How to Bypass AI Detectors

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How to Bypass AI Detectors

Did you know that nearly all major institutions around the world employ some form of AI detection? Whether it’s your workplace, the site where you publish your written work or your school. Both AI writing and systems designed to find it and punish its users now have a prominent place in the way we live our lives. It’s commonly believed that Google's search engine deranks AI written content as well, and they’ve even alluded to it, this can keep you from reaching your target audience. Below we’re going to present the relevant information so you know how to best evade the AI detectors by adding a human touch.

Table of Contents

  • How do AI Detectors Work?

  • How to Have Zero AI Detection

  • How Does StealthGPT Work?

  • StealthGPT vs AI Detectors

  • Conclusion

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pricing Plans

How do AI Detectors Work?

Understanding how AI detectors work is critical to be able to find ways to bypass them. StealthGPT, along with several other undetectable AI companies, have built specific programs designed to first understand the processes of AI detectors and then rewrite the text in a way intended to avoid being noticed.

AI detectors use machine learning models and natural language processing similar to OpenAI to predict and analyze texts that are AI-generated content or human-written. Every AI detector uses a probability score to determine the likelihood of a response be human or AI. Not all AI detectors are perfect, AI detectors can sometimes declare genuine human-written texts to be 100% AI-detected. These are called "false positives." It’s all about pattern recognition. All an AI detector can do is approximate based on previously available data sets to assess whether a piece of writing was done by a person or an artificial intelligence writing tool.
Paraphrase tools such as Grammarly use AI to assist users with their writing such as changing synonyms, grammar, and tone which AI detectors can detect. Contrary to popular belief, paraphrasing or rephrasing tools cannot bypass AI detection.

To learn more about how AI detectors work, click here.

How to Have Zero AI Detection

The counterpart of AI detectors is undetectable AI. But how do they work? Is it possible to have zero AI detection? Similar to AI detectors, undetectable AI tools use machine learning models to learn how AI detectors work and create human-like writing styles to bypass them. It’s completely possible to have zero AI detection score as undetectable AI tools are capable of humanizing and bypassing AI detectors. Using an undetectable AI, text from a simple AI text content generation like ChatGPT can be altered in sentence structure, tone, and grammar in a way that is purpose built to withstand detection attempts from services like TurnItIn.

Classifiers are key to AI detectors learning capacity. If you’ve ever tried to rephrase AI writing yourself and still been detected, this is why. Because several factors go into determining what is and what isn’t AI writing, simply changing a few words cannot suffice. Purely human writing along with AI written content is inputted into these learning algorithms which become classifiers, being able to avoid them requires even more work.

Two other important terms in understanding how to avoid AI detection are Burstiness and Perplexity. Undetectable AI technology work especially hard to account for these factors. Burstiness basically means the amount of variation present in the grammar. Because we aren’t all English professors, we tend to make mistakes with our sentence structures and sometimes form an incomplete sentence or even misspell a word. We’re only human, but artificial intelligence isn’t so these mistakes don’t occur when you generate writing on a service like ChatGPT. Perplexity relates to what many people call “flow” or the predictability of writing. AI writing is essentially single-minded in its desire to respond to a prompt, whereas human writers often trail off or construct larger arguments from seemingly unrelated information.

There isn’t a middle ground between human writing and AI writing according to AI detectors. Detection services see sentences as being either human-written or generated by AI. The overall AI score is typically determined by how much of a paper is composed of AI writing instead of overall likelihood. But of course, it requires an analysis of the entire body of text to make this evaluation. Getting zero AI detection can only be done by using a professional undetectable AI bypassing or generative model like StealthGPT.

How Does StealthGPT Work?

StealthGPT is the ultimate AI bypasser tool that's capable of humanizing AI-written essays, papers, and content creation with the only AI rephraser that beats Turnitin. StealthGPT uses the most complex machine-learning technology currently available to bypass AI detectors. StealthGPT's engine is constantly being fed with new information to understand AI detectors and humanize AI texts to stand up against AI detectors.

StealthGPT works because it learns from AI detection tools to figure out what they determine to be made by an AI writer and counteract those factors. StealthGPT has an AI algorithm designed to add the features common in human writing to originally AI generated text and produce content that will effectively bypass these detection models to find the giveaways. Bypassing AI content detection is extremely simple when you have an undetectable AI.

