Can You Get StealthGPT for Free?

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Can You Get StealthGPT for Free?

Have you ever felt the need to use AI for writing but are worried it might get flagged? After all, soon after the AI craze took over, many AI detector tools also surfaced in an attempt to keep up with checking content over and over to ensure its origin. That is where StealthGPT comes in place to protect the users from concerns and consequences related to services like detecting AI writing and getting you in trouble.

However, several questions still remain: Does StealthGPT beat some of the market-leading AI content detection tools? What features does StealthGPT offer? Does such an innovative tool come at a steep cost? Or can you reap the benefits of StealthGPT without reaching for your wallet?

Let’s find out the answer in this blog post.

Table of Contents

  • What Is StealthGPT AI?

  • What Is StealthGPT AI Used For?

  • Can StealthGPT Be Detected?

  • What Do The Reviews Say?

  • Is StealthGPT Available For Public Use Without Charge?

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Summing Up: Is StealthGPT Worth It?

What Is StealthGPT AI?

StealthGPT is an anti-AI detection tool that helps to humanize any AI-generated content in less than 30 seconds.

StealthGPT stands out as the top Undetectable AI writer tool in the market that allows users to rephrase content, generate non-detectable text, and humanize AI-generated text without compromising the quality of the content. People can feel free to utilize to assist with essays, blog posts, articles, marketing copies, proposals, and emails without worrying too much about being caught when using ChatGPT (an AI writing tool developed by the OpenAI company) to produce content.

What Is StealthGPT AI Used For?

StealthGPT can be used for various purposes, from transforming AI-written content to human writing, generating ideas, detecting AI content generation as well as bypassing AI content detection. All are rolled into one. Let’s break down the key features below to see more detail about what StealthGPT offers to its subscribers.

Stealth Bypass

The most powerful feature of Stealth lies in this. Users can feel confident when leveraging this and bypass many artificial intelligence detectors out there, such as Originality AI, GPTZero, Scribbr, etc., as these detectors have failed against the content generated by StealthGPT.

Moreover, not only does the tool itself bypass the AI detectors, but it also produces content and adapts its writing styles in such a way that it is uniquely different each time a response is generated by setting the undetectability mode and tone feature (from academic to conversational tones), which helps to prevent any plagiarism issues.

Stealth Content Generator

The generating tool will allow you to generate prompts from scratch based on the length you want it to, and it is undetectable as well. All you need is just to send any prompt to the Stealth Generate Tool, and it will process and give you high-quality content that is not only fresh, unique, and creative but also coherent, readable, and grammatically correct.

Stealth Essay Generator

If you are in demand to write something longer, like some types of academic writing such as an essay or article, then this feature was born for you. Through the Essay tool, you can produce the content by simply explaining the topic of your essay, your thesis statement, or even the tone and style you want in your outline as well. When your request is as detailed as possible, it could help the tool easily resonate the most with your guidelines.

After receiving your input, StealthGPT's Essay generator will follow exactly the prompt feeding and output an essay that is optimized, high-quality, valuable, and can't be detected by any AI detection software.

Chat with Stealth

Regarding this feature, just view "Chat with Stealth" as your pen pal chat. This feature will allow you to ask any questions and give prompts similar to the famous AI writing tool - ChatGPT, but much better. It will give you the feedback and advice needed based on your questions and help you form your content.

However, just please take note that the generated text is still AI-written unless you select the humanize option in order to make the AI generated content sound more natural, BUT it is not undetectable against AI detectors. You will need to come back and reuse the "Stealth Bypass" tool for that.

SEO Writer

This is the newest and hottest feature of Stealth, which just launched in May 2024. To explain it simply, StealthGPT's Undetectable SEO Writer is the only AI tool that can craft completely undetectable blog posts or articles that Google and Medium will rank high on SERPS as human writing. The tool itself is not only undetectable but is also incredibly fast and exceptionally easy to use.

AI Checker

StealthGPT’s AI checker is considered as the most straightforward and simple feature to use. The system works with the same formula as other advanced AI detection systems on the market. You can leverage StealthGPT's AI checker tool to scan your text and see whether your content is getting flagged as AI-written or not.

All the users need to do is just simply copy and paste the content inside the AI checker box and click on the “analyze.” button. After a few seconds, StealthGPT will scan through the content and let you know the percentage that is predicted to be AI-generated.

More importantly, this feature is free to use for everyone, and users can put up to a maximum of 200-word counts per check. Currently, our AI checker can detect AI-generated text built on ChatGPT, GPT-3, and GPT-4 models.

Can StealthGPT Be Detected?

StealthGPT relies on advanced language models and algorithms to produce content based on the input prompts and requests. When the text is generated, it is further processed to adjust the style and structure, syntax, and perplexity of the sentence to make it less flagged as AI-generated content.

What makes StealthGPT unique and stands out in the market is that Stealth's engine can produce content that can outsmart and destroy all the advanced AI detection tools in the market; even Turnitin could not pick up any signs of AI-written content.

The tool has grown and become popular since it was first published in 2023 and was used by thousands of students, content writers, copywriters, advertisers, as well as educators across countries. This is because StealthGPT supports more than 7,000+ languages, which makes it easier to target a larger audience worldwide who want to find a reliable tool to outperform AI content detectors.

