How to Write Undetectable AI SEO-Optimized Blogs that will Rank!

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How to Write Undetectable AI SEO-Optimized Blogs that will Rank!

You might have noticed a new icon on the feature bar of your Stealth App page, that’s our newest and possibly most groundbreaking tool yet: SEO Writer. Today we’re giving you all the information on what it is, how it works, and why we made it. So get ready, because once you’ve used SEO Writer your business will never be the same again.

Table of Contents

  • What is SEO Writer?
  • Why You Need SEO Writer
  • Search Engine Optimization with AI
  • Blog Writing with AI
  • End Writer’s Block
  • Maximize Value
  • Tutorial
  • Basic or Advanced?
  • Enter Your Prompt
  • Selecting Keywords
  • Editing Content
  • Refined Product
  • Is it Undetectable?
  • Overview
  • How to Get Access

What is SEO Writer?

As you might already know, SEO Writer is StealthGPT’s newest feature designed specifically to address the needs and issues facing businesses that want to thrive in the online marketplace in our new AI-driven era of content marketing. The amount of blogs alone needed to drive traffic to a site and be favored by Google’s algorithm is an increasingly tall task for anyone who doesn’t have a massive team of professional writers who are also proficient in SEO.That’s exactly what SEO Writer does for you. It takes information from keyword databases and StealthGPT’s powerful undetectable writing engine to produce blogs that are high in readability, keyword density, and text which is completely undetectable to all major AI detection services which are utilized by search engines and websites to crack down on AI generated content.

Why You Need SEO Writer

Why do you need SEO Writer? A better question is how any business expects to thrive without a tool like this. Anyone who produces AI generated content for their site or publishes on another platform knows the challenges of ranking and monetization since the introduction of anti- ChatGPT policies. If you already use StealthGPT’s other undetectable AI tools to bypass detection it’s already clear. The consequences of using AI writing anywhere, not just school and work, can be severe if you aren’t using an undetectable AI service.When it comes to undetectable AI no one has StealthGPT beat. We’ve devised the best system available to beat the detectors every time. Where other alleged “undetectable” AIs fail, StealthGPT continues to thrive. Many of you already know and trust our undetectable system, and for those who don’t, there’s ample evidence that we succeed consistently. Let’s get into the specifics of the necessity of SEO Writer.

Search Engine Optimization with AI

Google’s new March 2024 core update cracks down on users promoting low quality AI generated content to boost search rankings. Content qualified as spammy or less helpful are removed and deranked from the search engine. Our SEO writer makes sure all your texts remain human while targeting specific keywords to rank on Google. Keywords not only help your blog stay on topic, but also help you find specific terms which will both make your posts easier for your customers to find and also help Google see that you’re a reputable company posting helpful information.Because of trust factors, being relegated to a low status site by Google’s algorithm can be fatal for any business. And while people might forget about your site, Google never will. Taking the risk of publishing normal detectable AI writing and hoping to get ranked on any major search engine isn’t worth it. When you use SEO Writer you can assure yourself that being deranked for AI writing won’t be a concern.

Blog Writing with AI

Blog writing is the lifeblood of any business that wants to drive digital traffic. Building pages which can give you access to more search terms and introduce new customers to your product. And maybe blogging is your business. Professional independent writers need sites like Substack and Medium to be able to establish themselves. Unfortunately for them, there’s a massive purge happening right now. For example, if you use Medium you simply won’t be able to make any money if you use detectable AI writing.Recently Medium introduced one of the most draconian anti-AI policies to date, cutting off any future payments to writers who use AI to produce their posts. Professional writers need to produce at a high rate in order to stay relevant in an increasingly complex and competitive media landscape, and AI has done wonders for them.

End Writer’s Block

Blog writing with SEO Writer makes undetectability a guarantee and can also help them stay up to date with their schedule, writer's block has just officially become a thing of the past. We’ll do the research, outline, and writing so you don’t have to. Saving you time, money, and resources. SEO Writer can conduct expert keyword research, generate outlines, and produce highly ranked SEO blogs within minutes. Our undetectable AI engine seamlessly integrates within the blog to ensure all of your content is human written.

