How to Use StealthGPT's SEO Writer for Pillar/Cluster Strategy

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How to Use StealthGPT's SEO Writer for Pillar/Cluster Strategy

Here's a guide on how to use StealthGPT's SEO writer for your SEO pillar/cluster strategy.

Table of Contents

  • What is StealthGPT?

  • What is an SEO Pillar/Cluster Strategy?

  • Why use StealthGPT's SEO Writer?

  • Optimizing StealthGPT's SEO Writer for Your Pillar Content Template

  • How to Optimize SEO Writer for Your Cluster Content

  • How to use SEO Writer for Content Strategy

  • Conclusion

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Pricing

What is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT is an all-in-one platform that allows users to generate undetectable AI text, detect AI-generated writing, chat with stealth, and generate undetectable AI SEO-optimized blogs.

StealthGPT has many tools that fit every person's needs from writing essays, to bypassing AI detectors, and content marketing strategies. Students, blog writers, and business owners will love using StealthGPT.

What is an SEO pillar/cluster strategy?

SEO pillar/cluster strategy is one of many ways SEO experts optimize their websites to rank on search engines. The most popular search engine is Google. When a user asks a question, the most relevant answer will be placed on the first page of Google. However, with everyone competing to rank on Google, there needs to be a way to ensure that only the best answer can be seen.

SEO experts optimize their websites to ensure Google that their websites are relevant, trustworthy, and provide helpful content to the users. With Google's recent crackdown on AI-generated spam content, it's more important now than ever to make content that will rank on Google search.

What can StealthGPT's SEO writer do? It can solve both optimizing for SEO content and creating undetectable AI blogs that look like they are human-written.

Why Use StealthGPT's SEO Writer?

StealthGPT's SEO writer solves two things:

  • Blog/article writing

  • Optimizing SEO content

Most marketers, freelancers, blog writers, and business owners cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on SEO marketing and keyword research every year. The SEO writer is an affordable AI tool that solves those two problems. SEO keyword research is also hard for many people who are doing it for the first time. SEO jargon such as long-tail keywords, personas, and click-through action (cta) can be confusing for beginners. We'll do the SEO keyword research for you based on your blog idea and let you choose up to 5 SEO keywords that include monthly searches and keyword difficulty.

Writing blogs/articles is another problem that can cost you time, money, and resources. The most common approach is to use ChatGPT to generate "SEO-optimized blogs;" However, this approach while quick and inefficient leaves robotic and unreadable responses.

Optimizing StealthGPT's SEO Writer for Your Pillar Content Template

Here's what StealthGPT's SEO writer looks like:

The basic mode is great for beginners who just want to generate a blog that's already SEO-optimized for you. However, if you want full control over how you want your blog to look then you will need to use the advanced mode.

For us to better optimize our blogs for the SEO pillar/cluster strategy, we will need to use the advanced mode for this. You will have an option to make your blog short, medium, or long but we will use the long length for our blog. You can also include images to your blog to better optimize your content and it also helps with engagements.

Our pillar page will be about a guide about plushies. Here's what the blog idea looks like. The more you explain the blog idea, the better the blog outline will be. Once you are done, just hit generate keywords.

Here's what it looks like to choose your SEO keywords for our SEO writer. The higher the keyword difficulty, the harder it is to rank. It also has a search volume for you to see how much that keyword is being searched for. You can add a specific keyword manually as well.

This is the last step before it generates a blog for you. As you can see, it gives you the title, introduction, heading, and content. You are free to edit the outline as well. The more instructions you give, the better the SEO writer will create your blog for you.

Here's a snippet of what what StealthGPT's SEO writer blog looks like. The steps took less than five minutes.

Here's what the blog looks like against Turnitin. As you can see, StealthGPT's SEO writer is completely undetectable against Turnitin. It is also more coherent, readable, and engaging for the readers.

How to Optimize SEO Writer for Your Cluster Content

Once you have your pillar content created by StealthGPT's SEO writer, you can do the same steps to create your cluster topics. Your cluster content is the subtopics from your pillar page and they go more in detail. You can use the SEO writer to create more blogs for the cluster content or you can do another pillar page. It's that simple.

How to Use SEO Writer for SEO Content Strategy

The SEO writer offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to your content strategy. You can adjust the headings as well as the type of content you want to cover in the outline section before it generates the blog. You can also give more background information in the blog idea section to give a sense of direction you'd like the blog to go to to enhance your content strategy. You can also mention call-to-action phrases to help your content stand out more. Visualization is key to enhancing the SEO writer to its fullest.


The future is already here, If you are a blog/article writer, freelancer, first-time business owner, or SEO marketing agency, then StealthGPT's SEO writer is for you. Our SEO writer tool can help you generate undetectable AI SEO-optimized blogs within minutes. It improves your user experience by saving you time, money, and resources in blog writing and SEO marketing research. You can also use the SEO writer for your pillar/cluster strategy for optimizing content for SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is StealthGPT Free?

No, StealthGPT is not free and you will need to buy a subscription to use the services.

Is the SEO Writer Available in every plan?

Yes, the SEO writer is available in every plan for subscribers but you are limited by the number of blogs you can produce each month depending on your plan.

Do You Need to be an Expert to Use StealthGPT's SEO Writer?

Quite the opposite, you can be a beginner and an expert in using StealthGPT's SEO writer. We made it easy for you to create blogs so you can focus on your business more. We tailored the user experience to be easy and simple to use so you can improve your search engine results faster.

Does SEO Writer Have a Backlinks Feature?

No, the SEO writer currently does not offer internal links or external backlinks for users. It can only generate undetectable AI SEO-optimized blogs for you. The SEO writer does not provide any interlinking features as of yet.

Is the SEO Writer Similar to Hubspot Marketing?

No, Hubspot Marketing is an email marketing platform while StealthGPT's SEO Writer is for SEO blog writing.

Does the SEO Writer Create Relevant Content?

Absolutely, the SEO writer creates the most up-to-date relevant information on the web to ensure that your content is relevant and accurate so you don't have to worry. Once you have your blog idea, our SEO writer will find relevant information to make sure you are optimized for that search query. It will provide an entire topic of questions and answers to help your blog idea. Providing personas to your blog idea would also help elevate your SEO writer even more. Adding topic cluster content will greatly improve your SEO writer. Once you are done, just generate that blog and publish it live on your website to see the results.

Is StealthGPT's SEO Writer Great for Creating Pillar Pages or Content Pillars?

Absolutely, our SEO writer combined with the pillar/cluster strategy would greatly enhance the quality of your blogs or articles to ensure it's relevant, provide helpful content, and increase your website's credibility. This will also help with your inbound marketing. The SEO writer allows you to customize each section for different pieces of content that you want to target or go more in-depth.

Does StealthGPT's SEO Writer Offer Content Audit?

No, StealthGPT's SEO Writer does not offer a content audit for its tool. It's meant to only create undetectable AI SEO-optimized blogs for you.

Is SEO Writer Great for Social Media Strategy?

The SEO writer is great for your social media strategy. Whether it's for enhancing your brand image, writing blogs to gain more searchers to your website, or improving your existing content for your landing pages. An example would be using the SEO writer to post blogs/articles on Linkedin or Medium for a particular topic based on your profession to increase your credibility.

Does the SEO Writer Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?

StealthGPT's SEO writer mixed with the topic cluster strategy will greatly enhance the quality of your content to improve your search engine rankings. Search engine algorithms prioritize relevant, helpful content, and well-optimized webpage. By constantly creating new content with the SEO writer, you can reach your target audience and their search intent.


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