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Beat GPTZero, Bypass GPTZero

If you use ChatGPT or any GPT-powered website to generate text, GPT Zero isn't your buddy. The software specifically targets content produced by such websites, and more often than not, GPT Zero can correctly identify AI-generated content. Fortunately for you, this article will expose how to beat GPT Zero using undetectable AI websites such as StealthGPT. Continue reading to see how to use AI to beat AI.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • TDLR
  • What Is GPT Zero?
  • What Is GPT Zero Used for?
  • How We Tested GPT Zero
  • Which Undetectable AI Websites Are We Testing GPT Zero Against?
  • Test Results
  • What Do These Results Tell Us?
  • Should You Buy GPT Zero?
  • Conclusion
  • StealthGPT Pricing


GPT Zero is an AI detection site that scans text to predict how likely it is that the text is AI-written. To beat GPT Zero without breaking a sweat, paraphrase AI content using undetectable AI websites such as StealthGPT.

What Is GPT Zero?

GPT Zero is an AI content detector. It detects the employment of AI tools in content writing by guessing the odds or probability of text being AI-generated. The probability is expressed as a percentage. The lower the probability of content being AI-generated, the higher the probability that it's human-written.For instance, if GPT Zero says that there's a 5% probability that a text is AI-generated, it means that there's a 95% probability that the text is human-written. That said, GPT Zero makes mistakes sometimes. Therefore, its results shouldn't be taken as conclusive proof of whether a text is human-written or AI-written.GPT Zero is used by various groups of people, such as:
  • Teachers
  • Freelancers who subcontract writing gigs to other freelancers
  • Clients at the top of the content demand chain
  • Professional content writers who want to reassure their clients that they don't use AI for content generation, etc.

What Is GPT Zero Used for?

As implied above, GPT Zero is used for AI content detection. To detect AI content, GPT Zero measures the perplexity and burstiness of the content. Perplexity refers to how easy it is for GPT Zero to guess each word used in a passage. High perplexity suggests that GPT Zero has a difficult time guessing the words used in the text. This leads it to believe that there's a high probability that the text has been written by a human.Meanwhile, burstiness is a measure of the degree of variety in the structure and length of the various phrases and clauses that make up text. Low burstiness is indicative of AI generation.

How We Tested GPT Zero

The word on the street is that GPT Zero has become exceedingly difficult to bypass. To find out which undetectable AI websites could beat GPT Zero, we would paraphrase AI content using top-of-the-line undetectable AI websites and scan the content using GPT Zero.If GPT Zero was unable to detect that the content had been generated with AI, then we would conclude that it was possible to bypass GPT Zero by using that site to humanize AI-generated content.

Which Undetectable AI Websites Are We Testing GPT Zero Against?

We're testing GPT Zero against StealthGPT, HIX Bypass, Stealth Writer, BypassGPT, and Bypass AI. For those who're new to these sites, we've arranged a brief overview of the sites below.


StealthGPT has garnered much attention since its launch because of how easily it bypasses AI detection software, including GPT Zero. Unlike other undetectable AI websites, StealthGPT doesn't make outrageous claims about the quality of its work. However, those who've tried StealthGPT have confirmed that StealthGPT makes AI-generated content undetectable yet coherent.

HIX Bypass

On its website, HIX Bypass lists AI detectors that it can beat. The first of them is GPT Zero. HIX Bypass is reported to have a 99% success rate, which means that 99% of the time, AI content detectors will identify text paraphrased by HIX Bypass as human-written text. This success rate results from the extensive training of HIX Bypass on voluminous datasets of human writing, which has helped it master the linguistic patterns that characterize human writing.

Stealth Writer

Stealth Writer is among the few undetectable AI websites that should be able to beat AI detectors like GPT Zero. While Stealth Writer boasts that the humanized content that it produces is “flawless,” our tests of Stealth Writer have led us to believe otherwise because Stealth Writer often sacrifices readability and grammatical accuracy for undetectability.


According to BypassGPT, it employs an “intricate algorithm” to make AI-generated content appear to be human writing. Although it doesn't disclose what these algorithms are, they're said to be effective enough to bypass AI detectors.

Bypass AI

Bypass AI makes some bold promises concerning the quality of its humanized text. For example, Bypass AI guarantees that the humanized text value will be so valuable that it won't sound spammy to Google, thus avoiding any penalties that Google imposes on AI-generated content. Although we have some reservations about such claims, we aren't here to disprove them but rather to check whether Bypass AI can beat GPT Zero.

Test Results

Before we reveal the results, we'll show you how we tested GPT Zero.

Step 1: Generating an Essay Using ChatGPT

Since GPT Zero is most commonly used in the educational sector, we figured that the best way to test it would be by asking it to scan AI-generated essays before and after they were humanized. With this in mind, we wrote an essay on the effects of stress using ChatGPT. Here's a screenshot of the essay.
For maximum transparency, we pasted the essay into GPT Zero to see if the software would identify the essay as AI-written. Of course, GPT Zero didn't disappoint. After analyzing the essay, GPT Zero was convinced that the it was AI-generated. See the screenshot of the scan result.

Step 2: Humanizing the AI-generated Essay

In humanizing the essay, or making it sound as if it was written by a human being, we fed it to undetectable AI websites. They then created a humanized version of the essay that was supposed to bypass GPT Zero. In other words, when GPT Zero scanned the humanized essay, it was supposed to think that a human wrote the essay.Each undetectable AI website that we used for this test offered two or more modes of humanizing AI content. When humanizing the essay using these sites, we chose the lowest modes so we could be sure that these sites could truly bypass GPT Zero.

