Does Work Against AI Detectors?

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Does Work Against AI Detectors?

Does work against AI detectors? We'll experiment against nine major AI detectors to see if it can bypass them.

Table of Contents

  • What is

  • How does an Undetectable AI work?

  • Can bypass AI detection tools?

  • Summary of the test results

  • Can help with SEO?

  • Should you choose over StealthGPT?

  • Conclusion

  • Frequently Asked Questions

What Is

Undetectable AI is an AI humanizer. Unlike standard AI paraphrasing software such as Quillbot, Undetectable AI rewrites text to make it more coherent and bypass AI detection. The main functionality of Undetectable AI is rewriting AI-written text, but it can also generate content from scratch.

Among the top 150 AI tools surveyed in 2024, Undetectable AI ranks 36. 3% of people who employ AI writing and editing tools use Undetectable AI. In addition, the artificial intelligence app has been spotlighted on USA Today.

How Does an Undetectable AI Work?

In the article where we went over how undetectable AI tools work, we mentioned that they often imitate the writing styles of humans in order to avoid AI content detection. Based on the explanation that Undetectable AI provided in this article, it's clear that the major weapon in the app’s arsenal is stylistic imitation.

AI-generated text, though written in perfect natural language by advanced language models, often sounds mechanical. The writing styles of AI writing tools affect the depth and quality of AI-generated content. In 2023, for instance, there were suspicions that some celebrities used AI tools to write their public apologies. AI detectors including GPTZero and Sapling strengthened those suspicions, reporting that some apologies that we thought were human-written content might be AI-generated.

To tackle the mechanical feel and shallowness of AI-generated text, Undetectable AI transforms it to human-like content. To achieve this, the app uses algorithms that have been developed through machine learning.

Does this mean that Undetectable AI only works on AI-generated content? Not at all. Students and writers are often falsely accused of using ChatGPT to write content. Usually, these accusations are based on the scans of human writing with AI detection tools. We call such inaccurate scan results "false positives." If you find yourself in such a tough spot, Undetectable AI can help by rewriting your content for you. At present, Undetectable AI supports many languages including English, Arabic, and Spanish.

Can Bypass AI Detection Tools?

Undetectable AI claims that after it has finished rephrasing content, the text will become undetectable by the following AI detection tools:

  • GPTZero

  • OpenAI

  • Writer

  • Crossplag

  • Copyleaks

  • Sapling

  • Content at Scale

  • ZeroGPT


  • Turnitin

Side note: we're curious about why Undetectable AI is still claiming to bypass OpenAI’s AI detector. OpenAI has since withdrawn its AI detector after discovering that the detector was just 26% accurate.

That aside, let's test Undetectable AI. For these tests, we'll use ChatGPT for content creation and humanize the AI-written text with Undetectable AI.

Here's a screenshot of the text written with ChatGPT.

Below is a screenshot of the humanized text that Undetectable AI produced.

As usual, Undetectable AI claimed that the humanized text could bypass GPTZero, OpenAI, Writer, Crossplag, Copyleaks, Sapling, Content at Scale, and ZeroGPT. It's time to find out if those claims are true.

Undetectable AI Against GPTZero

The screenshot below shows GPTZero’s scan of Undetectable AI’s text.

GPTZero was uncertain about the authorship of the text that Undetectable AI produced. Therefore, GPTZero concluded that the text was most likely written by a human with the help of an AI tool.

Undetectable AI Against Crossplag

Here's a screenshot of how Undetectable AI performed when pitted against Crossplag.

Crossplag believed that only 16% of the text humanized with Undetectable AI was AI-generated.

Undetectable AI Against Copyleaks

This screenshot shows what Copyleaks thought of Undetectable AI’s humanized text.

Copyleaks believed that the text humanized with Undetectable AI was 100% AI-written.

Undetectable AI Against Writer

Here's a screenshot of Writer's analysis of the essay that Undetectable AI humanized.

Writer believed that 100% of the text humanized with Undetectable AI was written by a human.

Undetectable AI Against Sapling

Below is a screenshot of Sapling’s scan of Undetectable AI’s content.

Sapling categorized the humanized text as 100% fake. This means that Sapling wasn't convinced that the humanized text was written by a human being.

Undetectable AI Against Content at Scale

For the results of Content at Scale’s evaluation of Undetectable AI's humanized text, please see this screenshot.

Content at Scale was confident that the copy from Undetectable AI was human-generated.

Undetectable AI Against ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT analyzed Undetectable AI's humanized content. Here's a screenshot of the result.

ZeroGPT thought that 0% of the humanized text was written with a GPT.

Undetectable AI Against Originality AI scanned the Undetectable AI text and yielded this result.

Yet again, Undetectable AI failed to bypass AI content detection. accurately guessed that there was a 100% chance that the input was AI-generated.

Undetectable AI Against Turnitin

Turnitin is the most trusted AI detector in the academic space. Any undetectable AI tool used for humanizing academic works should be able to bypass Turnitin. Since Turnitin scans only submissions that exceed 300 words, we asked ChatGPT to generate a 500-word output. This is what we humanized with Undetectable AI.

