How To Make ChatGPT Undetectable

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How To Make ChatGPT Undetectable

Everyone from students to professional writers are using generative AI writing tools like ChatGPT to increase their efficiency and produce high quality content. But unfortunately since social media platforms, search engines, and schools found out about AI writing, they’ve been trying to shut it down using AI detection services like TurnItIn. In order to still be able to use AI writing for school or work without incurring negative consequences, you need an undetectable AI writer tool which can humanize ChatGPT text so TurnItIn can’t detect it as having any differences from your own writing.

Table of Contents

  • What is an Undetectable AI?
  • What are Undetectable AI’s For?
  • How does an Undetectable AI Work?
  • Burstiness
  • Perplexity
  • How to Make AI Text Undetectable
  • The Best Undetectable AI Services
  • Which Undetectable AI Services Work?
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

What is an Undetectable AI?

To put it simply, an undetectable AI is a Large Language Model (LLM) which is built on real human writing, not the official textbook rules of a language. What makes AI writing that comes from ChatGPT detectable to TurnItIn is just how “perfect” it looks. The difference between humans and machines is that we aren’t perfect. Our writing sometimes has incomplete sentences and improper grammar, which of course still makes sense to us and almost no one ever notices, but can be detected in an instant by detection services trained to spot the differences between human and AI writing in seconds. We’ll get into more detail on how this process works later on, but for now, it’s important to know that an undetectable AI can process writing and return text which bypasses detection systems like TurnItIn, GPTZero, and Originality AI as while keeping your works original meaning.Over the last year undetectable AI’s have made an explosion in the world of artificial intelligence for their capacity to override negative outcomes from using generative AI writing. For many, it’s a game of guessing how AI detectors work and updating their models to circumvent their current programming. Only a few leaders in the field of undetectable AI have been able to create durable and trustworthy undetectable AI writing systems which can nearly be guaranteed to bypass the detectors like TurnItIn every time. StealthGPT is proud to be the only undetectable AI which has had an unbroken record of having a model which has consistently bypassed TurnItIn since we launched over a year ago.

What are Undetectable AI’s For?

Who does the most writing? Students and professional writers of course. With the recent increases in how much work is assigned to students, AI writing programs came out at just the right time to help take some of the burden off of hard-working high school and college students. However, academic institutions have generally made themselves the enemies of this innovation. But this isn’t out of line with their practices. For years after the adoption of the Internet schools still insisted students to research books in libraries. Eventually, they accepted the internet's ubiquity and adapted. StealthGPT is completely opposed to students using AI writing to cheat, our service is meant to be used in line with the limits of the school which any of our potential users attend, but cutting-edge undetectable writing is an extremely important tool of the future that everyone should know how to use. Plagiarism isn’t a concern as all text is unique and not taken from other sources unless prompted to do so.Professional writers have had a very hard time ever since ChatGPT became available. With the amount of AI writing present online it’s become very hard to produce the content creation on the timetable required to rank in search results and remain relevant. Unfortunately, search engines like Google have begun to derank AI content which they perceive as being “low quality”. Here at StealthGPT we think it’s unfair to be both incentivized and disincentivized from using AI writing to the point where writers don’t know what to do. Undetectable AI is the solution. Our high quality AI writing is both high in readability and undetectability. Human-like content creation when you use ChatGPT and has StealthGPT humanize AI text, or use one of our generative features like the Essay Writer or Chat with Stealth.

How does an Undetectable AI Work?

Undetectable AI’s are made solely to bypass AI detection tools, if they aren’t doing that, it isn’t an undetectable AI! Not all undetectable AI writing services work as well as StealthGPT, and some fail to bypass TurnItIn. There’s a formula behind LLMs which keep them appearing as fully humanized AI text against the detectors based on copying the way humans write and not the ideal of how writing works. Below, we’re going to talk about the two main concepts that make AI writing undetectable: Perplexity and Burstiness.


In the context of detecting AI writing, burstiness refers to the distribution of sentences and phrases within a text that vary in length and complexity. While we tend to naturally exhibit burstiness by mixing short and long sentences as well as simple and more complex words, creating a pattern that appears more human to AI detectors. AI-generated writing often lacks this variability, typically producing text that is more uniform in its structure and style. By analyzing the burstiness of a piece of writing, as AI detection tools do, it is possible to identify patterns that may indicate whether the text was authored by a human or an AI. Detecting low burstiness, characterized by consistently similar sentence lengths and structures, can be a key indicator of AI-generated content. This analysis helps in distinguishing authentic human writing from that produced by generative writing models like ChatGPT.


Perplexity is used to evaluate language models, including those generating AI-written text. Specifically, perplexity quantifies the uncertainty or unpredictability of the text produced by a model. Lower perplexity indicates that the model is better at predicting the next word in a sequence, suggesting more coherent and fluent text generation. Higher perplexity can show more randomness and less predictability.In the context of AI writing detection, perplexity can be a factor to determine the origin of whether the text is either AI or human writing. Humanized AI text typically exhibits a certain level of variability and unpredictability, reflecting the complexities of human thought and expression. AI-generated text, especially from models which are not high quality, might have lower perplexity due to over-optimization for fluency and coherence, leading to overly predictable patterns. By comparing the perplexity of a given text to that of known human and AI writing samples, it becomes possible to identify whether the text is more likely to have been generated by an AI or a human writer.

