content. An AI detector like Conch AI has been trained to understand how AI content writers select words when generating content. Based on this training, Conch AI “thinks” like AI writing tools while checking content for AI-generated phrases or clauses.

For each word that Conch AI reads, it makes some calculated guesses regarding what the next word will be. If it can predict each word in a sentence with great accuracy, it gives that sentence a high perplexity score.

How to Beat Conch AI

Below, we'll check out five ways to beat Conch AI.

Humanize Content with StealthGPT

Even though you write the content yourself, you may have to paraphrase it through StealthGPT to completely beat Conch AI. StealthGPT is a software used for rewriting AI content to make it undetectable by AI detectors such as Conch AI. Here's a tutorial on how to use StealthGPT to beat Conch AI:

Step 1: Generate AI Content

The beauty of using StealthGPT to bypass Conch AI is that its effectiveness doesn't depend on the quality of the content, regardless of whether the content is AI-generated or human-written.

For the purposes of this article, we requested that ChatGPT should write a 2000-word essay about how to be happy. Before we show you the screenshot, try to imagine the kind of essay that ChatGPT wrote. You're probably thinking that ChatGPT swung right into a meaningful introduction to the essay, followed by tips for finding happiness.

Now, here's the screenshot of ChatGPT's output:

Rather than a coherent and cohesive exposition of how one can be happy, ChatGPT created an extensive outline for the essay. What then did StealthGPT do with ChatGPT's output? Keep reading to find out.

Step 2: Paste the AI Content in StealthGPT

We copied and pasted ChatGPT's output into StealthGPT's input panel. Then, to ensure that StealthGPT's output aligned with our expectations, we chose the “medium” undetectability mode and the “academic” undetectability tone. Here's a screenshot showing the undetectability mode and tone in StealthGPT:

After choosing our preferred mode and tone, we clicked “Generate” and StealthGPT paraphrased the content. Here's a screenshot of the paraphrased text in StealthGPT:

For the rest of this article, we'll refer to the paraphrased text as "Stealth text."

Step 3: Copy the Stealth Text

Before copying the Stealth text, sneak a peek at the Stealth score. The Stealth score indicates how difficult it'll be for AI detectors to predict that the Stealth text was written by an AI tool. In our case, StealthGPT scored the Stealth text an 88. This means that AI detectors may believe that there's an 88% chance that the text was written by a human.

Was StealthGPT's prediction accurate? You'll find out in the next step.

Step 4: Check the Stealth Text with Conch AI

When you log into your Conch AI account, click the “+” button on the left panel. Conch AI will present four options; Study, Write, Chat, and Stealth. Select Stealth. This option opens the AI checker window. In this window, paste the Stealth text that you copied from StealthGPT. Then, click “Check for AI.”

In our trial of Conch AI, we pasted the Stealth text into Conch AI and clicked “Check for AI.” Conch AI scored the Stealth text 86 out of 100. Here's a screenshot of the result:

Based on this score, we can safely imply that Conch AI believed that there was an 86% probability that the text humanized with StealthGPT was entirely human-written. The closeness between the text's Stealth score and its Conch AI score suggests that StealthGPT can not only humanize AI content to beat Conch AI, but can predict how Conch AI will grade the Stealth text.

Write Content Manually

Conch AI has a surprisingly low level of false positives (instances where an AI detector mistakes human-written content for AI content and vice-versa). While it's not as accurate as some AI detectors like, the likelihood of Conch AI thinking that AI wrote something that you actually wrote yourself is pretty low.

While we tested Conch AI, we noticed that human-written content usually scored over 80. As long as you can manage to write content yourself, you won't have any trouble beating Conch AI.

Use Conch AI's Humanizing Tool

Like we stated at the beginning of this article, Conch AI has a built-in humanizing tool which you can use to rewrite any phrases that sound like they were generated with AI. To be able to use this tool, you must upgrade to a paid Conch AI plan.

While Conch AI's plans are a bit affordable, they're not really worth their prices. Why do we say so? It's because there's no guarantee that content paraphrased with Conch AI will bypass other AI detectors besides Conch AI's native AI checker. In our Conch AI review, we tested Conch AI's humanizing capabilities and found that it couldn't even bypass

Conversely, the Stealth text generated from StealthGPT won't be detected by any AI tool, including Conch AI.

Introduce Variety into Content

If you're writing content yourself, don't start every sentence in the same way or maintaining a uniform sentence structure throughout content. When you're tempted to write “For example,” use phrases like “One relevant example of this is…,” “An example related to this is…” etc.