Maximize Value

Let’s face it, producing content and having the requisite knowledge of SEO needed to effectively grow your business is extremely expensive and time consuming. It could require you to bring on multiple full-time employees in addition to contracting a high-end SEO expert who drowns you in information you don’t want to, or need to understand. Why not outsource that work to AI? For a fraction of the cost of these things and also an SEO database, you could have access to the latest and best piece of AI technology which leverages the information available about how to rank online as well as keyword optimization to produce a high level of content in mere seconds.Growing your online presence shouldn’t have to be so challenging or cost-ineffective. Of course you could try it, but if you want to get to your full potential SEO Writer is the #1 tool at your disposal to put you on the path to success. Next, we’ll show you how to use it.


Basic or Advanced?

When you first access SEO Writer, you’ll be asked to pick your level of customization. The two available options are Basic and Advanced. If you’re looking for the quickest option, Basic is the way to go. Just enter your prompt and keywords and we’ll take care of everything else. Now, if you’re looking for a bit more customization, you want Advanced. This will let you continuously edit your product until it’s perfect for you. Great for all the professional writers out there.Here you also pick your desired length between Small, Medium, and Long in addition to whether you want to generate beautiful and relevant AI imagery to go along with it.

Step #1: Enter Your Prompt

Tell SEO Writer in as much detail as you want what exactly your blog is going to be about. What information you want covered. And how to make it all fit together into a coherent narrative.

Step #2: Selecting Keywords

In this step you can select up to 5 of SEO Writer’s generated keywords, they’re selected by the system based on relevance to the topic in addition to keyword difficulty (KD), cost per click, and Search Volume. This process typically requires research and access to an expensive SEO database, but we’ve greatly simplified it for your value and convenience.And if you don’t like some of the keyword options presented, you can always add your own and SEO Writer will generate their value by the same metrics as its own.

Step #3: Editing Content (Advanced Setting)

SEO Writer provides all the text generated based on the prompt and keywords. Now it’s up to you whether you want to edit or add more text or change category titles. This is the part where you get to be creative and add a unique personal touch to the writing process.

Step #4: Refined Product

Now you have your completed blog post which provides two different download options of Markdown and HTML or you can simply copy and paste the output. If you opted to have images generated as well you’ll be shocked by how high quality they are. Instead of approximating with DALL-E, you can use our superior built in AI image generator which saves you even further time and money.

Is It Undetectable?

Now for perhaps the most important question asked here, will your writing hold up against the AI detectors when it’s put to the test? Well we’re excited to inform you that it definitely will. Below we’ll provide an example of text written with SEO Writer being checked against Originality AI and coming back as human-written. This is in our estimation the key feature that gives SEO Writer its unique edge in the field of AI content creation. Never worry about being deboosted by a search engine or banned from a publishing site again.


We just went over a lot of information, so let’s summarize it. SEO Writer is safe for use for all businesses and professionals who value high quality writing but need to produce on a tight schedule. Posting AI generated content without it being undetectable can be potentially very harmful to your brand and can seriously hurt your chances of ranking highly in search results. Save time and money when you ditch expensive “experts” and services who think they know more about your product than you. We’re giving you the power to grow your business with all the power of AI synthesized with the knowledge of SEO. And as you saw in our tutorial, SEO Writer is easy to use whether you’re a professional or you’ve never thought about SEO before in your life. Get SEO Writer now so you can sit back, relax and watch your digital traffic grow at rates you could previously only dream about.

How to Get Access

Right now our amazing SEO Writer is only available to our Business Plan users. This is because we view it as so important and groundbreaking for people who operate businesses and understand the value that undetectable AI writing can bring to their product.Our ‘Business Beginners’ plan starts at $39.99 per month with access to all the features included in the SEO Writer, with plans ranging up to $99.99 per month for business leaders who want to produce a high level of content on a tight schedule.

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