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Beat Turnitin, Bypass Turnitin

Turnitin has claimed that AI-generated content can't bypass it. However, Turnitin hasn't said anything about softwares for bypassing AI detection like StealthGPT. Ordinarily, we were curious about whether it was possible to beat Turnitin using such softwares.
So, we dug further and found that it was possible. In this article, you'll learn how to beat Turnitin by paraphrasing text with StealthGPT. Let's begin.

What Is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a website that helps to detect similarities between uploaded documents and texts found in multiple online sources. You can also use Turnitin to find out if a document contains AI-generated text. When detecting AI content in a document, Turnitin reads it to figure out the percentage of it that's likely AI-generated.

What Does It Mean to Beat Turnitin?

Beating Turnitin means rendering it incapable of detecting AI content. Since Turnitin is an exceptional AI detector, you can't bypass it by adopting conventional methods, such as:
  • Inserting pictures into essays
  • Adding quotation marks at the beginning and end of an essay, etc.

As of now, the only failsafe way to beat Turnitin is to paraphrase AI-generated text using a software that can bypass AI content detection. However, many tools that claim that they can bypass Turnitin don't have any proof of their claims. So, before choosing to use an AI website to beat Turnitin, check for evidence of the site's ability to beat Turnitin.
One website that has proven its ability to beat Turnitin is StealthGPT. Below, we'll introduce StealthGPT to you and show you how to use it to bypass Turnitin.

What Is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT is the most trustworthy website for avoiding AI detection. It has a Bypass tool, which paraphrases AI-generated content. The goal of paraphrasing the content is to make it sound like human writing. Then, AI detectors like Turnitin will report that the content is most likely human-written.

How to Beat Turnitin Using StealthGPT

To bypass Turnitin through StealthGPT, follow these steps:

Step 1: Humanize Text Using StealthGPT

Open the Bypass tool on StealthGPT. Inside the tool, you'll find a input box and an output panel. Paste the AI-generated content into the input box.
Then, click on the gear icon to adjust the undetectability mode and tone. For the best result, set the undetectability mode to “medium” and choose the “academic” tone.

In screenshot below, we used an older version of StealthGPT to humanize content. At that time, there was no option to modify the undetectability mode and tone in StealthGPT.

Use Turnitin to Check the Paraphrased Text

Copy the paraphrased text inTurnitin’s AI detector, and ask Turnitin to scan it. If the content gets a 0% AI score on Turnitin, this indicates that Turnitin can't detect that the content is AI-generated. This means that you'll have successfully bypassed Turnitin.
Please, check this screenshot of the AI score of the content that StealthGPT paraphrased for us.

In our case, Turnitin gave the text humanized with StealthGPT a 0% AI score. Here's a screenshot of the score.

Pros and Cons of Using StealthGPT to Beat Turnitin


a) Improves Your Credibility

StealthGPT doesn't use any methods that Turnitin can detect. No matter how hard Turnitin tries, it can't figure out the source of content that StealthGPT has paraphrased. A 0% AI score on Turnitin (which StealthGPT can help you get) helps you retain a reputation of submitting only human-written content.

b) Prevents Disappointment

Turnitin has a 98% success rate when it comes to AI content detection. Consequently, you need a tool like StealthGPT to be sure that Turnitin won't detect that you wrote your essay with AI.


a) StealthGPT Isn't Free

The only “downside” of StealthGPT is that its features are hidden behind a paywall. Also, it doesn't offer free trials, so you must be ready to financially commit to it before you can try it for the first time.


Is StealthGPT free?

StealthGPT isn't free. You have to subscribe to the software to use it. Fortunately, its pricing plans are affordable.

Is 40% on Turnitin text bad?

Getting a 40% Turnitin AI score isn’t safe. A higher AI score on an essay indicates a higher probability that you wrote the essay using AI. That's not a good look for you.

How to trick Turnitin AI detection?

Tricking Turnitin AI detection is difficult. The developers of the software have fortified it with measures to fight any gimmicks that users commonly use to bypass AI detection. However, you can avoid Turnitin AI detection by humanizing AI-generated text with StealthGPT.


Turnitin may stand out as an AI detector, but it can't withstand the strategies that StealthGPT uses to humanize AI-generated content. Every time Turnitin scans text that StealthGPT has humanized, it believes that the content is pure human writing.
Paraphrase your AI-written essays with StealthGPT and start bypassing Turnitin easily. Join StealthGPT for free today.

StealthGPT Pricing

StealthGPT is the cheapest software for bypassing Turnitin. Our plans start from $14.99, and you can do a whole lot more with StealthGPT than just bypass Turnitin. For instance, you can also generate hundreds of essays using StealthGPT. Here's a screenshot of our pricing plans:

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