What is Claude 3 Opus? Is Claude 3 Opus Undetectable? A Comprehensive Review

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What is Claude 3 Opus? Is Claude 3 Opus Undetectable? A Comprehensive Review

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Anthropic's recent unveiling of its Claude 3 Opus Language Learning Model (LLM) has sparked considerable excitement and speculation across various platforms, including X and beyond. With the buzz surrounding its capabilities, the question arises: can Claud 3 Opus's output elude the detection mechanisms of AI content identifiers GPTZero, and Originality?

Today's exploration dives into the essence of Claude 3 Opus, its operational dynamics, its stealth against detection technologies, and our concluding observations on its place in the AI domain.

Here's what we will cover:

  • What is Claude 3 Opus?

  • How does it Work?

  • Is it Undetectable?

  • Final Thoughts

What is Claude 3 Opus?

Claude 3 Opus, the latest marvel from Anthropic's suite of AI technologies, has captured global attention for its groundbreaking performance and capabilities. Distancing itself from predecessors and contemporaries such as Llama and GPT 3.5, Claude 3 Opus is not just another addition to the AI model library. It distinguishes itself through its remarkable speed—boasting efficiency up to six times faster than other leading LLMs—and its open-source nature, a feature that champions transparency and collective advancement in AI research and application.

How Does Claude 3 Opus Work?

Anthropic's Claude 3 Opus is a powerful language model trained on a massive amount of text, code, images, and other data. It utilizes advanced neural networks, specifically an enhanced transformer architecture, to process information from different modalities. This allows Claude 3 Opus to understand and respond to complex queries that combine text, visuals, or even audio elements. Claude 3 Opus learns by identifying patterns and relationships within the vast data it has been trained on, enabling it to generate text, translate languages, answer questions, and even write different kinds of creative content.

Is Claude 3 Opus Undetectable?

Now that we established what Claude 3 Opus is, let's give it a test to see if it is Undetectable.

First let's get a null text from Claude 3 Opus:

We used the Claude 3 Opus model from Anthropic itself. It was a similar experience to that of ChatGPT.

Now that we got our control text, let's get some text from StealthGPT, a true Undetectable AI and see how they do against the big AI detectors:

Now let's conduct our test and see if Claude 3 Opus is truly Undetectable.

And now for the results...


Unfortunately the text by Claude 3 Opus was easily detected by GPTZero, a leading AI detector. Let's see how Claude 3 Opus rephrased text by StealthGPT does against the same service:

As you can see, the control text was transformed into undetectable content, easily bypassing GPTZero. But our test is not over, let's move to the next AI Detector.


Let's check to see how Claude 3 Opus does against Originality:

Once again, Claude 3 Opus is caught completely red-handed (literally) by an AI Detector, in this case Originality. Originality is one of the largest and most accurate AI Detectors in the space.

Let's see how the StealthGPT version of the Claude 3 Opus text does:

Once again, StealthGPT's transformed text easily beats Originality AI, proving once more that StealthGPT is King when it comes to generating Undetectable AI text.

Final Thoughts:

It is hard for us to say why Claude 3 Opus was caught by AI Detectors. The fact that Claude 3 Opushas only been out for a few days leads us to believe there's no way AI Detectors could've updated their models for Claude 3 Opus-like text. Our conclusion is that Claude 3 Opus, although built with a different data set than OpenAI's GPT models still has similar core components that are easily detectable. All we know for sure right now is that StealthGPT is the go-to-service for anyone looking to truly bypass AI detectors, no matter what LLM you use. You can count on us to make your text truly Undetectable.

Thanks for reading and be safe out there!

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