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Beat Turnitin, Bypass Turnitin

In this article, we'll show you how to beat and bypass Turnitin through StealthGPT. You can trick Turnitin if you use StealthGPT to humanize AI-generated text. This is extremely important to you as a writer. Forget everything else you may have heard about how impossible it is to beat Turnitin.


Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software and AI content detector. Meanwhile, StealthGPT is an undetectable AI website. When StealthGPT paraphrases content, the content passes Turnitin's AI detection and plagiarism detection algorithms. It doesn't matter how or where you got your text from. Just hand it over to StealthGPT and it'll bypass Turnitin.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Turnitin?

  • How Does Turnitin AI Detection Work?

  • What Does It Mean to Trick Turnitin's AI Detector?

  • How to Bypass Turnitin AI Detector

  • Myths About How to Trick Turnitin

  • Should You Use StealthGPT to Bypass AI Detection?

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Conclusion

  • StealthGPT Pricing

What Is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a plagiarism checker and AI detector. Originally, it focused on sniffing out plagiarism in academic writing. As students started using ChatGPT and GPT wrappers to create AI-generated content, Turnitin released an AI checker as well. At the moment, Turnitin only scans submissions written in English.

How Does Turnitin AI Detection Work?

Turnitin works through three stages:

  • Tokenization

  • Detecting the perplexity of text

  • Classification via machine learning


Tokenization is the splitting of text into a number of tokens of a similar length. Examples of tokens are sub-words, words, sentences, and paragraphs. In Turnitin's case, it divides the entire essay into chunks (groups of sentences). Each chunk contains between five and ten sentences. Turnitin scans each sentence to decide if it appears AI-generated.

Detecting the Perplexity of Text

Perplexity is the level of difficulty that Turnitin experiences when predicting the words used and their order of appearance in a sentence. ChatGPT and writing tools built on GPT 3, GPT 3.5, and GPT 4 models only spin and reproduce content that has been published online.

Turnitin is already familiar with almost everything that's been published online, including those that were once published but were later archived. The sentence structure and composition of an AI-generated sentence is usually similar to that of the content online. This enables Turnitin to guess the words in the sentence and their sequence.

When checking the perplexity of text, Turnitin isn't trying to find out if the writer is guilty of plagiarism. All it's doing is looking at how predictable the text is. The writing style of AI writing tools is usually more predictable than how humans write.

Classification Via Machine Learning

Turnitin’s AI detector has “classifiers” which classify, label, or tag sentences as either AI-generated or human writing. After the measurement of the perplexity of each sentence, classification takes place. Before classification, the whole content has an AI score of 0. If a sentence is labeled AI-generated, Turnitin gives it a score of 1. If a sentence can bypass AI detection, it gets a score of 0.

So, for each sentence that's labeled AI-written, Turnitin adds 1 to the text's overall AI score. If there are 50 AI-generated sentences, the text will get an overall AI score of 50. The higher the number of sentences that are classified as AI-generated, the higher the text's AI score.

What Does It Mean to Trick Turnitin's AI Detector?

When you trick Turnitin, you make it believe that AI-generated text is human-written. Instead of 100, the text gets an AI score of 0.

How to Bypass Turnitin AI Detector

Paraphrasing text with StealthGPT is the only way to bypass Turnitin's AI detector. StealthGPT is an undetectable AI website that paraphrases AI-generated content to make it sound human-like. This process is called content humanization. Humanizing AI-generated text is much easier than paraphrasing it in your own words. It also retains the original meaning of the text.

In addition, it doesn't detract from your academic integrity. All you're doing is taking advantage of a tool that works to make your life easier. Asides that, if your goal is to pass Turnitin, humanizing text with StealthGPT is better than paying for expensive writing services. You can be sure that StealthGPT-generated text will be undetectable. However, there's no guarantee that an essay written by experts offering writing services will beat Turnitin.

Here's a guide on how to bypass Turnitin AI detection using StealthGPT.

Step 1: Generate Content Using a Writing Tool

Use any AI writing tool that you can access. We asked ChatGPT 4o to write a 2000-word essay on how to pass Turnitin plagiarism check. Here's a screenshot of the prompt and the result.

We pasted the article into a Google document so that you can view more of it. Here's a screenshot of the article in the document.

Let's paste the ChatGPT essay into Turnitin and find out what the essay's AI score is.