Working with AI content? Comb through the draft for those phrases that sound a lot like they were written with AI. If you're having trouble rephrasing them, delete them from the content.

Let's test this method for beating Conch AI. First' we generated a passage from ChatGPT. Here's a screenshot of the passage:

We copied and pasted the paragraph in Conch AI detector. Here's a screenshot of Conch AI's evaluation of the paragraph:

Clearly, Conch AI detector was able to detect that we used AI to write it.

Let's now tweak the paragraph a bit. Here's the rewritten version of the passage:

“Before you can bypass Conch AI, you must understand its behavior and strategies. Like most AI systems, Conch AI relies on algorithms with which it was designed to make predictions. In consideration of how Conch AI works, the first step in beating Conch AI is to observe the AI's moves or choices in different scenarios to identify any patterns or weaknesses.

Make sure you employ a diverse range of strategies to keep Conch AI guessing. Focus on improving your critical thinking, as these can give you an edge over a program that might be limited to predefined responses like Conch AI.”

Below is the screenshot of Conch AI detector's assessment of the revised paragraph:

And, just like that, Conch AI detector couldn't detect that this content was originally written with an AI tool.

Please don't attempt to bypass Conch AI this way if you don't have much experience with AI content generation. If you do so, you may not correctly identify which parts of the content to edit and how to edit them to make them undetectable.

Train the AI Model in Your Writing Voice

Humans struggle to be neutral when writing. Pathos, or feelings and sentiments, often underlie our written works. We're always trying to get through to the reader.

AI writing tools, on the other hand, lack pathos. They're more inclined to inform the reader than to convince them. Even when the AI text writer generates content in a specific tone, you'll still need to fine-tune the content a bit to make it more sentimental.

To introduce pathos to AI writing, send the AI content generator some of your content samples and tell it to ensure that the text it writes mirrors the sentimental nature of your samples.

However, this method may not work if your default writing voice isn't neutral or informative. If you write everything like it's an academic essay or a research report, it won't do you any good to make the AI writing tool to get familiar with your writing voice.

Let's see whether ChatGPT can respond to training. First, we generated two paragraphs on how to be happy using ChatGPT:

We then checked the content using Conch AI. As expected, Conch AI detector gave the text a score of 0, suggesting that there was a high likelihood that the text was AI-generated:

Then, we copied some paragraphs from this article and pasted them into ChatGPT. We told it to study the sentimental nature of these paragraphs and mimic it when generating content for us in the future. After that, we prompted it to write two paragraphs on how to be happy.

Here's a screenshot of the content's Conch AI score:

From the screenshots above, it's clear that asking ChatGPT to make content sentimental can increase the text's Conch AI score from 0 to 33.

Tell a Story

AI text generators can't generate authentic stories. To create a story that sounds convincing enough to Conch AI, you need to write it yourself, ask someone to write it for you, or paraphrase the experience with a tool like StealthGPT. Then, add the story to the AI content before scanning it with Conch AI.

We tried this method, first generating content with ChatGPT. The content scored 0 on Conch AI. Below is a screenshot of the score:

Afterward, we pasted some of the anecdotes in this article into the content. We didn't even try to make the anecdotes blend better with the text, but it scored 89 on Conch AI. Here's a screenshot of the result:

StealthGPT Pricing

StealthGPT offers the best value for your money. With a StealthGPT subscription, you can humanize AI content that'll beat Conch AI and other AI detectors. You can also create full-length essays, articles, and other types of content from scratch every month. Here's a screenshot of the various subscription plans available and their features:


Is Conch AI free?

When you first join Conch AI, they'll give you 1000 free tokens. While these tokens can be used for AI content detection, you can't use them to humanize content. To fully enjoy all that Conch AI offers, you must subscribe to a premium plan.

How to trick an AI detector?

Tricking an AI detector is achievable through a combination of methods such as including anecdotes or relevant experiences in content, rewriting content to reduce its monotony, switching up the patterns and style of sentences in the content, etc. However, the simplest and easiest of all the ways to trick an AI detector is to paraphrase content with StealthGPT.

Can Conch AI be detected?

Yes, content written by Conch AI can be detected by a strong AI detector like StealthGPT's AI checker. Luckily, since StealthGPT can't be detected, it's advisable to use StealthGPT to humanize AI content.


Although there are several ways to beat Conch AI, most of them require you to utilize them with care and skill for them to be effective. Plenty of these strategies are also a bit unpredictable. Sometimes, they work. Many times, they don't. Instead of trying one strategy after another, use a reliable software like StealthGPT. Content humanized with StealthGPT will always bypass Conch AI any day. Thanks for reading!

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