How to Make Undetectable SEO Blogs

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How to Make Undetectable SEO Blogs

Making undetectable blogs that are optimized for search engines isn’t an easy task. Until recently it took years of research and training to become an expert. But like with many other things, AI-generated text has made it more accessible for non-experts. Below, we’re going to talk about best practices for integrating undetectable AI tools into your SEO strategy for your online storefront or website. Whether you’re a business leader, blogger, or content creator this guide is full of useful information for you, especially if you’re a beginner.

Table of Contents

  • Why is SEO Important?

  • How Undetectable AI Tools Can Help You

  • Optimizing Keyword Research

  • Pillar Cluster Strategy

  • SEO Writer

  • FAQ

  • Conclusion

Why is SEO Important?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The term is somewhat self-explanatory, but figuring out how it works is extremely difficult and an entire industry exists around it. At its core, SEO is, put simply, the growth of organic site traffic through coming up higher in the search rankings of a potential user, increasing the likelihood of them checking your website out. The more people going to your website will then make the search engine perceive it as an authority and rank it higher, creating a cycle that keeps your page in the top of your field and growing. Effective SEO strategies usually include adding relevant and helpful content to your site, making it a trusted authority.

In order to have a strong and sustainable foundation for your brand, SEO is critical. It’s what separates 5th-page results that barely anyone ever sees from the prominently displayed first result after a prospective viewer types their search query into Google. Until recently, a whole team of experts was required to analyze and help improve a website's SERP ranking, which stands for search engine results page. But with the massive wave of AI content technology like ChatGPT that are sweeping across the world, it’s never been easier for smaller businesses and self-publishers to rank, thus making competition much more steep even if you’re already an expert. The world of SEO has been turned upside down, and an undetectable AI is exactly what you need to rise to the top in this new paradigm which includes the threat of AI detectors like TurnItIn.

How Undetectable AI Tools Can Help You

AI writing can help writers produce far more content to help pages stay up-to-date and relevant in a changing world. Staying current is a huge part of any good SEO strategy. But of course, if everyone is doing this then we’re back to square one. And not only is that the concern, but Google has picked up on this trend as well. The internet is quickly being littered with low-quality and spammy AI writing from services like ChatGPT which has prompted Google to derank any AI writing it considers to be unhelpful or simply factually incorrect, which AI writing sometimes does if we’re being honest. So now the question becomes how long until Google begins to seriously censor all AI written content? How can you keep growing now while still protecting your brand against an uncertain future?

There are a couple of ways to handle this. Firstly, making sure that all the information in your text is accurate and on topic. This should be done in every case, especially when you want your website to become a trusted expert on the topic. Next, you could tediously begin a writing process of manually creating all your content, which isn’t only time-consuming, but also not viable for small businesses and startups. Human writing is often ideal, but not always feasible. Finally and most importantly, you make sure that your AI writing tools are able to bypass AI detection any AI detection tool which could be employed by a search engine. This way it will permanently avoid the threat of deranking based on the origin of the content creation. Additionally, undetectable AI tools like Stealth GPT have features we’ll discuss later on which help you build AI-generated content.

Optimizing Keyword Research

When we’re talking about SEO, keywords are defined as the phrases and terms that ordinary people using search engines key in to find content which is relevant to their query. For example, when you found this article you might’ve searched for “undetectable AI” or “SEO advice” and our page (hopefully) came up high in the rankings. There are many services which can recommend the appropriate keywords for your website based on similar pages and research into what terms are currently driving traffic to your site. Most of these SEO services are very expensive and difficult to learn how to use. AI writer programs like StealthGPT’s SEO Writer can provide information to you on the viability of possible keywords and let you select the best options yourself, eliminating the need to go back and forth to multiple services to create high-quality content which has zero plagiarism and is high in readability.

When selecting keywords to help your SEO typically they’re made on the basis of factors like KD, which is standard for keyword difficulty and volume, which is the frequency with which these terms are looked up online. The ideal keywords will have low difficulty and high volume, but these are hard to find. Pouring through the data oneself can take a long time in addition to purchasing one of those previously mentioned SEO services like Semrush or Ahrefs. AI-powered features can find the best recommendations for you.

