AI Bypass: The Ultimate Undetectable AI Bypasser by StealthGPT

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AI Bypass: The Ultimate Undetectable AI Bypasser by StealthGPT

A review of AI Bypass

AI Bypass is a brand new tool brought to you by the StealthGPT team. The purpose of today's article is to break down the new tool and see if it works at beating all major AI Detectors.

In this Article you will learn:

  • What is AI Bypass? Why was it Created?

  • Does it Bypass AI Detectors

  • Is it a good fit for you

  • Final thoughts

What is AI Bypass? Why was it Created?

AI Bypass as stated above is the latest tool by the StealthGPT team. The number #1 usecase of our tool by far was our AI Bypasser/Humanizer. While the StealthGPT platform has many more tools including a Content Generator and Essay Generator, we felt that building out a website dedicated to our #1 usecase that focused on one purpose, beating all major AI detectors especially Turnitin would be helpful for users. Later in this piece we will cover all the key differences between the two services.

So what is AI Bypass: It is a one trick pony, a bypasser where you can bring your AI Generated content and have it humanized/rephrased to bypass leading AI Detectors including but not limited to: GPTZero, Originality, CopyLeaks and most importantly, Turnitin.

Does AI Bypass AI Detectors?

Well of course the main question for most people before we even get into differences is, does it work? Does AI Bypass successfully bypass AI detection? The answer is yes but let us show you the proof. You see, AI Bypass has access to the most powerful models we offer on StealthGPT already. Therefore all of the incredible innovation we built into StealthGPT is imbued into this incredible tool.

In order to test AI Bypass, first we have to use trusty ChatGPT to whip up a 'null' text that will serve as the text we will put through each bypasser/humanizer.

We had ChatGPT write a bit of background on Turnitin, the main AI Detection service our tool aims to bypass soundly. Now let's take our ChatGPT content and bring it over to AI Bypass.

Our AI Bypass Generation

This is the text we received from AI Bypass. Now that we have our text we can test it against all of the major models

Testing against GPTZero, Originality, Copy Leaks, and Turnitin


Let's start with one of the biggest AI detectors that kicked off this arms race, GPTZero. They are one of the biggest AI Detectors in the world. In the beginning they were very easy to bypass, but since their beginnings they have conducted several updates and now it is very hard to beat GPTZero. Let's see how AI Bypass holds up against this difficult detector:

AI BypassGPTZero Result

Wow, AI Bypass scores an impressive 0% probability that the text was written by AI. That's as good as you're going to get. If you submit this text in any setting its very unlikely to be picked up. Also GPTZero denotates that 0 of the 23 of the sentences in the text are likely to be AI generated. This is a fantastic result, but it is only one AI detector, let's continue our experiment.

Originality is a lesser known AI detector but it is still one of the big three in our opinion. It has been historically one of the more accurate detectors we've seen. Their latest 2.0 model has proved very difficult to bypass. We have another tough test for AI Bypass. Let's see what happens:

AI Bypass Results

Once again, AI Bypass scores high marks against's detector. It is proving itself to be resilient against multiple AI detectors, scoring very little on the AI side to none at all.


CopyLeaks is a very popular AI detector that boasts studies that demonstrate its accuracy at picking up on AI Generated text. Let's put that to the test.

As you can see, AI Bypass easily dispatches CopyLeaks.

And now the test you have all been waiting for...Turnitin


Turnitin is the world's largest AI detector, that is because it is used by the Turnitin platform. Turnitin is one of the most used academic softwares in the world, servicing millions of students and thousands of institutions of higher learning. When any assignment is submitted through Turnitin, it automatically checks the assignment against it's AI detector.

Due to the usage of the platform natively, this makes their AI Detector the #1 in the world naturally. Up until recently, it was very easy to bypass Turnitin AI Detection, but an update a few days ago has led to several services failing to bypass them, with the exception of StealthGPT and now...AI Bypass... maybe? Let's find out!

AI Bypass Turnitin Result

As expected, AI Bypass which is powered by StealthGPT absolutely crushes Turnitin, remaining top dog in the Undetectable AI space.

Is it a good fit for you?

So the question you might be asking yourself now is, okay so StealthGPT and AI Bypass both consistently beat the best AI Detectors in the world. What is the perfect tool for me?

Let's help you answer that question by breaking down some of the differences. We built AI Bypass to serve as just a bypasser/humanizer. StealthGPT has several tools already and will continue to build more Undetectable features. While that's great, we realize a lot of our users just use our Bypasser. So to be fair to those users who only seek to use one tool we created AI Bypass to serve as lightweight version of StealthGPT. Therefore if you are a light user of the Stealth platform, AI Bypass would be perfect for you.

Core differences:

  • StealthGPT is still the most robust tool, with a bypasser, content generator and essay generator. AI Bypass only has a bypasser, which is the #1 usecase of StealthGPT

  • AI Bypass plans are a bit cheaper, but lower value than StealthGPT. You get half the word allowance of a StealthGPT user

  • AI Bypass's response engine is significantly faster than StealthGPT because it doesn't have nearly as many tools

  • But both of them have the best Undetectable AI engines available, beating Turnitin, GPTZero, and originality consistently.

Final Thoughts

Both StealthGPT and AI Bypass are incredible Undetectable tools that will consistently beat AI detectors, including but not limited to: Turnitin, Originality, GPTZero, and CopyLeaks. StealthGPT is a more robust tool with more features while AI Bypass is slim on features but a bit cheaper and a lot faster. Both tools would be incredible options for people looking to make Undetectable AI content. Now its up to you to decide!

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