Can CheatGPT Beat AI Detectors? StealthGPT Review

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Can CheatGPT Beat AI Detectors? StealthGPT Review

There are many so-called undetectable AI writing tools out there nowadays, and CheatGPT is one of them. With its claims to be the ultimate AI detection that can bypass AI detection from platforms such as,,,, and GPTzero.

But can you rely on and believe it? In this blog post, we will put CheatGPT to the test preparation to see whether or not their claim is true. Let's get started!

Table of Contents

  • What is CheatGPT?

  • Why are People Interested in CheatGPT?

  • The Experiment

  • Findings Explained

  • Final Verdict on Whether CheatGPT Passes AI Detection

  • Frequently Asked Questions about AI Detection Tools

What is CheatGPT?

CheatGPT is an AI detection bypass tool, otherwise known as an undetectable AI writer. It’s free to use for the first 15 tries to experience the power of the text generation tool. If you find it useful and want access to unlimited word count and prompts, it also has a premium plan costing $5 per month. The tool was made by a college student named Adam Oommen Jacob. He worked on the tool as a side project while studying engineering at college.

The tool hasn't received any notable funding and is a much smaller project than most other undetectable writing platforms out there. As such, it doesn’t have the same advanced features as many of its competitors and isn’t quite as fully functional or versatile. It’s a relatively simplistic tool that simply rewrites text in the hopes of bypassing detection.

Key Features

  • Humanize AI-generated text

  • Offers a free account with 15 free attempts

  • Offer unlimited prompts and unlimited word count with the premium account to generate the content that you want

  • Bypass AI detection platforms such as, Turnitin, Content at Scale, Content Detector, and Copyleaks

  • No refund policy

Why are People Interested in CheatGPT?

People are interested in undetectable tools like CheatGPT for many reasons. It can come from the willingness to make their work more productive by leveraging the power of AI writing to generate content ideas and do reports… more efficiently and faster. However, it can also come from finding a short way to save time and effort due to tight deadlines and busy schedules. People need to find the best way to make their process smoother and easier without worrying too much about getting caught.

The Experiment

Even though CheatGPT was only designed by a college student as a side project. However, it still claims that it is the ultimate AI detection tool that can bypass lots of big AI detectors in the market.

But can it truly achieve that? The only way to find out is to take a test for it. So, we will be using ChatGPT for our experiment. We will use the content produced by ChatGPT and place it onto the CheatGPT platform to humanize it. Then, we will test to see if they can really bypass some well-known AI detectors below.

To start off, I visited the ChatGPT website and asked for a prompt to produce a 300-word essay about the history of chess for me. Here’s what ChatGPT provided:

Next, let's copy this text from ChatGPT and use CheatGPT to humanize the essay and see whether or not it could actually bypass AI detection. However, we encountered a small problem is that CheatGPT has a strict word limit of 180 words, so it was impossible to use the original 300-word sample with CheatGPT without subscribing to a premium plan.

To solve this, I decided to shorten the sample to roughly 180 words to assess its features with the free plan and click on the "humanized" button, and the results are shown below.

CheatGPT Against Originality.AI

With our first test, I will now run the original version through Originality.AI, a highly respected AI checker known for its advanced detection technology, as well as the toughest AI checker to beat in the market. Then I will continue to scan CheatGPT's text with Originality.AI to see how it is perceived. Let's look at the results! Score with ChatGPT Content Score with CheatGPT Content

As the screenshot shows, with the score show off Zero percent of the human text and was detected as 100% AI-generated. Its mean that the content was no different and unchanged from the original version that ChatGPT produced, and CheatGPT failed to prove itself on this first test.

CheatGPT Against

For the second test, I continued to put CheatGPT content in the Copyleaks AI detector as well as the original version that ChatGPT produced for the same experiment.

Copyleaks Score with ChatGPT Content

Copyleaks Score with CheatGPT Content

When we ran the humanize text through it, it came back with a terrible results that all sentences were 100% AI detected. Let's continue put the same essay through and see how it do against GPTzero.

CheatGPT Against GPTZero

GPTZero Score with ChatGPT Content

GPTZero Score with CheattGPT Content

In this third test, CheatGPT fails absolutely. Its text was caught with an impressive number of 100% likelihood of AI written from GPTZero.

CheatGPT Against Content at Scale

Content at Scale Score with ChatGPT Content

Content at Scale Score with CheatGPT Content

CheatGPT Against Scribbr

Finally, we're gonna put these two contents through the Scribbr AI detector and see how it works.

Scribbr Score with ChatGPT Content

Scribbr Score with CheatGPT Content

Once again, CheatGPT is still proving itself as a noncapable AI bypass tool and somehow emphasizes that this tool is not a reliable, undetectable AI writer or humanizer.

Findings Explained

At first glance at the table above, we can easily see that the results already speak for themselves. For only 5 AI checkers in this experiment, 4 out 5 claimed that the content generated by CheatGPT was flagged as 100% AI-generated. It came to the conclusion that CheatGPT can not beat any advanced AI detectors out here with its capabilities and features because it actually doesn't do any humanizing, and it absolutely failed on what it claimed on the website that it was the ultimate AI detection bypass tool.

As you gonna get what you pay for, so for just $5 with unlimited prompts that CheatGPT provides, the results were not surprising too much. It can bypass the Content at Scale AI detector, which I suppose is still not the accurate platform that is flagged as AI-generated. Instead of that, StealthGPT is also a much more advanced undetectable AI tool than CheatGPT, with more extra features, and is by far the best option tool to use for anyone who wants to find a way to bypass AI without worrying about being caught while still ensuring the quality of the content.

Final Verdict on Whether CheatGPT Passes AI Detection

In conclusion, despite its claim that it was the reliable ally for AI detectors as well as the ultimate AI detection bypass tool. But, the results were easy to see, and it turns out that CheatGPT ABSOLUTELY fails to bypass major AI detectors such as GPTZero,, Copyleaks, Writer, and Scribbr AI detector for its humanized content. And as a smart user, I do believe that you also have the answer on your own whether you should choose CheatGPT as a tool to support you side by side without getting caught.

If you are a high school or college student looking for the best AI humanizer tool in the market, then look no further; I will suggest StealthGPT is the ideal platform as also the best Undetectable AI website out there currently that can beat major AI detectors. It's simple and easy to use, and you can adjust the undetectability mode and tone to your liking.

Still confusing or need more evidence? Then check out these blog posts and see the results speak for itself!

FAQs About AI Detection Tools and AI-Generated Content

#1. What is an AI content detector?

Think of AI content detectors as digital detectives. They use machine learning algorithms (LLMs) to analyze a piece of text and determine whether it was written by a human or AI.

#2. How do AI content detectors work?

AI content detectors analyze writing style, tone, word choice, and sentence structure. They compare this data to hallmarks of AI-generated text and then calculate the probability that the content in question was written by AI.

#3. What are the best AI content detection tools?

I believe that and Turitin AI detector were the most accurate tools for detecting content from AI writing tools like ChatGPT and Gemini…. In contrast, Content at Scale might be the worst tool for detecting AI content.

#4. How to make AI non-detectable?

To make sure that your text wasn't get flagged as AI generated. There are several methods that can be used, such as manual writing, using active voice, avoiding repetition, or storytelling integration. But the most effective way above all of that is using StealthGPT. This is the most time-saving method for you to humanize your AI-generated content and stay undetected by other AI detectors while still ensuring well-written writing and high-quality content.

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