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Bypassing AI Detectors – StealthGPT

Have you ever felt the need to use AI for writing but are worried it might get flagged? After all, soon after the AI craze took over, many AI detector tools also surfaced in an attempt to keep up with checking content over and over to ensure its origin. That is where StealthGPT comes in place to protect our users from concerns and consequences related to services like detecting AI writing and getting you in trouble.

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  • TLDR
  • What Is an AI Detector?
  • What Is StealthGPT?
  • What Is StealthGPT For?
  • How We Tested StealthGPT
  • Which AI Detectors Are We Testing It Against?
  • Test Results
  • What Do These Results Tell Us?
  • Should You Buy StealthGPT
  • Conclusion


StealthGPT works perfectly when it comes to invisible rephrasing, undetectable text generation, and humanization. From our test, we found out that StealthGPT can totally bypass the top three famous AI detectors, which are, GPTZero, and This makes it the perfect solution for anybody who wants to remain undetectable by AI detectors.
  • StealthGPT scored 97% as human content by sneaking through
  • StealthGPT scored 95% in human content when compared to GPTZero.
  • Finally, missed the AI-generated content from StealthGPT and marked it as likely human-written.

What Is an AI Detector?

Basically, an AI detector is a tool used to confirm whether the content could be made by humans or was created by using an AI writing assistant like ChatGPT. It works by examining patterns, inconsistency, and characteristics of the most common AI-generated material, which tends to be quite unique. These detecting tools help to make clear distinctions between content that is created by AI or humans for ensuring authenticity and transparency in works carried out. For instance, it could be highly employed in keeping integrity intact in various fields such as journalism, academics, or art.

What Is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT is an Undetectable AI software that allows users to rephrase the content, generate non-detectable text, and humanize any AI content in under 30 seconds. People can feel free to use the tool to humanize AI content and write essays, blog posts, marketing copies, proposals, etc, without worrying too much about getting flagged.

What Is StealthGPT For?

StealthGPT can be used for various purposes. It offers different features such as a Stealth Bypass tool, Stealth Generate tool, Stealth Essay tool, AI Checker, and Chat with Stealth. It is an all-in-one platform that offers many different solutions depending on the user's needs. The software can be used by anyone out there who wants to look for the best way to remain undetectable against AI detectors, avoid getting penalized as well as ensure the high-quality of the content.

How We Tested StealthGPT

Even though StealthGPT sounds impressive on paper, however, does StealthGPT actually really work? I do believe that there is nothing more valuable than running a real-life experiment for authentic results. So, it is time to put StealthGPT to the test to see if it can make AI-written text undetectable.Here are the steps involved in the test sections.
  • Creating content by sending a prompt to Stealth Essay Generator
  • Humanize the essay by using the Bypass tool
  • Input Stealth generated content into AI detectors
Our goal is to check whether stealth output can be predicted as AI-generated or not. If an AI detector failed to correctly identify the original content, then we would conclude that StealthGPT could beat it, no matter how strong the detector claims on its website.

Which AI Detectors Are We Testing It Against?

To determine the true efficiency of StealthGPT in making AI content undetectable, we will conduct a test with three famous AI detectors in the market, which are:
  • GPTZero

Test Results

To start off, I visited the StealthGPT website and asked for a prompt to produce an essay of 300 words explaining the reasons why UK decided to leave the European Union. Here's a screenshot of the essay.

Step #1: Creating Content with Stealth Essay Tool

Step #2: Humanizing the Essay with Stealth Bypass Tool

After that, I copy and paste the AI-written essay into the Bypass tool on StealthGPT and, change the undetectability mode to “medium,” switch the tone to “academic writing” since it is the most ideal option for maintaining high-quality content as also for submitting the assignment in colleges.

Step #3: Testing Against AI Detectors

In this step, we simply copy the newly generated content by Stealth and paste the text into, GPTZero, and, respectively.

StealthGPT Against

The screenshot below tells us that after fast scanning the essay that StealthGPT humanized, Originality concluded that there was a score up to 97% that the essay was totally original and written by a human.

StealthGPT Against GPTZero

Next, I will continue to ask GPTZero to run a scan to check whether or not the text generated by StealthGPT is caught as AI-written. Based on the screenshot below, GPT Zero returned a 95% human content score for the text. This implies that StealthGPT can bypass GPTZero completely.

StealthGPT Against

In our last test, I still ran the same content through, and the output returned in less than 30 seconds showed that the Stealth text was likely to have been written by a human. That was a huge win!

What Do These Results Tell Us?

Clearly, actions speak louder than words. StealthGPT effectively bypasses three AI detection tools that were conducted in our test and proves itself as an excellent, undetectable AI website that can outperform even the most advanced AI checker tool, especially here is, one of the hardest AI detectors to bypass in the field of artificial intelligence detection, and beating Originality is a must for any service that claims themself as an undetectable website. So, looking no further, StealthGPT is absolutely an ideal tool for anyone seeking to find a way to bypass AI without worrying about being caught.

Should You Buy StealthGPT

If you are in search of a truly undetectable AI writing tool, I believe that StealthGPT can proudly stand out as your first choice regarding the benefits offered to its subscribers. It’s totally clear from the experiment any text paraphrased with StealthGPT has no choice but to bypass AI detection. Since the platform has deeply understood the mechanism as well as the algorithm of AI Detectors and how it works.
Here is a screenshot of StealthGPT pricing plans. Currently, our website offers 3 different tiers of pricing and does not offer a free trial or a free plan. The essential plan is $17.99 a month and you can generate 100,000 words for that price. The Pro plan is $24.99, and you get 500,000 words a month, which is also our best seller option among users. The Exclusive plan costs $34.99, and you gonna get 1,000,000 words.Moreover, you can also upgrade to the Samurai engine which costs an extra $4.99 per month. As you gonna get what you pay for, so with our pricing offered to our subscribers, StealthGPT is proud to provide the best services and best prices in the industry without compromising the values brought to our customers.


In summary, StealthGPT is a powerful and undetectable AI tool that always shows good performance when tested against various AI detectors. It is a must-have tool for every individual who seeks a non-detectable writing assistant but at an affordable price. Don't risk yourself as being detected—choose StealthGPT and improve your writing today!

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