Pillar/Cluster Strategy

A Pillar/Cluster Strategy is crucial to any successful SEO content strategy. With this system you can both better organize content on your website and help drive traffic all without “cannibalizing” your own pages. A well created pillar/cluster strategy will help you build off of your SEO instead of constantly undercutting yourself by having pages with similar content compete for the same spot in the SERP.

A pillar page is one of the few most important pieces of content on your website. This ties together various articles which reside within its cluster to boost traffic towards your site. You could have anywhere from 2-5 or even more pillar pages on your website, as long as they’re relevant to the big overarching themes and cluster pages are being linked back to them frequently.

SEO Writer

As you might already know, SEO Writer is StealthGPT’s newest feature designed specifically to address the needs and issues facing businesses that want to thrive in the online marketplace in our new AI-SEO driven era of content marketing. The amount of blogs alone needed to drive traffic to a site and be favored by Google’s algorithm is an increasingly tall task for anyone who doesn’t have a massive team of professional writers who are also proficient in SEO content.

Here we’ll give a brief step-by-step overview of how to use the SEO Writer.

#1: Settings

You can decide between basic or advanced settings, which won’t alter the quality of the output necessarily, but will with the advanced setting give you more control over the specific content present. If you need hyper-specific content, the advanced setting might be right for you.

#2: Enter Your Prompt

Provide in the text box the information you want your long-form blog to be centered on. You can be as detailed as you want and include any specific points you want your audience to know about.

#3: Selecting Keywords

As we talked about earlier, keywords are critical when it comes to creating content for your website. Try to select keywords which have low difficulty and a high search volume, these are perfect for finding untapped markets. You can also input your own keywords if you feel like our SEO Writer missed something important, and we’ll still give you the details on how it will likely rank.

#4: Reviewing the Blog

After you’ve applied all your settings, you’ll have a finished product that is completely undetectable AI content and ready to post on your website. You’ll notice that high-quality artificial intelligence generated images have been added to your post which are relevant to the topic discussed.


Is the SEO Writer Available with Every Plan?

Yes! All subscription plans come with a certain number of blogs available to generate which resets on a monthly basis, meaning all subscribers can consistently create high-ranking content for your website.

Does the SEO Writer Create Relevant Content?

Absolutely, the SEO Writer creates the most up-to-date relevant information on the web to ensure that your content is relevant and accurate so you don't have to worry. Once you have your blog idea, our SEO Writer will find relevant information to make sure you are optimized for that search query. No paraphrasing is involved, this AI content generator is all unique and immune from AI content detectors.

How can undetectable AI tools benefit my SEO strategy?

Undetectable AI tools can help generate high-quality, SEO-optimized content quickly and efficiently with natural language. These tools ensure that your content remains undetectable by AI detection algorithms, preventing potential penalties from search engines. By using AI, you can produce more content, stay current with trends, and maintain a competitive edge without compromising on quality. Undetectable AI tools do more than just rephrase content from other language models, it generates unique work that appears to be human-written content from scratch.

How does the SEO Writer feature in StealthGPT work?

The SEO Writer feature in StealthGPT helps create SEO-optimized content tailored to your needs. You can set specific parameters, enter detailed prompts, select keywords, and review the generated blog post. The AI ensures the content is high-quality, relevant, and undetectable by AI detection tools, making it ready to post on your website.

What should I consider when selecting keywords for my SEO strategy?

When selecting keywords, consider their search volume and keyword difficulty. Aim for keywords that are frequently searched but have low difficulty. AI tools can help identify these keywords and provide insights into their potential impact on your SEO performance. Always ensure the keywords are relevant to your content and audience.


Adding undetectable AI tools like SEO Writer into your larger SEO strategy will transform the way that you drive traffic to your site. Undetectable AI is your safety net against the threat posed by search engines like Google to your longevity as a brand. The threats posed by AI content detection and AI checkers should be considered. But beyond just being a precautionary measure, StealthGPT can help create custom content for your website which cuts out the need for expensive SEO expert hires and tools which take the power away from you. SEO Writer keeps you in control of your written content while removing the guesswork. Get accurate information on the viability of your keyword choices and learn and you grow your business with AI-powered solutions that still have a human touch. Save time and money when you join onto the product which is revolutionizing the way we think about SEO best practices and digital marketing in the world of AI content writing. Make AI blogs undetectable with StealthGPT.

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