StealthGPT vs AI Detectors

Here is a tier list ranking of the most powerful AI detectors that StealthGPT has beaten. We also have a list of AI detectors we have yet to rank for future experiments to test for StealthGPT. We constantly improve our engine to make the best human written content capable of bypassing any AI Detector.

Before you read the results, learn how we created them: When we test our bypass feature, we first generate text with ChatGPT. After that we upload that text to the standard StealthGPT bypasser tool that all our users have access to. We then copy and paste the undetectable text onto the AI detector we're checking out. Then we always post the first result, because that's the one that matters. We're proud to tell you that we almost always get the best results.


TurnItIn AI holds a special place for us here at StealthGPT, not only is it the largest and most well known AI content detection tool in the world, we were also the first undetectable AI model to constantly beat turnitin. Most high schools and universities employ TurnItIn AI to monitor papers submitted online. Using AI writing from a service like ChatGPT without an undetectable AI to bypass detection can often lead to negative consequences.

By using StealthGPT text, the TurnItIn detection system wasn't able to detect any AI writing on the document. A score of 0% AI detection can be achieved by using StealthGPT's AI Bypasser tool.

Originality AI

When it comes to thoroughness, almost no other AI detector has Originality AI beat. Many undetectable AI models have found Originality to be the toughest case to crack when it comes to bypassing, but StealthGPT has a significantly better record than any competitor that we’ve done comparative analyses of against it.

And the results speak for themselves. Again you can see in the full screenshot the text that we used against Originality AI. Using StealthGPT's bypasser tool on ChatGPT text, Originality AI perceives this AI writing as 99% human writing.

Winston AI

This is an up-and-coming AI detection system that some other undetectable AI companies haven’t done much research into, but we have. We try to countenance against every potential threat to our users when it comes to the risk of being detected. StealthGPT beats Winston AI.

Logging into Winston AI, we pasted the Stealth text and instructed Winston AI to scan it. After scanning the text humanized with StealthGPT, Winston AI returned a human score of 100.This is conclusive evidence that you can completely bypass Winston AI using StealthGPT. This text section is shown to be 100% undetectable to Winston AI.


GPTZero is another one of the largest AI detection services. Part of its commonality is that you can access it for free. Many lower level businesses and even individuals will use GPTZero as their go-to platform for detecting AI writing. Ensuring that we can consistently beat GPTZero is one of our top priorities, and we have a proven track record of success.

The screenshot above tells us that after scanning the essay that StealthGPT humanized, GPT Zero concluded that there was a 98% probability that the essay was written by a human. This result is particularly significant because when humanizing the essay, we used the default settings of StealthGPT, that is, the “low” undetectability mode and the “standard” tone. But despite the fact that we set the undetectability mode to “low,” StealthGPT was still able to deliver exceptional results.


Scribbr is a multi-use tool that can generate citations, check for plagiarism, but most importantly to us; detect AI writing. Many students know and use Scribbr and it’s been fully integrated into the academic landscape. Professors know about Scribbr and can access it to check students' writing even if their school doesn’t automatically run submissions through TurnItIn. Rest assured that StealthGPT has tested it and can easily beat it.

Conch AI

Conch AI is both an undetectable AI tool and an AI content checker. You would think that since they’ve built a business around circumventing AI detection that they would be able to expertly determine AI writing even when it’s been put through an AI bypasser right? You would be incorrect in that assumption. When undetectable StealthGPT text is tested against Conch AI it comes back as completely human.

Based on this score, we can safely imply that Conch AI believed that there was an 86% probability that the text humanized with StealthGPT was entirely human-written. The closeness between the text's Stealth score and its Conch AI score suggests that StealthGPT can not only humanize AI content to beat Conch AI, but can predict how Conch AI will grade the Stealth text.

Undetectable AI

Similar to Conch AI, the company Undetectable AI, as the name suggests, primarily serves as an AI bypassing tool. But it also has an AI checker feature which comes with a subscription. Nevertheless, when tested against StealthGPT’s undetectable text, a result of fully humanized AI writing comes back.

