How to Bypass Content at Scale AI Detector

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How to Bypass Content at Scale AI Detector

Nowadays, AI writing tools have reshaped the content creation world. It could help people to create and publish detailed articles, essays, and engaging blog posts rapidly while still offering unparalleled efficiency in marketing and SEO efforts, as well as providing valuable insights and so on.However, with the advanced AI detection mechanisms such as Content at Scale AI Detector in the market, can cause problems for anyone by analyzing and flagging AI-generated text. But we have got your back and are ready to show you a comprehensive guide to resolving this problem. We will be discussing what the Content at Scale AI detector is, how it works, as well as how to bypass its contents by presenting smart and ingenious ideas for you to refer to. So, keep on reading if you want to learn how to make your text undetectable and indistinguishable with this AI detector tool in the most effective way.

What Is Content At Scale AI Detector?

The Content at Scale AI Detector is a free tool designed to identify AI-generated content and human-written content. It was developed by SEO experts and launched in September 2022. This tool supports very reliable AI content testing and detection, by performing analytical steps and comparing with previously verified data.When performing a check, users can upload up to about 25000 characters at a time, and this tool will complete the scanning process quite quickly. The returned results will be the text evaluation conclusions performed by AI or humans. However, users must upgrade to the Pro version of this tool before they can use the feature to display content made with AI and the AI percentage of the text.In addition, Content at scale also supports users in managing and optimizing SEO for content, provides continuously updated information about SEO, and supports users in converting AI text into undetectable AI content.

How Does The Content At Scale AI Detector Work?

The concept of using this tool is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is access Content at Scale and select the AI Detector tab. And then copy the content you need to check into the box and press the “Check for AI Content” button below the text frame. The returned result will be “READS LIKE AI!” if the content is generated by AI or “PASSES AS HUMAN!” if the content is made by a human.The detector outputs will display the results by giving you a score from 0–100%. The score indicates how much the tool thinks your content is AI or human-written. Moreover, you'll also get text highlights on your input, which have the following meanings:
  • Green: High chance of being human-written.
  • Orange: Likely to be AI content.
  • Yellow: Unclear if AI or human.
  • Red: Highly likely to be AI content.


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Fast Scanning Results
  • Free Scanning Up to 2500 words
  • Over 100 languages
  • No Register Required


  • Identify Basic AI-Generated Text
  • No URL Scanning
  • Cannot Detect Plagiarism

Effective Ways to Bypass Content at Scale AI Detection

To ensure that your text appears as 100% human-written and doesn’t get flagged by the Content at Scale AI Detector, consider to the following instructions and tips to achieve the best results.

Use an Undetectable AI Tool - StealthGPT

Overview: StealthGPT is an AI content generator that specializes in creating human-sounding content that bypasses AI detection tools such as Content at Scale, GPTZero, Turnitin, and others propping up. The tool also produces content in such a way that it is uniquely different each time a response is generated, thereby avoiding plagiarism issues. This makes StealthGPT an invaluable asset for those requiring high-quality, AI-generated content that mirrors human writing.Its applications span across various domains, including academic writing, professional content creation, and creative storytelling. Importantly, StealthGPT proudly supports over 7,000+ languages, making it more accessible to a wide range of users.Alright, "Said is always easier than done". If you find yourself ready to see StealthGPT in real action. Here's a detailed step-by-step guide to using StealthGPT to bypass Content at Scale AI Detector.

Step #1: Generate Content Through ChatGPT

You can open any AI writing tool and send it a prompt. You can make your prompt as short or long as you desire. Here, I just want to keep it simple for you to visualize, so I will ask ChatGPT to give me a 2000-word essay about undetectable AI.

Step #2: Copy and Paste the AI-generated Content in StealthGPT

Copy the text and paste it into StealthGPT. Alternatively, if you have the AI content in a pdf., docx., txt. file, etc. Just upload it to StealthGPT, and the tool will work.

Step #3: Set the Undetectability Mode and Tone

After pasting the content into the box, you'll need to set the parameters that StealthGPT will consider when humanizing the content, which includes

Undetectability Mode

This refers to how undetectable you want the content to be. I will pick “medium” undetectability as it makes the content as averagely easy to read while keeping it undetectable enough to bypass Content at Scale AI Detector.

Writing Tone

The tone you choose here should align with the format of the AI-written content. Regarding the 2000-word essay ChatGPT generated for us in the first step, I will set the undetectability tone to "academic," which is ideal for the academic writing.

Step #4: StealthGPT will Humanize the Content

Click “Generate” and StealthGPT will immediately working on it. You can view the results on the right side of your workspace.

Step #5: Test the Newly Generated Content with the AI Detector at Scale

Click "Copy" to duplicate the newly written content from StealthGPT, then paste it directly into the frame of the “Content at Scale AI Detector” to see if the undetectable AI text can actually bypass AI detection.
Next, I will click on the button "Check for AI Content" to see whether or not the text humanized by StealthGPT is AI-written.
After the fast-checking speed of “Content at Scale AI Detector” in seconds, the result is very easy to predict due to the amazing features that StealthGPT currently offers our users. When ”Content at Scale” scanned the text humanized, it couldn't detect whether the text was generated with an AI tool or not. It only observed that the text “PASSESS AS HUMAN”. That’s an enormous victory!