In other words, StealthGPT will be a game-changer in many fields in the context of where the original and authentic content is required and prioritized.

Here is a list of the AI detectors that StealthGPT has already conducted real-life testing and bypasses the majority of them:

  • Turnitin

  • Originality AI

  • GPTZero

  • Scribbr

  • Winston AI

  • Content at Scale

  • Conch AI

  • Copyleaks

  • StealthWriter

How StealthGPT Bypasses AI Detectors| Undetectable AI Blogs

What Do The Reviews Say?

Finally, let’s take a look at some real customer reviews from TrustPilot and AppSumo to see how well the tool was received by our users.

Customer Review 1: This review offers detailed information on a user's personal experience with StealthGPT, providing an in-depth insight into the platform's functionality and customer service.

Customer Review 2: Here's a review from a user who purchased StealthGPT on AppSumo. They created a test to see how StealthGPT would go up against ZeroGPT showing how we can bypass them.

Customer Review 3: Lastly, here's another review from our customer. Overall, users who use StealthGPT say that it's the best undetectable AI product out there.

Is StealthGPT Available For Public Use Without Charge?

You will need a membership subscription to fully utilize all the features behind the paywall.

If you wish to find a completely free, undetectable AI tool that works well for you outside the market, that would be great. But, I beg the reality is not as beautiful as it captures. You might receive several trials to use the Undetectable AI tool, but you definitely have to pay a few dollars to get where you want to go. Because nothing good in life is free.

Let’s take a look further into StealthGPT’s subscription options.

Although StealthGPT doesn’t provide any free trials, the platform offers different kinds of pricing plans that cater to different needs and budgets for our users. The lowest pricing tier for StealthGPT costs $17.99 per month with a generous 100,000-word allowance. With this package, you can easily turn ChatGPT text into writing that appears human in less than a minute as well as overcome the most advanced AI detection, including Turnitin and Originality AI. It's still cheaper than the two cups of Starbucks you are usually spending on.

Moreover, you can also upgrade to the Samurai engine, which costs an extra $4.99 per month but will enhance the tool's ability to bypass AI detection tools more effectively. We do believe that this is the most bargain price you can look at nowhere due to Stealth's features offerings being integrated into one package. You are receiving more value than just a normal Undetectable AI service out there.

In particular, we will guarantee our subscribers 100% money-back in case you find that your content is ever AI detected with legit proof, and then we will issue you a full refund. So, to sum it up, I beg you have nothing to lose when you pick StealthGPT as your rewriter partner!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Why are People Interested in

People want tools like StealthGPT because they look for some kind of shortcut. Whether it is because the deadline to produce the work has been set too close, a lack of confidence in their work for the subject matter, or perhaps want to save time and effort, get away when using AI-generated content without getting caught, find support in the content creation process that will help them boost their SEO rankings, or just simply interested in the capabilities of AI tools. They can all leverage StealthGPT to improve their writing and make their process smoother in today's digital channels.

Q.2. Who Can Use

StealthGPT is designed for content creators, writers, students, and anyone who wishes to leverage the capabilities of Undetectable AI content in their content creation and upgrade their writing journey to the next level.

Q.3. How to Bypass Turnitin Plagiarism Checker and AI Detection?

You can use StealthGPT to beat Turnitin's plagiarism checker and avoid AI detection at the same time. It can solve these problems with the click of a button.

Q.4. Is StealthGPT Better Than Other AI Writers?

In many ways, absolutely yes, StealthGPT is superior to a lot of the other undetectable AI writers around. It has much better AI technology than a lot of the other options that exist out there, for example, and it can offer more reliable and optimized results than many of its competitors.

Q.5. Is StealthGPT A Paraphrasing Tool or an Undetectable AI Tool?

StealthGPT is an undetectable AI tool that can bypass and humanize your AI written content into human written text against AI detectors. Paraphraser tools such as Grammarly and Quillbot can only change your AI text to sound more human but can still be detected by AI detectors.

Q.6. Can you use StealthGPT for Social Media Content?

Absolutely, StealthGPT can help you create human-written content for social media use. While it's okay to use AI writing content for social media, it tends to sound robotic for many users which is why it's important to keep your texts human and engaging. StealthGPT can also be great for LinkedIn for professional purposes.

Q.7. Can StealthGPT help with SEO optimization?

StealthGPT's SEO writer can make undetectable ai blogs for you while also giving you a list of SEO-optimized keywords to choose from so you can better optimize your content for SERP.

Q.8. Does StealthGPT have Unlimited Uses?

StealthGPT does not have unlimited uses as you have a monthly word count to spend that resets monthly. However, we made sure to give you enough value for each plan so that you don't have to worry about reaching the limit.

Summing Up: Is StealthGPT Worth It?

Overall, StealthGPT is certainly one of the better undetectable AI writers available at the moment. Other tools are still finding their feet and sometimes struggle to bypass AI checkers, but StealthGPT consistently bypasses AI detection.

StealthGPT provides everything the average user could hope for and there’s even a complete money-back guarantee for its subscribers. So, if you are in search of one untraceable AI leading the market in terms of both pricing and efficacy - StealthGPT is the ideal pick for beginners as well as professionals.

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