Turnitin concluded that 100% of the essay written with ChatGPT 4o was the work of artificial intelligence.

Step 2: Humanize the Text with StealthGPT

Open the Bypass tool. Paste the AI-generated content into the input box. Then, click on the gear icon to adjust the undetectability mode and tone. Here's a screenshot of its output.

For the best result, set the undetectability mode to “medium” and choose the “academic” tone. Click “generate.” We followed these steps and StealthGPT completed the rewriting process.

Step 3: Scan the Paraphrased Text with Turnitin

We inputted the version of the essay that was paraphrased with StealthGPT into Turnitin. Turnitin told us that 0% of the essay was AI-generated content.

This shows that you can write essays with ChatGPT and paraphrase them with StealthGPT and Turnitin wouldn't know.

7 Myths About How to Trick Turnitin

Many people have peddled various methods to help students bypass AI detection. We'll take a look at eight of them and let you know whether they can help you beat Turnitin or not.

Myth #1: Use Active Voice

You can't bypass AI detection in Turnitin by rewriting text in active voice or asking ChatGPT to paraphrase AI-generated content in active voice. This hack might help you beat gptzero, but it doesn't work on Turnitin.

Myth #2: Cite Sources Properly

You're attempting to bypass Turnitin's AI detection tool, not a plagiarism check. Adhering to standard citation styles, such as Harvard, APA, Chicago, etc., won't help you bypass Turnitin.

Myth #3: Avoid “Big” or “Complex” Words

This method isn't helpful if you're writing technical content. You may have to use words that have no simpler synonyms. For instance, if you're writing an article on " How StealthGPT Can Boost Your SEO Ranking," you may need to mention a phrase like “HTML tags.”

Myth #4: Don't Use a Paraphrasing Tool Like Quillbot

They say that instead of paraphrasing content with Quillbot, you should improve your writing skills so you can rewrite text in your own words. Applying this tip makes your writing appear less robotic and more original. But, it doesn't trick Turnitin.

Myth #5: Write Your Essay Yourself

Are AI detectors accurate? Not 100%. This answer applies to Turnitin too. Writing your essay manually won't guarantee that Turnitin won't flag AI-generated content in the essay.

Myth #6: Research on Your Topic

If you're doing your research offline, using sources of text that haven't been published online, then this method can actually help. But we're pretty sure that you're not doing that. Instead, you're relying on Google searches to gather information for your research paper or other academic writing. Unfortunately, as long as something has been published online, there's a high chance that Turnitin has “read” it.

See this screenshot of the online databases that Turnitin can access.

Myth #7: Choose a Unique Topic

A topic is just one or two sentences long. Turnitin examines each sentence in your text one after the other. So, let's say that your topic is unique and gets an AI score of 0 but the rest of your writing gets an AI score of 99. What do you gain?

Pros and Cons of Using StealthGPT to Beat Turnitin


a) Improves Your Credibility

StealthGPT doesn't use any methods that Turnitin can detect. No matter how hard Turnitin tries, it can't figure out that StealthGPT-generated text is AI writing. A 0% AI score on Turnitin (which StealthGPT can help you get) helps you maintain a reputation of having academic integrity.

b) Prevents Disappointment

Turnitin has a 98% success rate when it comes to AI content detection. Consequently, you need a tool like StealthGPT to be sure that Turnitin won't detect that you wrote your essay with AI.

c) Increases the Word Count of AI-generated Content

After rewriting the ChatGPT essay that we used for the tests in this article, StealthGPT increased its word count by more than 700 words. StealthGPT is good at adding more content, not fluff to your academic writing.


a) StealthGPT Isn't Free

The only “downside” of StealthGPT is that its features are hidden behind a paywall. Also, it doesn't offer free trials, so you must be ready to financially commit to it before you can try it for the first time.


Does BypassGPT bypass Turnitin?

BypassGPT doesn't bypass Turnitin. This site claims that it can bypass Originality ai and Turnitin but it can't prove those claims. In this article, for instance, Joey Geller says that BypassGPT can trick Turnitin.

However, he uses the free version of BypassGPT to conduct his experiment. On the free plan of BypassGPT, you can humanize only 125 words. Here's a photo of the text that he humanized with BypassGPT.

The humanized text isn't longer than 160 words. However, to ensure greater accuracy in AI detection, Turnitin scans only texts that are 300 words or more. This means that Turnitin couldn't have scanned the BypassGPT text. However, he shared this screenshot, claiming that the text in it was humanized with BypassGPT.