Here's a screenshot of what Turnitin had to say about the Undetectable AI content.

Turnitin rightly guessed that 100% of the text that Undetectable AI wrote was AI-generated.

Summary of the Test Results

Here's a summary of the results of the nine tests:

  • fully bypassed Writer and ZeroGPT.

  • partially bypassed Crossplag, Content at Scale, and GPT Zero.

  • couldn't bypass Turnitin, Originality,ai, Copyleaks and Sapling.

Is the Readability of Undetectable AI’s Content High?

Our research shows that the readability of the text humanized with Undetectable AI is usually low. We checked the Undetectable AI’s content using a Flesch Kincaid calculator. Here's a screenshot of the content’s readability score:

The text that Undetectable AI wrote had a readability score of 39.4. What does a low readability score mean? It means that sentences in the text have complex lengths and structures. It could also imply that the writer used big words instead of their simpler synonyms.

Can Help with SEO?

Undetectable AI has an AI SEO writer. This tool works like ChatGPT and ChatGPT alternatives. The content that it generates isn't really high-quality. Moreover, Undetectable AI SEO Writer doesn't provide keywords and other SEO recommendations like StealthGPT's AI SEO Writer does.

Should You Choose over StealthGPT?

Only you can decide if StealthGPT trumps Undetectable AI in your book. While deciding, please keep the following key features of StealthGPT in mind:

a) StealthGPT Writes Undetectable AI Content

StealthGPT evades AI content detectors 100% of the time. You can use StealthGPT for content generation without fearing that some tough AI detector like will catch you. StealthGPT can bypass Turnitin too., on the other hand, can't bypass or Turnitin.

b) StealthGPT's Content Is Free from Plagiarism

Besides getting a perfect detection score, the content generated by StealthGPT is completely original and has a high readability. For content creators, this implies that you'll never publish plagiarized content. For students, this means no plagiarism checker will flag your submission.

c) StealthGPT Optimizes Content for Search Engines

One of StealthGPT's key features is its blog Stealth Writer tool, which can help with SEO. It suggests keywords and lets you manually add keywords in the pre-writing steps. Since StealthGPT incorporates required keywords directly into the article, using it will lessen the time that you'll spend editing its output.

d) StealthGPT Ensures High Readability

The texts that StealthGPT writes usually have high readability scores. In this YouTube video, we compared the readability scores of StealthGPT-generated content to text produced by Undetectable AI. Undetectable AI’s text had a score of 27.5. The text was very hard to read. Meanwhile, StealthGPT's content had a readability score of 49.7, indicating that the text was fairly easy to read.

e) StealthGPT's Pricing Is Cheap

Here’s a screenshot of our monthly pricing plans:

In the unlikely event that you're not satisfied with StealthGPT’s outputs, you can cancel your StealthGPT subscription. You won't be locked in any unfair long-term contracts.

Conclusion says that it's the best AI tool for undetectable content generation. However, our Undetectable AI review reveals that the AI technology that Undetectable AI uses isn't robust enough to beat all AI detectors, especially Turnitin. If you want a safer alternative, you should use StealthGPT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Trust

With, bypassing detection systems is a hit or miss. Our research proves that out of 9 AI checkers, can bypass only two.

This means that Undetectable AI bypasses less than 25% of AI detectors. Should you trust a tool that succeeds less than 25% of the time?

How to cancel Undetectable AI subscription

Can You Use Undetectable AI to Write Research Papers?

It's best not to use Undetectable AI to write research papers. The software can't handle the intricacies of research paper writing. You may use ChatGPT, Bard, or better yet, StealthGPT, to simplify your resources so that they're easier for you to understand.

Which AI Tool Is Best for Research Paper Writing?

StealthGPT is the best AI tool for research paper writing. It generates long-form, in-depth, and undetectable essays. You can also use it to summarize sources and glean key points from PDFs.

Some AI tools like Justdone claim to be the best in the business of writing academic essays. Justdone uses the GPT 4 language model. We were curious to see what Justdone could do, so we prompted it to write an essay on the topic “Is World War 3 Looming?”

Here's a screenshot of the essay.

While reading the essay, we observed that Justdone didn't use many run-on sentences. It stuck with a moderate sentence structure throughout the essay. Consequently, the text's readability was fair.

However, Justdone AI had a habit of ending each section of the essay in a conclusive manner. Justdone wrote three concluding paragraphs before arriving at the final conclusion.

We took the liberty of submitting the essay using Turnitin's AI detector. Here's a screenshot of the scan result.

The essay that Justdone wrote got a detection score of 100% on Turnitin. In other news, Justdone can't bypass Turnitin. You'll be taking a huge risk if you use Justdone for research paper writing.

Can AI detectors be wrong?

Yes, AI detectors can be wrong. Undetectable AI websites aim to make these content detection tools produce inaccurate results even for human writers.

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