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is trained on multiple Large Language Models (LLM’s) which are built off of assessing the characteristics of human writing in order to determine what differentiates it from AI writing. This is an incredibly advanced system, but StealthGPT’s humanized AI text is still able to bypass its AI algorithm.

After the fast-checking speed of “Content at Scale AI Detector” in seconds, the result is very easy to predict due to the amazing features that StealthGPT currently offers our users. When ”Content at Scale” scanned the text humanized, it couldn't detect whether the text was generated with an AI tool or not. It only observed that the text “Passes as Human”.

Here’s the list of AI detectors that StealthGPT is in the process of testing:

  • Writer


  • Sapling

  • Copyleaks

  • Writehuman

  • Quillbot

  • Merlin

  • ZeroGPT

  • SurferSEO

  • DetectGPT


  • Hix


StealthGPT is proven to be capable of bypassing the AI content detection of every major company that claims to be able to differentiate human and AI written content. While AI detectors are extremely complex pieces of technology, they are still possible to circumvent. When we factor in perplexity and burstiness, our model can provide an unmatched quality of writing which is both high in readability and still is able to humanize AI text to the extent that it can perform its intended purpose of bypassing AI detection.

Knowing how AI Detectors work and figuring out which anti-AI tools can bypass any AI Detector is important to understand. Each AI Detector uses a different method of AI content detection, making it much harder for users to find an Undetectable AI tool that can easily bypass them. StealthGPT receives 95% human written score on GPTZero, 99% human score on Originality, and 0% AI writing score on Turnitin. This makes StealthGPT, the undetectable AI tool that is capable of bypassing any AI detectors. If you’re looking for a tool that can bypass any AI detectors then StealthGPT is just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Uses AI Detectors?

AI detectors can be used by anyone who needs to either ensure their AI writing is undetectable or to ensure the validity of written work. AI Detection tools are useful for everyone from students to teachers and even businesses.

What are the Types of AI Detectors?

AI detectors vary heavily in quality and scope. Some only look for AI writing while others will factor in potential plagiarism. Out of all the AI content detection services TurnItIn is the most highly regarded because it is used by most universities and schools.

Are AI Detectors Accurate?

Calling an AI Detector "accurate" is not quite correct. They can only approximate likelihood and cannot definitively state whether AI writing is present. For example, if it's claimed that a text has 50% AI involvement, this is simply only 50% certain that any AI writing is involved.

Do Paraphraser Tools Work Similar to AI Bypasser Tools?

While AI paraphraser writing tools can be useful to improve the quality of writing, they generally lack the comprehensive generative abilities of an AI bypasser like StealthGPT. AI paraphrasers sometimes do not account for sentence length and word-use frequency which are crucial factors for avoiding detection.

Are Paraphraser Tools Capable of Bypassing AI Detectors?

Most paraphraser tools use AI writing to generate content. However, they are not capable of bypassing AI detectors. Contrary to popular belief, switching synonyms, grammar, and spelling of an AI text will still be able to be detected by an AI detector. Diverting words from their original meaning will not be able to change the AI written content to humanized text.

Are Undetectable AI Content Plagiarism-Free?

We can't say for certain that every anti-AI writing tool can make every content plagiarism-free but StealthGPT can. This is because of the nature of how StealthGPT's undetectable AI engine works which can create entirely new texts that are never similar to the original.

Is StealthGPT Free?

StealthGPT is a subscription only service. Currently no free trials are offered either. However, this is because we constantly publish research showing the efficacy of our tool in bypassing AI detection systems so our customers can have confidence before they buy.

Pricing Plans

Standard Plans

  • Essential: $17.99/month or $99.99/year

  • Pro: $24.99/month or $199.99/year

  • Exclusive: $34.99/month or $299.99/year

Business Plans

  • Business Beginners: $39.99/month

  • Business Pro: $49.99/month

  • Business Enterprise: $99.99/month

No matter what plans you choose, you can still leverage all of StealthGPT's powerful features, from generating high-quality content for essays to humanizing your work, bypassing AI detection as well as detecting AI-generated content. You are getting more value than just a normal undetectable AI website offers to the users. StealthGPT is proud to provide the best services and best prices in the industry without compromising the values brought to our customers. If you want to bypass AI content detectors then StealthGPT is for you. Get StealthGPT today and start bypassing the best AI detectors!

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