Interestingly, the text in this screenshot is different from the one in the first screenshot.

What is the best AI bypass tool for Turnitin?

The best AI bypass tool for Turnitin is StealthGPT. As we've shown in our experiment, any text humanized with StealthGPT will trick Turnitin. You may find other websites like HIX Bypass claiming that they can bypass Turnitin. However, they have no concrete proof of their claims.

How to not get caught by Turnitin using Chat GPT?

You can't beat Turnitin by using just ChatGPT.

During our experiment, we sent a ChatGPT-generated submission to Turnitin but the AI content detector detected that the submission was 100% AI-generated.

Can Turnitin detect Chat GPT if you paraphrase?

It depends on how you choose to make ChatGPT undetectable. If you choose to paraphrase text manually, you won't trick Turnitin. Take this piece of AI writing, for example:

We manually paraphrased the article that ChatGPT wrote. Here's a screenshot of the paraphrased text.

Here's the screenshot of the paraphrased text’s AI score on Turnitin.

Turnitin gave the manually paraphrased content an AI score of 60%. This is less than average, indicating that manual paraphrasing couldn't help the text pass Turnitin's AI detector’s algorithms.

Does paraphrasing trick Turnitin?

Paraphrasing tricks Turnitin when you use an undetectable AI writing tool like StealthGPT. Otherwise, Turnitin will find out that the text is AI-generated.

What AI detector does Turnitin use?

Turnitin uses its own AI detector that has been designed to detect content generated by GPT 3, GPT 3.5, and GPT 4 writing models. Turnitin's AI detector uses algorithms such as machine learning and perplexity measurement for AI content detection.

Can bypass Turnitin?

Undetectable AI can't bypass Turnitin. You won't find any solid evidence of this website's ability to trick Turnitin anywhere.

Is there a reliable method to bypass Turnitin plagiarism detection?

To beat a Turnitin plagiarism check, use StealthGPT for rewriting content. Turnitin won't be able to find any text in its database that matches the paraphrased content. We've tried this countless times and it has worked. Here's a screenshot of the Turnitin similarity report on an essay that we humanized with StealthGPT.

After it was paraphrased with StealthGPT, the essay got a similarity score of 0%. In other words, the essay was plagiarism-free.

How can I improve my paper's originality score on Turnitin?

The originality score of a paper on Turnitin is a marker of the level of plagiarism in that paper. To calculate your paper's originality score, deduct the similarity score of the paper from 100%. If the similarity score is 98%, for example, the originality score of the paper is 2%.

To improve your paper's originality score, paraphrase quoted sections in your own words. If you can't do that on your own, feed the quoted sections to StealthGPT. StealthGPT will rewrite those parts without altering their original meaning. Then, add appropriate citations to the paper.

Is there a way to fool Turnitin's plagiarism detection?

If you're looking to fool Turnitin's plagiarism detection, use StealthGPT to humanize your work before submitting it to Turnitin. StealthGPT completes the humanization process within minutes, saving you time and energy whilst still bypassing Turnitin's plagiarism checker.

Is StealthGPT free?

StealthGPT isn't free. You have to subscribe to the software to use it. Fortunately, the pricing plans are affordable.

Is 40% on Turnitin text bad?

Getting a 40% Turnitin AI score isn’t safe. A higher AI score on an essay indicates a higher probability that you wrote the essay using AI. That places some question marks on your academic integrity.

Should You Buy StealthGPT?

StealthGPT doesn't just humanize AI generated text. Our new blog Stealth Writer tool also generates both short and long content. Since StealthGPT's launch in 2023, its performance has been improved consistently and it now yields high-quality outputs.

In addition, each StealthGPT subscription plan lets you generate plenty of words from StealthGPT each month. With the smallest plan, you can write up to 100,000 words monthly. Thanks to this high word allowance, you have enough room to generate and regenerate as much content as you want with StealthGPT. For the benefits it offers, a StealthGPT subscription is worth its price.


We've tested StealthGPT and it's been able to bypass TurnItIn's AI detector. We were also impressed with the level of coherence and readability maintained throughout the paraphrased content. If you decide to give StealthGPT a chance, we believe that you'll be happy with what it does for you. Get a StealthGPT subscription today!

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