Smart Detection Language Feature: StealthGPT Supports Every Language

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Smart Detection Language Feature: StealthGPT Supports Every Language

We have a major update to share with all of you. Thanks to a massive breakthrough, StealthGPT can now create Undetectable AI generated text in every single language in the world.

Yes, you read that correctly. Every. Single. Language.

Using the latest AI technology and innovation we are able to take our model, which produces the most Undetectable AI generated text out of any option on the market and leverage it in every single language. We are talking hundreds of languages that are supported.

It would be easier to tell you what's not supported. Unfortunately Glagolitic, and Tengwar (fictional language) are not currently supported, but if we can bring support there we will.

What is covered is all major languages and even obscure regional languages. StealthGPT supports all the following but not limited to: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, French, Punjabi, Javanese, Korean, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Italian.

To get access to the Smart Detection Feature you need to be on a StealthGPT Pro Plan, you can upgrade your plan here.

Here's how the Smart Detection Feature works:

You do not need to do anything special, simply bring your text to StealthGPT and place it into our input box. We will automatically detect what language the text is in and the output will match the text. Here's an example of text in Kazakh

For API Users:

The StealthGPT Smart Detection Feature is live on our API automatically. You do not need to do anything differently in your implementation.

Is it Undetectable?

Currently, Originality AI is one of the only AI Detection models with a multi lingual detection setting. Let's see if this text bypasses their model:

As you can see, StealthGPT's Smart Detection Feature that handles all languages, easily remakes the text to be undetectable.

Now let's test our competitors and see if their models are able to make multi-language generated text Undetectable.

First up: Undetectable AI

As you can see here, Undetectable AI is does not bypass originality utilizing an obscure, unusual language.

Now let's check: StealthWriter:

We already have an issue, I am giving StealthWriter 140 words but after three generations it keeps giving me significantly less text. Its possible StealthWriter cannot support such an obscure language. Let's give StealthWriter Simplified Chinese which is much more spoken.

Okay we gave StealthWriter another shot and it didn't even want to work so it definitely fails the multi-lingual challenge.

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