Are Paraphraser Tools Similar to Undetectable AI?

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Are Paraphraser Tools Similar to Undetectable AI?

Are paraphraser tools similar to undetectable AI websites?This is a question on the lips of many who are interested in the capabilities of AI technologies and wonder if these two are similar in nature, from the way they work to whether they could both bypass AI detection at the same time.So, in today's blog post, we will focus on addressing this question and compare these two incredible tools together to decide which one is better. Or, at least, which one suits your needs better?

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  • What Is a Paraphrasing Tool?
  • What Is an Undetectable AI?
  • Which Tool Is Best For Bypassing AI Detectors?
  • Key Differences Between a Paraphrasing Tool and Undetectable AI
  • To Wind Things Up
  • Frequently Asked Questions


Short on time? Here are the key takeaways:
  • StealthGPT is a go-to destination for generating unique, high-quality content creation, and plagiarism-free content, as well as rephrasing ChatGPT text that could outperform AI detection.
  • QuillBot is one of the best paraphrasing tools and is a great online option to look out for whenever you want to make your work clearer and easier to read. The tool, however, failed to bypass major AI content detection tools.

What Is a Paraphrasing Tool?

A paraphrasing tool or an AI rewriter is an online software that was born to help the user create fresh and new content by rewriting, altering words, restructuring structure, and paraphrasing sentences in different ways without compromising the original meaning but still maintaining the same information.

The user could receive the same text but from a different perspective or explanation that the paraphrasing tool generates. This tool is really useful for students as well as writers, researchers, or anyone who is looking for a way to enhance their writing styles, the readability of their text, and especially is to avoid plagiarism in any case.
However, paraphrase quality and naturalness in such a rephrasing would depend on several factors, including the amount and complexity of natural language models, sizes of linguistic databases, and algorithms' ability to detect the context and meaning.

What Is an Undetectable AI?

Undetectable AI is a service that works on making AI-generated content look like a human wrote it by rephrasing or rewriting AI content in a way that makes it hard for the majority of the traditional AI detection systems to spot whether the content is original or AI-written.
The tool is particularly useful for those who need a hand to make their text bypass AI content detectors (such as Copyleaks, Originality Ai, or GPTZero), as well as plagiarism-free to ensure authenticity, high-quality, and undetectable content.

Which Tool Is Best For Bypassing AI Detectors?

To figure out which one is better at bypassing AI detectors as well as whether AI-generated content can be detected if rephrased. We should have a real-life example between a paraphrasing tool and an undetectable AI tool into the table for easy-to-evaluation as well as giving an objective verdict.So, in this case, we pick Quillbot, known as the best and famous paraphrasing tool among users, and StealthGPT, as a presenter for the best undetectable AI service in the market, as a side-by-side comparison for this test. But first, let's take a short overview of these two tools to learn more about how they operate and what their features offer.

Quillbot Paraphraser

QuillBot is considered the smartest and most accurate paraphrasing tool on the market and is capable of helping millions of students and professionals cut their writing time by more than half by using advanced AI to rewrite any sentence, paragraph, or article.

The tool was created in 2017 by three computer science students and is considered a popular rewriting tool for all writers out there. Although Quiilbot appeared later than some competitors like Wordtune or Grammarly, the tool itself still attracts wide attention due to the useful features it brings to writing.

By integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms into writing, Quillbot can change the content of the text with different synonyms and more beautiful phrases while still making sure to retain the original content. Users just need to enter text into data fields, select the appropriate modes based on their desires, and wait for the rephrasing output.

Key Features

  • Paraphrasing tool to rewrite information in various phrases, words, and synonyms
  • Word limitation setting to condense text
  • Multiple paraphrasing modes: Simple, Standard, Fluency, Creative, Shorten, Extend, Formal, Academic, Custom, and Natural
  • Chrome extension for quick rewriting of web pages
  • Free and paid options are available

StealthGPT's Undetectable AI

StealthGPT is an Undetectable AI service that allows users to generate undetectable text or rewrite ChatGPT output to be undetectable.With an active StealthGPT account, you can write essays, blog posts, marketing copies, proposals, emails, etc., but won't fear that any tool will detect that you've used an AI writing assistant in creating content. It can also enhance the readability of the content and adjust its output based on your content purpose. The AI-generated text produced by StealthGPT is 100% secure and successfully bypasses all AI-checking procedures used by AI content detectors. Moreover, the tool also produces content in such a way that it is uniquely different each time a response is generated, thus avoiding any plagiarism issues. This makes StealthGPT as a priceless asset for those requiring high-quality, AI-generated text that mirrors human writing.

Key Features

  • Text-humanizer and text-generator
  • AI content detectors and multilingual support
  • Custom writing style that matches your brand voice
  • High-quality and plagiarism-free content
  • 95% undetectable guarantee or money-back
  • SEO-friendly and API integration
  • Premium options are available

Quillbot vs. StealthGPT: Checking AI Bypassing Capabilities

So, Which tool will create a more fluent and creative paraphrase of your text that could outsmart AI detection?To start off this comparison, allow me to generate a short paragraph from ChatGPT (an AI writing assistant developed by the OpenAI company) and use it as input for both tools to test their capabilities. Here is the screenshot of the prompt.
After getting the AI-written text from ChatGPT, we will continue to rephrase it by using QuillBot’s standard mode and setting StealthGPT's Casual tone to medium mode.
Following this step, we will copy this newly rephrased content and put it into real-life testing. If the AI detectors were unable to detect that the content had been generated with an AI writing tool, then we would conclude that it was possible to bypass AI detection tools by using that platform.Ready to see if the paraphrased content can actually bypass AI detectors? Feel free to check out the test results below.

