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Make AI Text Undetectable

Wondering how to make AI text undetectable? Look no further!

In today's blog post, we are going to talk about how to make AI-generated text sound like human writing and how to beat AI detection consistently.

Let’s roll in!

Table of Contents

  • What Is AI-Generated Content?

  • How is AI Generated Content Detected?

  • Why Make AI Writing Undetectable?

  • How To See If Your AI Writing Is Detectable?

  • How To Make AI Content Appear as Human-Written?

  • The Final Words

  • Frequently Asked Questions

What Is AI-Generated Content?

AI-generated text is simply the content created by artificial intelligence systems that use machine learning and algorithms to produce anything from blog posts, social media captions, scripts, marketing slogans, ideas, chord progressions, etc.

Here are some famous AI writing tools that you can use to assist with your content creation:

  • ChatGPT or GPT-4: Best for multiple types of content regardless of short and long-form.

  • Jasper AI: Best for image generation and AI copywriting.

  • Copy AI: Best for sales and marketing applications.

  • Write Sonic: Best for writing long-form such as blog posts and articles.

  • Rytr: Best for marketing content, including ad copies, product descriptions, and social media posts.

  • Frase: Best for generating SEO-optimized blog articles.

However, "there are two sides of the same coin" and AI-written content is not an exception. Here are several drawbacks and benefits of using AI-generated content that you should know.

How is AI Generated Content Detected?

It is quite complicated to detect such content generated by language model GPT like ChatGPT since it achieves the highest sophistication and naturalness, and their platform is also upgraded every single day.

However, it is possible to notice some patterns below that are usually considered as the characteristics of machine learning models.

1. Search for patterns commonly used in machine-generated projects, such as:

  • Absence of interpretation

  • Repetition and redundancy

  • Flawless grammar and spelling

  • The same sentence structure in most of the text

  • Inconsistency in tone or voice

  • Burstiness and perplexity

  • Lack of Context or Nuance

  • Overly formal tone without casual phrases or transitions

2. Mining of metadata or context about the happening of content because AI-generated text might lack some human aspects like personal experience or deeper personal insights, which naturally characterize as human characteristics.

How do AI Detectors Work? Everything You Need to Know

Common mistakes that make AI content detectable

Hеrе's are some of the common mistakes when you use AI writing tools in your content generation, these errors might make your text more likely to be spotted.

The first one is that people usually generate a whole text by ChatGPT or Copilot without any revisions or tweaks to AI-written content.

Another mistake is that the text generated by AI is also further refined, polished as well as coherent; and if your text sounds too good to be true, then it would be triggered as AI writing. Because, normally human communication often makes some mistakes like typos or grammatical errors when they are typing quickly.

Lastly, you should never take the first draft generated by an AI tool and then publish it. Instead, try to adjust the AI-generated text with a more human touch, making it more personal, adding stories and humour that match your tone of voice and your brand that resonate with the reader’s experience.

Why Make AI Writing Undetectable?

So, why it is important to make AI-generated text undetectable and flies under the radar? Well, here are just a few of the main reasons:

Get a Better SEO Ranking

Currently, Google doesn't ban or block AI-generated content, but their new updates policies in March 2024 mentioned that they will derank and tweed out content that appears as spammy, and repetitive to trick the search engine. What it means by that is Google will prioritize and focus on any content that provides value to their readers.

Therefore, it can easily seen that AI-written posts may perform poorly in SEO rankings, while humanized text would possibly rank higher.
Making undetectable ai content is a must now if you want to continue to ensure your chances of ranking in SERPs and receiving high traffic as well as click-through rates.

Improve Readability

No one could deny the benefits of AI writers, but they also have their limitations to AI-generated text as well. One of its biggest downsides is that using AI writing tools to write blog posts, articles, marketing copies, and then publishing that AI content is that it can make it sound unnatural and potentially deter readers' experience.

This is mainly coming from the repetition and robotic nature of AI writers in general by overused words and repetitive sentence structure.
Moreover, there are also so many bloggers, content creators, and marketers who work in the social media industry all using AI tools to support their work out there.

But, if you can switch, your AI-written text into undetectable content and make it more original, and more human-like, the readability and quality of the text can be further improved. It will become more engaging, enjoyable, and make the audience more satisfied with what they read, in turn.

As a result, the audience might not even want to read your content if they feel like they've already read the same thing over and over on so many sites, and that's super boring for most readers.

Avoiding Penalties and Punishments

Unfortunately, most educational institutions right now have updated policies and rules to prevent their students from using or abusing these AI writing tools in their studies. These institutions have also researched how to detect ChatGPT content and implemented AI detection tools like Turnitin into their evaluation systems for checking plagiarism and caught AI-written content in the submitted papers to ensure academic integrity.

