The Best Anti-ChatGPT Zero AI Tool

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The Best Anti-ChatGPT Zero AI Tool

Since ChatGPT was first released in 2022. The platform has caused a stir worldwide with more than 100 million users after only two months since its launch, becoming the fastest-growing application ever. The platform became a savior for millions of people all over the world to generate output with minimum effort but still ensure the quality of their work performed. However, on the other hand, the rise of ChatGPT Zero has also sparked a new wave of online interactions; this tool was developed by Edward Tian, a student at Princeton University, with the aim to provide users with a reliable way of distinguishing between AI and human-generated content.

This technological advancement has also given birth to concerns about AI detection among many users wishing to leverage the power of AI-assisting tools. So, in this blog post, we will explore what ChatGPT Zero is, delve into the concept of an anti-AI detection tool, and discover why StealthGPT stands out as the best solution against ChatGPT Zero in making AI content undetectable.

Table of Contents

  • What Is ChatGPT Zero?

  • What Is ChatGPT Zero Used for?

  • What Is An Anti-AI Detection Tool?

  • StealthGPT - The Most Powerful Anti-AI Detection Tool

  • How We Tested StealthGPT

  • Test Results

  • What Do These Results Tell Us?

  • In A Nutshell

  • StealthGPT’s Pricing

What Is ChatGPT Zero?

Chat-GPT Zero is an AI detector that can analyze texts generated by any sort of AI model, whether GPT-3 or GPT-4, Google Gemini, Claude, and new AI models. The main purpose of the website is to check out whether the content was either written by a human or by an AI writing assistant. So far, ChatGPT Zero has been considered as one of the top AI detectors on the market since its first launch online in January 2023.

What Is ChatGPT Zero Used for?

Let's check out some benefits that GPTZero brings to the table:

  • Education

GPTZero has been used in different setups at an educational level to detect any content produced using AI in students' assignments and essays. This allows educators and professors to keep the concept of academic integrity alive without stifling creativity, as well as ensuring that every single student can grow in his or her ability to write and express their angles.

  • Content Creation and Writing

Writers and content creators could feel free to use GPTZero as a tool to verify the authenticity of their work and avoid any potential problems that AI-generated content might have. This is significantly important for maintaining brand authenticity in such organizations highly require about the original version of the work performed.

  • Students and Researchers

Students can use GPTZero to cross-check their own texts without AI content and ensure that they are achieving academic integrity. Researchers must make use of GPTZero in establishing originality for work and publication.

What Is An Anti-AI Detection Tool?

An anti-AI detection tool is simply a software built to humanize any AI-generated content so that the newly rephrased version would be bypassed against any advanced AI detection software in the market without changing the original meaning, yet fully masked in origin from AI.

StealthGPT - The Most Powerful Anti-AI Detection Tool

StealthGPT stands out as the best solution among anti-AI detection tools due to its exceptional capabilities and innovative approach. It is an Undetectable AI software that allows users to rephrase the content, generate non-detectable text, and humanize AI-generated text in less than 30 seconds without compromising the quality of the content.

Key Features of StealthGPT

Let’s break down into what StealthGPT offers to the subscribers

  • Stealth Bypass tool

  • Stealth Content Generator

  • Stealth Essay Generator

  • SEO Writer

  • Chat with Stealth

  • AI Checker

How We Tested StealthGPT

To determine the true efficiency of StealthGPT's ability to bypass AI detection, we will conduct a test to see how well it works. In conducting this test, we will first generate content with an AI writing tool, which is ChatGPT. After that, we gonna use the Stealth Bypass tool to humanize or rephrase the content. Finally, we scanned the content using ChatGPTZero to see if they could tell that the content that the content was AI-generated. And if the tool fails to correctly identify the content's origin, we concluded that StealthGPT could outperform it.

First, let’s head to ChatGPT and generate some text for us. In this case, we’ll be asking ChatGPT to generate a short essay about the case study of Starbucks missing the mark in the Australian market.

Then, we will log in to the Stealth account, open the Bypass tool, and paste the essay right into the bottom of the box. Here's a screenshot of the text pasted in StealthGPT.

After pasting the text, we clicked the gear icon at the top right corner of the Bypass tool, opening the undetectability mode and tone to set the parameters. So, StealthGPT has three undetectability modes, which are low, medium, and high, that are customized for various needs.

So, in this experiment, we gonna try all these modes to see the real power of StealthGPT in making AI content undetectable. However, we gonna keep the same variation for the tone of the content, which is the “academic” tone, since this is the most suitable option to keep the content formal enough for the essay. Then, we clicked “save” to set our preferred undetectability mode and tone. You can check out the screenshot of the undetectability mode and tone below.

Case 1: Low Stealth Mode

Case 2: Medium Stealth Mode

Case 3: High Stealth Mode

Test Results

After taking these steps, we will simply click on the“Generate.” button. StealthGPT will work through it, and it took less than a minute to finish humanizing the content. Finally, we gonna put all these newly generated outputs into ChatGPTZero for scanning. We will be showing a side-by-side comparison so you can easily view the results.

Case 1: Bypass Tool Ouput

StealthGPT Against ChatGPTZero

Case 2: Bypass Tool Ouput

StealthGPT Against ChatGPTZero

Case 3: Bypass Tool Ouput

StealthGPT Against ChatGPTZero

What Do These Results Tell Us?

In all three cases, StealthGPT manages to beat ChatGPTZero. For the first case, StealthGPT's bypass tool received a 97% human score, then an 89% human written score in the second case, and a 92% human text score in the last one. The test results lead us to conclude that paraphrasing content using StealthGPT is the best method to counter the ChatGPT Zero tool. Because even when working in its lowest undetectability mode, StealthGPT can outperform GPTZero totally.

With these results, it’s clear that StealthGPT takes the cake here and shows off as a good first impression for anyone looking for an undetectable AI writer to bypass any AI checkers out there. So, if you really want something that isn’t just effective but also convenient to use and full of handy features. Then StealthGPT is all you need.

In A Nutshell

In short, StealthGPT stands out as a powerful tool that enables users to go past AI detection easily. It would come out on top of the other tools in any other undetectability mode, as shown, proving its effectiveness and efficiency at bypassing ChatGPT no matter what. This makes StealthGPT becomes as a must-have product for anyone desiring to generate non-detectable AI-written content.

StealthGPT’s Pricing

Here is a screenshot of StealthGPT’s subscription plans for you as a reference. No matter what plans you choose, you can still leverage all of its powerful features, from generating essays to humanizing your content, bypassing AI detection as well as detecting AI-generated output. You are getting more value than just a normal Undetectable AI website offers to the users. StealthGPT is proud to provide the best services and best prices in the industry without compromising the values brought to our customers. Try it out now and see if it is worth every single penny!

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