StealthGPT Review: Does Quillbot work against AI Detectors?

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StealthGPT Review: Does Quillbot work against AI Detectors?

Quillbot claims to be a paraphraser that lets you rephrase your text in countless ways. Quillbot's product will improve your fluency as well as ensure that you have the suitable vocabulary, tone, and style for any circumstance. By simply entering your content into their input box, then Quillbot's AI algorithm will work immediately to create a better-paraphrased version for you in under 30 seconds. Even though Quillbot doesn't claim to bypass AI detectors, many users still log into their website and use their paraphraser tool to humanize and bypass AI detectors regardless.

In this blog post, we will cover the question of whether or not Quillbot, an AI-powered paraphrasing tool, will enhance your writing as well as bypass several popular AI detectors such as GPTZero,, Content at Scale AI Detector,, and Writer. Then, we will conclude with the final verdict on whether their paraphraser tool is worth using.

Table of Contents

  • What is Quillbot?

  • Why Are People Interested in Quillbot?

  • The Experiment

  • Findings Explained

  • Final Verdict on Whether Quillbot Passes AI Detection

  • Frequently Asked Questions about AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

What is Quillbot?

Quillbot is a very useful tool for users and was designed to help people write English better and more accurately. The tool was created in 2017 by three computer science students and is considered a popular free tool for all writers out there.

According to statistics, there were more than 150 million people who used this tool in 2022, including students, experts, content writers, etc. By integrating artificial intelligence into writing, Quillbot can change the content of the text with different synonyms and more beautiful phrases while still making sure to retain the original meaning. Users just need to enter text into data fields, select the appropriate modes based on their desires, and wait for the amazing output.

Why Are People Interested in Quillbot?

People love using QuillBot because it offers valuable writing tools that empower students, professionals, and general writers to enhance their writing and research abilities. Here are the reasons why QuillBot has become so popular:

Paraphraser: This is the highest-rated feature on Quillbot. Paraphrasing is the ability to rephrase text using synonyms while maintaining accuracy and preserving its key message. The free version will provide users with two ways to convert their message which are: Standard and Fluency.

Grammar Checker: This is a feature that allows users to check for grammatical mistakes and also suggests corrections. Besides, QuillBot also provides a variety of languages to make it more convenient to a wide range of users.

Plagiarism Checker: This is a tool that checks what parts of your text are the most likely to steal ideas from others. Based on large amounts of data such as the web, academic documents, and published news.

AI Detector: QuillBot will depend on the text information provided by the user, employ its algorithm, and flag the content in the text to prove if the data was written by human beings or AI-generated.

QuilBot Flow: QuillBot Flow is an all-in-one writing area that brings all QuillBot’s tools together in an accessible location, enabling you to reword, sum up, cite, and write your essay without the need to move across tabs.

Summarizer: One of QuillBot’s most effective tools is that it can separate prolonged texts into shorter, more understandable components. When summarizing article characteristics or other similar facets, this tool will offer you the main ideas to save the users’ reading time.

Citation Generator: This is a tool that allows users to produce references quickly from various sources such as books, journal papers, and websites, as well as create citations in some of the famously employed formats, which include APA, MLA Chicago, etc.

Translator: As the name itself already tells about how this feature works. Users can utilize this tool to translate all the text into the language they wish. Currently, QuillBot Translator will let people translate text into 45 languages, with more to come.

The Experiment

In conducting this test, we first generated content with an AI writing tool. We will be using ChatGPT for our experiment. We will use the content produced by ChatGPT and place it onto the Quillbot Paraphraser tool. After this, we're gonna put that newly generated content to real-life testing to see if they can bypass well-known AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, Phrasly, Content at Scale, and Writer.

If, according to the test results, the AI detector could pick up a strong AI mark in the content, then it meant that the content had been rephrased by QuillBot could not bypass that AI detector. If the opposite were the case, then the QuillBot Paraphrase tool was absolutely an ideal ticket for anyone looking for a way to beat AI detectors.