If you are still in school and still using ChatGPT chatbot to write essays, homework, or research papers as a helping hand, and more importantly, if you don't want to put yourself into trouble with your professors, then you will have to learn how to make AI text undetectable as well as bypass AI detection. This way, you can freely continue using AI writers without any fear of repercussions.

Create Unique and High-Quality Content

There are thousands of users out there who leverage AI writers every day as their partners to support their work and content creation, from producing blog posts, to articles, and emails just to name a few. Because AI content generators are not built to create unique content and are plagiarism-free.

This means that having undetectable AI writing and human-like content will eliminate the risks of publishing the same content, you can not only create content that sounds different each time, bypassing AI detection, but you can also gain a competitive advantage over others.

How To See If Your AI Writing Is Detectable

You can use online AI content detectors to track your content. There are a variety of AI detection tools that are available out there to use (both free & paid options). Here are the lists of the most famous ones:

  • StealthGPT's AI checker

  • Turnitin

  • GPT Zero


  • ZeroGPT

  • Copyleaks

  • Writer

  • Content at Scale

These platforms use machine learning methods and patterns to compare the suspected material with vast databases of human-written feedback and AI-generated text to determine its original.

To use these tools, just head to their website and paste your text into the tool, and you’ll get a score or probability of how much your content looks like AI writing.

However, just remember that when you're checking your content, do not rely on AI detection tools too much because even though those AI content detectors are great at quickly picking how obvious AI use is in your copy and still upgrade themselves by day to stay with new developments, but they are far from perfect and can also produce false positives – and false negatives, too.

And there are no AI detectors who could confidently claim themselves to be 100% accurate. That’s why you shouldn’t trust AI detectors all the time, while the tools are really useful, they are by no means always effective.

How To Make AI Content Appear as Human-Written

1. Use StealthGPT For AI Detection Remover

The best way to make your AI writing undetectable is by using tools that remove patterns, words, and phrases from your text that make it sound like AI-generated text.

These tools use advanced machine learning and natural language models like text augmentation and restructuring sentences to delete any traces of AI in your writing.

StealthGPT is an Undetectable AI service that allows anyone to create human-written text or rewrite ChatGPT output to human-like content in less than 30 seconds.

With an active StealthGPT account, you can write essays, articles, blog posts, marketing copies, product descriptions, etc., but won't fear that any AI checkers will flag that you've used AI writing tools in content generation.

Moreover, StealthGPT can also enhance the readability of your content and adjust its output based on your content purpose with its Stealth mode (low, medium, and high) and writing tone (standard, casual, academic, professional), and make sure that it is original, plagiarism-free and SEO-optimization.

By using this AI detection remover tool, you are free from your thoughts of worrying too much about triggering AI detection algorithms.

Let's take a further look at its performance by carrying out these steps:

  • Visit the ChatGPT website and send 2 prompts for better testing accuracy

  • Humanize the text by using the Stealth's Bypass tool

  • Copy and paste the output into an AI detector to see if it detects the AI-written text

And here's what we got:

Now, let’s use Stealth Bypass to humanize AI text and see what results we are getting.

Here is a screenshot of topic 1:

Here is a screenshot of topic 2:

Next, we ran the Stealth outputs through and see how well it works.

  • Topic 1 - StealthGPT: 8% AI

  • Topic 2 - StealthGPT: 2% AI

We believe that the number speaks louder than words. StealthGPT has successfully transformed the AI-written text so well that Originality couldn't pick it as ChatGPT generated, no matter what the topic was feeding.

With StealthGPT's human writer, even one of the best AI detectors, like and other AI content detectors, can be outperformed.

We are confidently proud that this is not a case of faking the numbers like other conducted tests out there with their Undetectable AI service. If you decide to give StealthGPT a chance, we do believe that you'll be more than happy with what it does.

2. Insert Intentional Errors

What this method means is that we should intentionally add typos and spelling mistakes or odd grammar to the AI-generated text to get past AI detectors. This is mainly because AI doesn't tend to make mistakes, and this just happens to humans, so that is why AI detectors have been trained to flag content that is flawless grammar and completely 100% error-free and consistent.

However, the downside of this strategy is that it will make the quality of your output poor and less professional, as well as influence the audience engagement and readability.

Just imagine when you are in the view of a reader. Do you think that you would like to enjoy reading through a low-quality paper? Even though it might help you bypass AI detectors. Additionally, if you are trying to rank high on a search engine like Google, you could be demonitized and derank for publishing low-quality content due to its latest policies in March.

