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Make AI Text Undetectable

Today we are going to talk about how to make AI text undetectable and how to beat AI detection consistently. There are many ways to go about it. Certainly using a service like StealthGPT is extremely easy but its not the only way.ChatGPT and AI in general is sweeping the world. Never before have we've seen a service gain so many hundreds of millions of users so quickly. Not only does ChatGPT have a tremendous user base, it's parent company OpenAI has an API that is fueling thousands of new SaaS's that are raking in billions of dollars annually. All of this in the span of less than a year. With billions of pieces of AI content, there was bound to be a check in the space.AI Detectors naturally sprung up very quickly after ChatGPT's rapid rise to prominence. The first detector I saw was GPTZero, but many have come into fruition afterwards. Detectors like Originality, ZeroGPT, Winston AI, Copyleaks are currently flourishing. Traditional services like Turnitin, one of the largest academic software companies in the world, even introduced its own AI Detector in 2023. These AI detection services scan content to see if it was generated with AI or not.Of course, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Just as AI Detectors were springing up, Undetectable AI content generators were being developed. I, in fact, started building StealthGPT after seeing a viral video about GPTZero back in January. The objective of products like ours is to utilize AI to create content that remains undetectable to AI Detectors.Now that we covered a bit of prelude, let's explore how to beat AI Detectors:

1. Paraphrase Content By Hand:

AI content generated by ChatGPTThis may seem obvious to you, but one of the easiest things you can do when making AI content undetectable is paraphrase the content you generate with ChatGPT or similar services. AI detectors are very good at picking up content directly made by ChatGPT. Services like GPTZero look for perplexity and burstiness in the text. Here's how their CEO describes what they are looking for:
"For a human essay, it will vary all over the place. It will go up and down, they’ll be sudden bursts and spikes, versus for a machine essay, it will be pretty boring. It will have a constant baseline."
Essentially, what they are saying is: AI essays are super consistent and boring compared to Human essays which can be all over the place. This makes sense, we are all different from each other and we have varying degrees of writing ability. However these machines all share a similar origin, and learning set. Therefore, AI produced content will sound very similar.The way I like to paraphrase this content to bypass AI detectors is to look at the paragraph, then pull it away from my field of view. I do not like to re-write by directly looking at the content. Merely changing the words is not enough, you need that human entropy only you can add. You are only able to do that by trying to recollect and reword the content from your memory. Let's give that a try and see how we do:
Elon Musk, born in 1971 in South Africa, is an incredible entrepreneur who has built some of the most recognized companies in the world. His main areas of focus are in technology, and space exploration. Musk got his start in business helping build Zip2Pay and payment juggernaut Paypal. He is now known for a multitude of accomplishments; a visionary as CEO's of Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and now X (formerly known as Twitter). These accolades would be enough to categorize one as an Einstein of a century. However, Musk has shown zero signs of slowing down. He is now building his newest venture into the red hot field of AI, and is transforming X into the West's first 'Super app'.
And the results by Originality:

2. Introduce Spelling Mistakes and Weird Grammar:

Just like the title says, introducing some spelling mistakes, or odd grammar can make AI Generated content beat AI detectors. Though this is not ideal because while it may bypass AI detectors the quality of the output is bad. Imagine a badly spelled blog or academic paper. While you may get passed these AI detectors, consider the perspective of your reading audience: are they going to enjoy reading through a low quality paper? Additionally if you are trying to rank on Google, you could be penalized for having low quality content.
Text generated by ChatGPT with intentional misspellingsAbove, you can see, we re-prompted ChatGPT to reword our content with spelling errors and weird grammatical issues. Let's see how this does on Originality:
While the result is pretty good, and it does beat Originality, the content is very bad. The text is jumbled, and in general, really doesn't make a ton of sense. To correct this text into something that is coherent and cogent would take a ton of effort. At this point you're better off with just rephrasing the content manually as we did earlier. Sometimes the content gets so jumbled at first glance you may not even know what the sentence means. Unfortunately, many undetectable AI services utilize techniques like this, with double spaces, odd grammatical problems, and common misspellings to throw off AI Detectors. While they do "beat" AI Detectors, they end up producing very poor content.

3. Use a Well Vetted and Trusted Service:

Here it comes! The sales pitch. You know I had to do it but it is important. You can try many steps to make your content undetectable. While that may work if you only need a few pieces to be undetectable, if you want a stress free way to create that undetectable text, you can utilize a service like StealthGPT which is constantly tested, and upgraded to be extremely proficient against AI Detectors.Let's take our same text from ChatGPT and let the StealthGPT bypasser do its thing. Lets check the results:
StealthGPT's bypasser takes content from ChatGPT and transforms it into undetectable textNow let's take our new Stealthy, Undetectable AI generated text and see how it does:
Three AI Detectors: Originality, Winston AI, and CopyLeaksHere we can see. three of the best AI Detectors on the market were all successfully bypassed by the StealthGPT generated text. Now for time efficiency: this took me all of about 5 seconds to do. I first have ChatGPT generate the content, which is very quick, then I let StealthGPT's Bypasser do the rest of the work. My text was completed in a few seconds. If you read the text as well, you will see its extremely coherent, readable, and contains no bizarre errors. At StealthGPT, we don't take short cuts. We want Undetectable content, but we also want to create high quality content.If you're ready to join hundreds of thousands of users leveraging StealthGPT's Undetectable AI, click here!

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