Humanizing the AI-generated Essay Using StealthGPT

StealthGPT had three undetectability mode, namely: low, medium, and high. The default undetectability mode was “low,” so we didn't change it. We also chose the “standard” tone.
Then, we clicked the “Generate” button. StealthGPT rewrote the essay to match our preferences. Here's a screenshot of the humanized essay.

Humanizing the AI-generated Essay Using HIX Bypass

HIX Bypass had four modes which determined how undetectable the humanized text would be. For the purposes of this article, we selected the “fast” mode, which would hasten the speed at which HIX Bypass humanized the content. Then, we clicked “Generate.”HIX Bypass rewrote the first 125 words of the essay. It even gave us a free forecast regarding which AI detectors the humanized essay could bypass. GPT Zero was among them. Here's a screenshot of the humanized text:

Humanizing the AI-generated Essay Using Stealth Writer

There were ten operating levels in Stealth Writer, ranging from 1 to 10. When Stealth Writer ran on level 1, the humanized content would be fairly undetectable and understandable. At level 10, Stealth Writer would completely bypass AI detection but the content would almost sound like gibberish. For this test, we fixed the operating level at 1 before humanizing the essay. Check out the paraphrased essay below.

Humanizing the AI-generated Essay Using BypassGPT

On BypassGPT, there were three modes: fast, creative, and enhanced. The “fast” mode helped to quickly humanize text. The “creative” mode was more suitable for making the humanized text more interesting, while the “enhanced” mode was meant for bypassing strict AI detectors like 3.0 and TurnItIn. We were neither trying to bypass exceptionally strict AI detectors nor attempting to make our AI-generated essay sound interesting. So, we chose the “fast” mode and click “Humanize.”

Humanizing the AI-generated Essay Using Bypass AI

On the cheapest premium plan available on Bypass AI, you have access to the “simple” mode of content humanization. Humanizing content in this mode should help it to retain its cohesiveness. The humanized text remains undistorted and meaningful. Satisfied with the capabilities of the “simple” mode, we chose it. We also changed the “purpose” of the input to “academic writing.” Then, we clicked “Humanize.”Since we were on the free plan of Bypass AI, we were able to humanize only the first 100 words of the essay. Here's a screenshot of the humanized version of the first 100 words.

Step 3: Testing Undetectable AI Websites Against GPT Zero

In this step, we copy the humanized content generated by each undetectable AI website, paste the text into GPT Zero, and ask GPT Zero to scan the text. Below, you'll find screenshots of the scan results.


The screenshot above tells us that after scanning the essay that StealthGPT humanized, GPT Zero concluded that there was a 98% probability that the essay was written by a human. This result is particularly significant because when humanizing the essay, we used the default settings of StealthGPT, that is, the “low” undetectability mode and the “standard” tone. But despite the fact that we set the undetectability mode to “low,” StealthGPT was still able to deliver exceptional results.

HIX Bypass

In the screenshot above, GPT Zero detected that 100% of the essay that'd been humanized with HIX Bypass was AI-generated. Shocked? So were we.

Stealth Writer

Stealth Writer's scan result is a bit more promising. As shown in the screenshot above, GPT Zero predicted that there was a 56% probability that the content paraphrased by Stealth Writer was completely human-written. While this probability is favorable, it's almost too low and some clients and teachers may not be satisfied with it.


The screenshot above shows that GPT Zero identified 100% of the text that BypassGPT rewrote as AI-generated. This tells us that the “fast” mode of BypassGPT isn't useful for bypassing GPT Zero.

Bypass AI

Based on the screenshot above, it's clear that the portion of the AI-generated essay that was humanized with Bypass AI got an AI score of 100% on GPT Zero. In other words, GPT Zero guessed that 100% of the text was written by an AI tool.

What Do These Results Tell Us?

The test results lead us to conclude that paraphrasing content using StealthGPT is the best way to beat GPT Zero. This is because, even when working in its lowest undetectability mode, StealthGPT can bypass GPT Zero.However, other undetectable AI websites, like HIX Bypass, Stealth Writer, BypassGPT, and Bypass AI, need to be raised to their highest settings or undetectability modes before they can generate content that bypasses GPT Zero. This reality is particularly disadvantageous to users of Bypass AI. On the basic plan of Bypass AI, you can only access the simple mode of Bypass AI, but content humanized in this mode can't even bypass GPT Zero.

Should You Buy GPT Zero?

Some of these undetectable AI websites have built-in AI checkers that provide insights into how undetectable the humanized content will be. But for a more reliable prediction of the origin of text, it's better to use an independent software like GPT Zero. Below is a screenshot of GPT Zero's pricing plans.
If you're still undecided about whether to buy GPT Zero or not, use it for free for a while. On the free plan, you can scan up to 10,000 words. By the time you reach the word limit, you'll have a much better idea of whether or not GPT Zero deserves your money.


Bypassing GPT Zero is easy when you have access to StealthGPT's premium features. With a paid StealthGPT account, you can directly generate and humanize content. Such text can't be detected by GPT Zero or any AI detector, regardless of how strict the detector i

StealthGPT Pricing

You may have observed that StealthGPT doesn't cost much. On the most basic StealthGPT plan, you can humanize up to 2000 words at a time. This limit is much higher than what's offered by other undetectable AI websites. For instance, subscribing to the basic pricing plans of Bypass AI or HIX Bypass allows you to humanize just 500 words at a time.Thanks to StealthGPT’s high input limit, you can quickly humanize AI content, and, by extension, bypass GPT Zero faster. Join StealthGPT for free and get your subscription today. Thanks for reading.

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