To evaluate the effectiveness of this technique, we will come back to ChatGPT (a chatbot developed by the OpenAI company) to create a new prompt and then request it to introduce minor errors into the content to mimic human imperfection. Still, while we don’t recommend this method, it’s worth testing out to see how well it works.

Here is the “errored” version of the paragraph:

Here’s how the Originality AI checker felt about the paragraph:

We are truly getting a good result here, and it does beat Originality AI. This method proved to be somehow effective, and the logic we mentioned actually worked. The content with added human errors can successfully bypass AI detection. However, even though they do "beat" AI Detector, they still end up producing very poor and low-quality content, which makes it unappealing to the audience.

But, if bypassing AI detection is your only main goal, then using this method can help you reduce the likelihood of your text being spotted by AI detection tools.

3. Manual Editing of AI Text

As the name says it all. Another way you can make your AI text undetectable is to go through your ChatGPT content and make manual changes to it. This may seem obvious to you, but one of the easiest things you can do to humanize AI text is to paraphrase the content you generate with ChatGPT or a similar service by hand.

We could begin by thoroughly understanding the original meaning of the text. Then, start to use varying sentence structure and length, synonyms, and paraphrasing techniques to replace some common adjectives or adverbs with more common words to make the text sound simple and less complex. However, merely changing the words is not enough; you need to add the human touch to the content as well.

This approach makes the generation of language sound more natural and helps to create content that is less likely to hit the flag on being made by an AI machine. But this will also depend on your writing skills and understanding of how AI and AI detectors work.

To assess the effectiveness of this method, we will manually rewrite both of our two paragraphs generated above to see how it's going. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

We ran these manual rewrites against the Originality AI detector and received the following result

The result was indeed impressive! It gets a 2% AI score from Originality. This also shows that you can generate content with ChatGPT and then paraphrase it manually to your writing style, and it could outsmart the AI checker completely.

However, the downside of this method is that it will take you more time and effort than using an Undetectable AI writer. What about if you have to rewrite 1000 to 3000 words for an essay? Moreover, some AI detectors may still mistakenly flag your work as AI-generated, even though the writer claims it is original as human-written content (this is called a “false positive”).

Check out more tips for achieving zero AI detection in writing

The Final Words

To wrap things up, it's important to take note that while AI can create impressive content, it is the human touch that makes quality undetectable yet engagingly honest for readers.

With the right approach, you can confidently leave your ChatGPT-generated content undetectable and fly under the radar. People can feel free to try the manual approach as well, but it's very time-consuming and does not make sure to get the highest results and might get penalized because of plagiarism content.

Instead, you can avoid wasting your precious time and effort from the beginning and put your trust in StealthGPT. It’s fast, easy, and convenient, and it is the easiest way to make undetectable AI content and ensure high quality, non-plagiarism, and SEO-optimized content that bypasses AI detection most of the time. Try it out today and see it for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is an AI Detector?

A: Basically, an AI detector is a tool used to confirm whether the content could be made by humans or was created by using an AI writing tool such as GPT-4, Google Gemini or It works by examining patterns, inconsistency, and characteristics of the most common AI-generated material, which tends to be quite unique.

Q.2. What is the best AI writer?

A: The best AI writing tool, quite honestly, will depend on your use case and budget. No matter which one you decide on, the results will require editing to some degree or another.
You'll get more nuanced content out of ChatGPT or GPT-4, but you'll have to learn how to write better prompts to leave behind common missteps from content made by a chatbot.

Q.3. Can AI detect paraphrasing tools?

A: Yes, most AI content detectors are becoming increasingly sophisticated and can now identify paraphrased AI-generated content with a high degree of accuracy. However, just keep in mind that there are no AI detectors in the market that can guarantee 100% accuracy at all times.

Q.4. Can an Undetectable AI tool make my content 100% undetectable?

A: No, AI detection technology is constantly upgrading. And Undetectable AI aims to reduce the likelihood of detection as much as possible but can't guarantee complete immunity.

Q.5. Is StealthGPT worth the investment?

A: Out of all the AI tools currently available in the market, StealthGPT's AI bypass tool far exceeds in quality and transparency compared to other undetectable writing tools. Not only does it produce unique content each time, but also optimizes for SEO rankings and diversifies in features.

You can get started with the pricing plan at $17.99 to humanize your content and see how well it works. There’s even a complete money-back guarantee for its subscribers If they show off proof that the tool itself can not outsmart AI detectors. So in the end, you have nothing to lose, give it a try to see whether it is worth every penny.

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