Avoid Repetition

AI often falls into the trap of redundancies by repeating the same information in different ways or using the same examples and phrases over and over. That's why it's important to remember that not to use recurrent phrases or structures, because AI-driven conversation can often be detected due to its reliance on patterns and templates that lead to formulaic language.To avoid this, just increase your word and make your sentence structure more diverse. For instance, instead of using the same sentence structure repeatedly for the whole paragraph, you can refine it by using different connecting words or rephrasing the sentence structure in a new way. Moreover, you should not say the same words or phrase­s too much and not use very common sayings or expre­ssions as well. Instead, just use synonyms, antonyms, or related words to express the same idea without repetition. By doing so, you can make your generated text sound more natural and less like it was generated by a machine, making it more difficult for Content at Scale AI Detector to identify it as AI-generated or not.

Personal or Storytelling Integration

By sharing your own stories with practical examples and opinions is the best way to illustrate the article content as well as to bypass AI detection. Because it’s all from your experiences and insights within, and there are no things like that that exist online to be used. People, in general, always have rare and unique moments in their lives, but a machine can’t make up or experience them yet. So, adding personal stories and opinions not only helps the article become more lively and attractive but also helps readers easily understand, sympathise and resonate with the article's content. Your writing will sound human-like with personal anecdotes in it and create trust for readers, as well as make it harder for AI detectors to flag it as AI-generated.

Disable AI-assisted Editing Tools

When writing, just disable any tools like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor or PaperRater, etc…because those editing tools can trigger AI detectors and result in a red flag.For Grammarly, this website has developed to include more than just editing and grammar detection. It can detect issues with grammar, spelling, tone, and style and has become a popular software for students or even anyone using English as their second language. Also, some universities even suggest students use it to help them find low-level errors and avoid plagiarism.However, AI detectors often flag Grammarly-assisted content as AI-generated. When you just put down your content on Content at Scale or Turnitin, you do see false positive results that indicate a high probability of AI-created content when Grammarly edits. So the question is, should AI detectors consider editing assistance as unoriginal? The benefits of using Grammarly can not be denied; its features do help us to improve writing quality, support for non-native speakers, as well as help to create professional and polished content.If you want to optimize and avoid AI detection, just try to use free originality tools like Microsoft Word, not using AI to edit content. Even though it’s not ethical for us to use any AI-assisting edits in proofreading, it can cause our content to be red-flagged. So, just try to minimize the use of AI to help achieve a unique tone and make your text undetectable by AI.

Use Active Voice

By changing the tone in your content from passive to active can significantly make your text more engaging and direct. A small fix like this can have a substantial impact, not just improving your text’s readability but also reducing the chance of being detected as AI-generated. Normally, AI writers like ChatGPT often fall into the habit of using a passive voice, which can lead to unnecessarily roundabout sentences as well as a robotic tone.For instance, you can consider the difference between this writing, "The cake was eaten by Mary" (which uses a passive voice) and "Mary ate the cake" (which employs an active voice). As a result, the subject of the sentence is the one performing the action, making the sentence sound more straightforward and dynamic. This small change not only helps to keep the main point of your message but also helps to avoid detection algorithms that look for specific patterns or word combinations usually linked with AI-generated text. So, just simply switching your tone into an active voice will definately give your text a natural flow as well as make it less likely to be identified as AI-written.

Give Detailed Prompts to AI Writers

To make your text undetectable by AI, it's very important to provide a detailed prompt to any AI writers in the market, as it helps AI to understand your intentions clearer as well as produce high-quality responses. Be explicit with your instructions and provide enough details about what you want the AI to do, such as the topic, format, length, tone, keywords, rules, and examples.Also, do interact and engage the AI as if you were talking with a human, using your natural language. This approach makes the AI more responsive and creative, leading to a response that suits your purpose better. Additionally, you can try to ask the AI to write in different styles by emulating your favourite blog or author that you like to make your content more unique. Remember that simply asking an AI generator to create content isn't enough. You must write descriptive and detailed prompts to improve the quality of your AI content as well as bypass the AI detectors. For example, rather than simply saying, "Write about a city", you could say, "Paint a picture of a bustling city, capturing the vibrant sounds, diverse sights, and unique scents you would encounter while strolling through its lively streets at dusk." This approach will definitely result in higher-quality content.Here is a related article about for you to refer to if you need more stratagies to beat AI Detectors: How to Bypass AI Content Detection

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the landscape of content creation has been dramatically transformed with the advent of AI writing tools. While AI detectors like Content at Scale can pose some challenges, we've already illustrated that it is entirely possible to craft content that bypasses AI detection smartly. By utilizing StealthGPT features and others tip we have shared in this blog post. We make sure that you can achieve an undetectable and engaging text for yourself. However, always keep in mind that the goal is not just to beat AI tools. The main goal is to make­ writings that people enjoy re­ading and connect with. So, let's try these methods to make AI writings seem human, and you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of undetectable and human-like AI content creation.

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