StealthGPT Review: Does It Beat Originality AI?

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StealthGPT Review: Does It Beat Originality AI?

Today's blog will cover StealthGPT's efficancy and efficiency in its ability to beat Originality AI. A few months ago, Originality covered us in a blog that said we cannot beat them. They did fail to link to the original text that was run through StealthGPT. Without seeing the full text we are unable to verify their claims. Companies often employee shoddy methodologies to produce results that seem good for them.

However, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. We will conduct our own testing, and show all materials used to see if their claims are true.

Here's what we will cover:

  • What is StealthGPT?

  • How Does StealthGPT work

  • Does StealthGPT beat Originality AI?

  • Final Thoughts

What is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT is an Undetectable AI service that allows users to create undetectable text or rewrite text to be undetectable. It is one of the most proven tools on the market. Consistently scoring the highest against AI detectors in its cohort. It features three tools: The StealthGPT Bypasser -- rephrases text from services, like ChatGPT, to be undetectable, a Content Generator -- which takes in prompts and produces undetectable responses, and a Essay Generator -- which creates Undetectable AI long form essays.

How Does StealthGPT Work?

StealthGPT is fundamentally different from every Undetectable AI writer on the marketplace. We have noticed our responses have much more volatility and this is reflective of the way StealthGPT was built. In the beginning many of the Undetectable AI services were pretty much the same. Over time though, StealthGPT and AI detectors evolved. Unfortunately though, many Undetectable AI services did not evolve. Leaving them extremely vulnerable to getting detected. StealthGPT is different because it was built using custom models that are trained on hundreds of hours worth of Human written text. This allowed us to build the most resilient and effective Undetectable AI service.

Does StealthGPT Beat Originality?

Okay now that we covered our bases, let's go over the reason why you're here. Does StealthGPT beat originality ai? First a little intro: Originality AI is one of the biggest AI Detectors in the space. It is considerably accurate and one of the hardest AI detectors to bypass. Beating Originality consistently is a must for any service that calls itself Undetectable. In building StealthGPT we tested thousands upon thousands of generations of our custom models against Originality and a handful of AI detectors to make sure it bypasses Originality at an extremely high rate. I will be the first to tell you there's no 100% in this space, that's a reality. AI Detectors will not pick up 100% of AI written text, and Undetectable AI services will not beat AI Detection 100% of the time. This is where high standards count, our standard for testing our models against Originality was 90%+. Meaning 9/10 must pass for a model to be considered successful. Well, we built that model.

Now let's test it!

First let's get a null text from ChatGPT:

Here you can see our fully generated text. We mention this again because in Originality's own testing they do not show the full text generated by their PDF, this does not allow us to validate any claims they made in their article. By including the full text, they will be able to check our claims against their own Database.

Now let's get the StealthGPT response:

Notice that we are running our text generation on the lowest undetectability model we have available on StealthGPT. This is because we are so confident in our models abilities, we have no doubt even our lowest models consistently beat out even the best AI Detectors. Now let's conduct our test and see if the text is truly Undetectable.

And now for the results...

And the results speak for themselves. Again you can see in the full screenshot the text that we used against Originality AI. Now their team can go back and validate our claims are true. And on goes the cat and mouse game! But we know the game better :)

Let's check to see how StealthGPT did against their Plagiarism Readability Detector:

Yes you read that right, 0% plagiarized and 99% original. This was on try #1 while I wrote this blog.

Final Thoughts:

We rate Originality AI's article on whether StealthGPT works to be errrr...FALSE. One we cannot replicate their experiment because the text is conveniently cropped, two because we built our models with incredibly high standard of beating detectors like Originality, and three because continuous testing still shows that StealthGPT generations, even on the low model dominate Originality AI. We have no doubt that Originality AI will adapt their models one day to do even better. They have one of the best AI detectors on the market...but even the best cannot defeat StealthGPT. When they upgrade, we will be ready.

Thanks for reading and be safe out there!

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