Finally, we will make a short conclusion based on the experiment to see whether or not Quillbot actually works.

Step #1: Generate an Essay with ChatGPT

First of all, let's come up with a text written entirely by ChatGPT. Here's the prompt that we will be using for the experiment.

Step #2: Input Text into the QuillBot Paraphrase Tool

Let's copy this text from ChatGPT tool and use Quillbot’s paraphraser tool to rewrite the entire essay. However, there is a small problem because QuillBot is limited to 125 words per paraphrasing for the normal account, so we have to divide the paragraph into three different scanning times.

Step #3: Testing Against AI Detectors

In this step, we copy the newly rephrased content generated by using the QuillBot Tool and then paste the text into GPT Zero, and request GPTZero to scan the text. Below, you'll find the screenshot of the scan result.

Quillbot Against GPTZero

Quillbot Against

We continue to copy and paste the same essay into’s content scanner. Below, you'll find screenshots of the scan result.

Scrolling through the text, we find that Quillbot received a 100% probability score of AI content on Originality. All sentences were detected as AI-generated. It's not looking too good for Quillbot. However, before we make a final conclusion, let's give them hope that they can go up against the Content at Scale AI detector.

Quillbot Against Content at Scale

The result seems quite better now. For the scanning with Content at Scale. It shows that the essay generated was hard to predict whether the content was human-written or not. Let's see how well Quillbot does against our last two AI checkers: Phrasly and Writer.

Quillbot Against

Quillbot receives a 98% AI detection score through the Phrasly AI checker.

Quillbot Against Writer

Navigating to the “Quick scan” section of Writer, we paste the text that has been paraphrased and click on “analyze text.” In a few seconds, the Writer gives me the result.

Writer believes that there's an 86% probability that the text paraphrased with QuillBot has been flagged as AI-generated.

Findings Explained

As you can see from the table above, the results are pretty easy to analyze. Quillbot totally failed 4 out of 5 of the tests. The best result it could achieve was a sentence mentioned from Content at Scale, which is "Hard to tell". It somehow shows that the AI Detector of Content at Scale wasn't as good enough as it claims on its website.

So, what’s our key takeaway here? If you’re in search of an AI writer that effortlessly bypasses detection. I believe that Quillbot shouldn't be your first choice. It’s totally clear from the experiment. Quillbot could not beat GPTZero, Originality, Writer, and Phrasly.

Final Verdict on Whether Quillbot Passes AI Detection

In conclusion, it turns out that Quillbot fails to bypass major AI detectors such as GPTZero at 91% AI detection score, Originality at over 100% AI written score, and at 98% content score. Quillbot fails to claim itself as the best paraphraser tool in the market.

So, Is QuillBot worth it? In our testing today, it failed over and over to bypass AI detection, and if you want a tool that will honestly help you to deliver text that beats detection, this shouldn't be a wise option! It means that you’d be better off with Quillbot in the end. Instead, we can recommend StealthGPT for its more advanced features to rephrase your content and beat most of the AI detectors you wish to bypass out here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

#1. Is QuillBot free?

You can log in and try out Quillbot for free, but for utilizing all of its features without the limitation of characters as well as word numbers. You need to upgrade to a premium account.

#2. How do I make AI content non-detectable?

To make your content non-detectable, you must do more things than simply run it through a paraphrasing tool like Quillbot. You need to add your personal stories into your content, measure the perplexity and burstiness of the text, or reduce repetition. However, none of the techniques mentioned above could guarantee 100% that your content won't get flagged. Instead, if you choose to humanize your content with an AI tool like StealthGPT, the results could be optimized to bypass AI detection as best as possible.

#3. Does StealthGPT offer a free trial?

Currently, StealthGPT does not provide a free trial to our users. However, we do have a refund policy if our subcribers can show off proof that our content produced is getting caught as AI-generated. So, it seems like you have nothing to lose in this case. Let's give us a try and see whether it's worth every penny.

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