How to Make AI Text Undetectable

Now that we’ve gone over what an undetectable AI is and how it works, we can talk about how to make ChatGPT generated AI writing undetectable to services like TurnItIn. With StealthGPT, you can copy text from ChatGPT and paste it onto our bypasser tool. After that you can adjust the mode from low to high based on preferred readability. You can also change the tone which changes whether your writing will come off as more academic, casual, or professional based on your needs. After you generate your undetectable text, StealthGPT will give you a score based on readability and undetectability which will let you know comprehensively just how high quality the overall value of the generated text is once we’ve added a human touch. Once you’re happy with the output, you’re ready to go.Check out this video for more information:

The Best Undetectable AI Services

Obviously, the best anti-AI detector services are the ones that actually work. But what’s even more important is their ability to bypass the largest AI detection services like TurnItIn, GPTZero, and Originality AI. Unfortunately, there aren’t many that can do this. Based on tests we've conducted, StealthGPT is the only undetectable AI tool which can consistently bypass AI detectors. Here’s a short list of which undetectable AI services which humanize AI text:

#1: StealthGPT

StealthGPT is the top-of-the-line undetectable AI on the market, consistently proving itself as a reliable and cost-effective choice for a large range of users, from students to professional writers. Its advanced capabilities include bypass features which evade ai content detector systems, ensuring your work is fully humanized. The generative text functions produce high-quality, coherent and human-like content tailored to your needs, whether for academic, professional, or creative writing projects. StealthGPT is an effective AI detection remover for plagiarism free content. Additionally, StealthGPT offers an AI checker that can be accessed for free, providing an extra layer of assurance in maintaining the security of your work. This combination of features makes StealthGPT a worthy choice for anyone seeking a high quality writing solution to make ChatGPT writing undetectable.

#2: AI Bypass

After careful consideration, our studies have shown that AI Bypass is a strong contender for one of the best AI humanizers available. Built on a still strong model that consistently bypasses detection systems like TurnItIn, AI Bypass offers exceptional performance at a lower price point. Its affordability combined with its reliable capability to bypass any AI content detector makes it an attractive option for a wide range of users. If StealthGPT doesn’t meet your needs, we highly recommend seriously considering AI Bypass as a top alternative. Its proven effectiveness and cost-efficiency ensure it stands out in the market of anti-AI detector services.

Which Undetectable AI Services Work?

Beyond just looking into which services are the best out there, an important question is whether they actually even work! Below we’re going to give a series of short reviews of some of the undetectable AI models that are known and being used.

Stealth Writer

Stealth Writer might have a name similar to StealthGPT, but the quality is different. Upon testing whether Stealth Writer can bypass TurnItIn, the results were disappointing. It’s a similar story for GPTZero and Originality AI, two of the other main AI detection services. Stealth Writer isn’t without its virtues and does have some undetectable capacity, Stealthwriter isn’t reliable in getting results which are needed when even one mistake could result in the negative consequences that come along with detection.

Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI is one of the largest competitors to StealthGPT, but it has been proven to struggle with bypassing TurnItIn at a high rate of efficacy. While it offers a range of features and capabilities, its effectiveness in evading detection systems does not match that of StealthGPT. This limitation makes it a less reliable option for users who require undetectable AI for their writing needs. Despite its prominence in the market, Undetectable AI falls short in ensuring the seamless bypassing of detection tools like TurnItIn, which is a crucial factor for many users.

Conch AI

Conch AI stands as a major competitor to StealthGPT, yet it has been shown to be less effective in bypassing TurnItIn with a high success rate. Although Conch AI boasts a variety of features and capabilities, it doesn't quite measure up to StealthGPT in terms of evading detection systems. For users who need undetectable AI-powered content generation for their writing projects, this shortcoming makes Conch AI a less dependable choice. Despite its significant presence in the market, Conch AI fails to consistently overcome detection tools like TurnItIn, Originality AI, and GPTZero, a crucial aspect for many users.


Can I get an undetectable AI for free?

Almost all undetectable AI content generation models, and especially the ones which are proven to beat TurnItIn in addition to other not free AI detection algorithms usually are subscription based and cannot be obtained for free. StealthGPT does offer access to our AI checker tool for free however, so you can determine whether your writing whether it’s fully human or created by ChatGPT will be detected by the major AI detection algorithms.

What’s the difference between AI paraphrasers and AI bypassers?

AI paraphrasers typically focus on grammar and tone instead of being conscious of how to bypass AI detectors. If your primary concern is word choice paraphrasers like Grammarly are a good option. But if your primary concern is remaining undetectable when using AI-powered writers like ChatGPT, you should stick to a bypass tool like StealthGPT. AI paraphrasers are also useful for non-native English speakers.

What’s the best undetectable AI?

In our opinion the best undetectable AI tool is StealthGPT. With its ability to bypass all major AI detectors from TurnItIn and Originality AI, to even smaller ones like Winston AI and Copyleaks. If you want to effectively craft well written humanized AI texts with high readability you need StealthGPT.


There are a lot of undetectable AI tools out there which vary significantly in both quality and price. The highest quality undetectable AI systems are leveraging factors like perplexity and burstiness which can make or break whether the text you initially generated with ChatGPT will appear undetectable against AI detection algorithms. If you’re a professional writer, an undetectable AI can be a major benefit to your workflow. SEO and your rank position can be destroyed by low-quality AI writing directly ripped from ChatGPT being present on your website. Additionally, students can benefit from learning about adversarial AI models which, when allowed by their schools, can help with everything from practice legal drafts to coding assignments. When it comes to our assessment of the best undetectable AI algorithms currently available, StealthGPT is the best model. The constantly updated undetectable system is capable of consistently beating TurnItIn which is the largest detection system in the world, especially when it comes to academic institutions. The StealthGPT system has published multiple test results on both itself and other undetectable AIs which have revealed unbiased data on the detection scores. Check out StealthGPT today and see for yourself just how significantly your work will benefit!

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