#Test 1: Content at Scale

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool: Hard to Tell
AI Likelihood Score: Unknown
StealthGPT's Undetectable AI: Passes as human writing
AI Likelihood Score: 0%

#Test 2: Sapling

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool: Detected as AI-generated content
AI Likelihood Score: 100%
StealthGPT's Undetectable AI: Passes as human writing
AI Likelihood Score: 0%

#Test 3: Scribbr

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool: Detected as AI-generated content
AI Likelihood Score: 100%
StealthGPT's Undetectable AI: Passes as human writing
AI Likelihood Score: 41%

#Test 4: Copyleaks

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool: Detected as AI-generated text
AI Likelihood Score: 100%
StealthGPT's Undetectable AI: Passes as human writing
AI Likelihood Score: 0%

#Test 5: Originality AI

Quillbot Paraphrasing Tool: Detected as AI-generated text
AI Likelihood Score: 0%
StealthGPT's Undetectable AI: Passes as human writing
AI Likelihood Score: 4%

Key Differences Between a Paraphrasing Tool and Undetectable AI

Paraphrasing Abilities

Like all the other paraphrases, QuillBot rewards content using natural language processing to hold onto just the same meaning. Various modes can be used, such as standard, fluency, creative, etc. to choose how we want it to be phrased. So, we considered this paraphrase to be excellent in cases where we needed to improve the readability and the flow of the content.

QuillBot is very usefully when it comes to making the texts broadly engaging and clear, particularly in cases of paraphrasing academic papers or enhancing the quality in general.

Evading AI Detection

When it comes to making the rewritten text undetectable by AI content detectors, rephrasing said content, and keeping the original meaning in place, StealthGPT blows this out of the water. The tool itself uses advanced algorithms to disguise text, removing patterns an AI detector would usually look for, as well as switching up the sentence structure, syntax and burstiness.

This is an indispensable tool for anyone who is seeking a reliable tool to rewrite neither AI content nor plagiarism-free content. It makes the text pass through detection tools without being flagged in under 30 seconds.
The best part is that StealthGPT also allows the customization of the writing style to your chosen tone or brand voice. The customization capability helps in maintaining voice consistency in different types of content as well as ensuring the content remains undetectable by AI tools.

Accuracy and Readability

Although, of course, QuillBot certainly can lose meaning when the rewording is wide enough or there is a summarization of a few key details, in most cases, QuillBot readability still remains good, and clarity improves in the text.

Though very advanced in rewriting, StealthGPT ensures that the original meaning and its context are really preserved. It uses natural language processing for proper grammar and syntax, making the text sound as human writing and readable.

Practical Use Cases

QuillBot is ideal for rewriting small descriptions and snippets and summarizing long texts. It can be pretty helpful when one wants to enhance the readability and quality of the content, but not so when it comes to evading AI detection.

The best work of StealthGPT is known to emerge when the content will be involved in passing through plagiarism and AI detection tools. Therefore, it is ideal if you need a solution for rewriting AI-generated drafts, essays, and articles, niche content to ensure that this sort of content remains undetectable or the entire duration of its rewriting.

To Wind Things Up

So, here's the short sum up: Overall, Quillbot and StealthGPT cater similarly but very independently to the unique benefits they offer. Quillbot is a good application for support in paraphrasing, with quite visible readability enhancements and variation in rephrasing options, making it a good bet for academic purposes and, most importantly, for clarity of the content.
On the other hand, StealthGPT is stunningly effective in avoiding AI detection, creating highly qualitative AI-generated text that appears human, and is of great advantage to those who would otherwise have to write unique content from scratch without plagiarism. While both tools have their respectability, the choice to make between these two tools depends mainly on the needs of an individual and what is particularly required in their projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. If I paraphrase using Quillbot, will Turnitin be able to detect it?

A: Sadly, Turnitin can detect not only paraphrased text but also has a plagiarism checker to detect your content. Even though Quillbot is an AI paraphrasing tool that can rewrite text and provide enhanced versions while still retaining the original meaning, Turnitin's advanced algorithms can identify patterns and structures found in AI-written text.

Q.2. How do AI content detectors work?

A: AI content detectors analyze writing style, tone, word choice, and sentence structure. They compare this data to hallmarks of AI-generated text and then calculate the probability that the content in question was written by AI.

Q.3. Can AI detect paraphrasing tools?

A: Yes, most AI Detectors have advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology that can detect to see whether you use paraphrasing tools or not. However, just keep in mind that there are no AI detectors in the market that can guarantee 100% accuracy at all times.

Q.4. Quillbot vs StealthGPT: which one is better?

A: StealthGPT is the best AI software when it comes to its AI bypassing capabilities, as well as the ability to rewrite complex and long content effectively while still making sure to maintain accuracy and clarity and undetectable against AI detection.

Q.5. Which AI tool is suitable for content creators — QuillBot vs StealthGPT?

A: For any content creators looking for a rephrasing tool, QuillBot might be the preferred choice. However, for those seeking to generate not only undetectable AI content that is plagiarism-free but also SEO-friendly, high-quality, and could push your content ranks high on search engines, all rolled in one. In terms of functionalities, look no further since StealthGPT is your must-have tool.

Q.6. Does StealthGPT offer a free trial?

A: Sadly, StealthGPT does not provide a free trial to our subscribers. This is because we want to focus on the customers who honestly want to look for the right tool to make their writing process easier and better, save their precious time as well as cut down unnecessary costs on so useless websites. StealthGPT's pricing is worth every value for users. No matter if you're a student, a social media expert, a professional, or a copywriter, just believe that StealthGPT's Undetectable AI service can definitely make a huge difference in your writing journey.

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