StealthGPT January Updates

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StealthGPT January Updates

Well, a lot has certainly changed in January and we're only halfway through the month!

This month we already updated our platform to support over 7,000 different languages!

If you logged into StealthGPT in the last 24 hours you will have noticed a significant change in our application. It is significantly sleeker and easier to navigate than the old app. Today we are going to break down all the new features of the StealthGPT app.

Changes to StealthGPT App

To break down the changes easily I color-coated many of the new changes on the app.

Pink: Starting from the upper left-hand corner and working our way around the app. There is now an engine selector. This will keep track of people on our three different tiers available, Standard, Samurai, and Business. If you're a business user you have access to all three engines. If you're a standard user you will only have access to that engine. The Samurai engine is going to be best for anyone on a standard plan to upgrade. The Business engine is for users who want the ultimate coherency StealthGPT has to offer.

Blue: Here you can see the StealthGPT tools highlighted in plain text. We always had these tools from day one, however we know the previous App layout did not properly convey to users that there was more than one tool. We hope this will greatly improve transparency and encourage users to use the multiple tools we offer.

Lime: We present the account management panel in a smaller footprint than the previous app. You can now keep track of how many words you have, and how many you've used, and you can upgrade and manage your plan from here. You can still use the "My Account" button as well but we wanted to make sure users could get here easily.

Grey: Two things to highlight, we now have tooltips (The question mark) on all tools, and we are going to be adding helpful information on best practices on how to use the different tools. We also have a cog wheel, this is a new app settings panel. If you remember from the first app the model (low, medium, high) and tone selector, this is the new home for that tool.

Turquoise: We have implemented a much easier copy tool, we know people have been asking for a copy button for a little while so we packed that into this massive update. We also have a feedback system. Please use this, we will be collecting feedback on our output quality to improve our models. This is especially important for people using StealthGPT for foreign languages. We are unable to gauge the output quality in non-English languages. This could be how you assist us to make better models.

Green: This is our new home for Scoring, a much more transparent showing of all scores, a new score called the 'Overall Score' which accounts for all scores together. Also a nice explanation on all scores so you know what they all mean.

StealthGPT Business

We introduced a new pricing plan for StealthGPT users, StealthGPT business. Here we will lay out the differences between a StealthGPT Standard/Samurai plan versus a business plan:

  • The major difference is the coherency, business engines are SIGNIFICANTLY more coherent than the standard and samurai engines

  • More words to use, and a higher word limit on the infinity engine

  • Access to special business only tools (StealthGPT Blog Writer coming soon)

  • Full access to the Standard/Samaruai suite

  • Not only do you get access to all the business tools but you get all the other tools and engines as well

You can upgrade your plan to business now by going to the new StealthGPT settings page/clicking upgrade your plan!

New Settings Page

We created a brand new page for users to manage their account settings which is going to give you the ability to:

  • See your words used

  • Upgrade your plan easily

  • Reach our support team

  • Cancel your plan

StealthGPT Help Center

Introducing the new StealthGPT Help Center, modernized way to handle Support requests. As we have matured as an app we have moved from receiving a few support requests to receiving daily requests for assistance. As such we wanted to move away from the email box to a platform that can support a multitude of functions.

If you need direct assistance, simply go to "Submit a Request" and a member of our support team will move to help you quickly. You also have the ability to read FAQ articles and submit tool requests.

That's all for now! We hope you enjoy the massive StealthGPT update!

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