What is Undetectable AI? Here's Everything You Need to Know

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What is Undetectable AI? Here's Everything You Need to Know

We'll explain everything you need to know about undetectable AI websites. So what is an undetectable AI? An undetectable AI is an artificial intelligence software for creating human-like content. When used for AI content generation, this app helps the created content bypass AI detectors.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Undetectable AI?

  • Who Should Use Undetectable AI?

  • How Undetectable AI Works

  • Examples of Undetectable AI Websites

  • How Do Undetectable AI Websites Compare?

  • Using Undetectable AI for Content Marketing

  • Pros of Using Undetectable AI for Content Creation

  • Cons of Using Undetectable AI for Content Creation

  • Conclusion

  • Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Undetectable AI?

An undetectable AI tool humanizes AI-generated content. Humanization is the process of rewriting AI-generated content to give it a human touch. This human touch improves the style, tone, and relevance of the content to the topic. Undetectable AI software can humanize any content, including social media content, product descriptions, articles, academic essays, etc. What differentiates undetectable AI apps from ordinary paraphrasing tools such as Quillbot is that the latter can't make text undetectable.

Who Should Use Undetectable AI?

You should use undetectable AI if you need to belong to either of these groups:

Those Who Need to Bypass AI Detection Tools

Undetectable AI tools follow machine learning algorithms (sets of procedures in machine learning) to combat AI detection. Therefore, if your writing will be scanned with AI detectors such as Turnitin, you need to humanize what you've written with an undetectable AI tool.

Those Who Need to Make AI-generated Text SEO-friendly

AI writing tools can't help your site's SEO. We say this because these AI language models barely scratch the surface of the topics on which they write. You need to humanize AI-generated text with an undetectable AI website to increase the content’s quality enough for it to rank high on search engines.

How Undetectable AI Works

Imitating the Writing Style of Humans

Undetectable AI websites closely examine the fluidity of human-written text. This fluidity is what they try to achieve by rewriting AI-generated text in natural language. A few undetectable AI sites also provide some tones from which you can pick the one that'll be most suitable for the type of content that you want to humanize.

Learning from AI Detectors

Undetectable AI websites single out those features that these content detection tools use to identify AI-generated text. Then, when rewriting AI-generated text, they free it from all the features that AI detectors use to identify it.

Randomizing the Syntax of AI-written Text

Text randomization means changing the syntax or structure of text. Examples of randomization include altering the structure of sentences and substituting words for their synonyms. The most apparent manner of randomization is changing the order of information in the text without affecting the logical progression of the communicated ideas. Randomizing text breaks the characteristic sequence of AI-generated text. This makes it harder for AI detectors to believe that the content is AI-generated.

Understanding the Semantic Meaning of Text

What is the writer of the text trying to say? The undetectable AI site tries to understand the main message that the writer wants to pass across in the text. This message is the semantic or contextual meaning of the text.

Understanding the semantic meaning of text helps the AI tool to find new, unique ways of rewriting the text, thus avoiding plagiarism. With semantic understanding, the undetectable AI can guess the target audience of the text and the best tone that should be used to write content for that audience.

Examples of Undetectable AI Websites


StealthGPT is a cutting-edge undetectable AI tool that makes text perfectly readable and undetectable. The balance between both factors is underrated. Many undetectable AI websites strive to attain undetectability but they can't. The few that manage to make AI-generated content undetectable hang its readability out to dry.

How does StealthGPT work? StealthGPT works by imitating human writing styles and applying machine learning algorithms for bypassing AI detectors.

Unlike other undetectable AI websites on this list, StealthGPT lets you choose the tone of the humanized text. It also allows you to choose the level of undetectability that you the humanized text to have.

Undetectable AI

Undetectable AI spins AI-generated text to “remove AI detection.” After humanizing the text, it tells you the likelihood of the text being detected as AI-generated by AI detectors such as Turnitin, GPTZero, Copyleaks, Content at Scale, Originality.ai, and ZeroGPT. Does Undetectable AI bypass Turnitin and these other AI detectors that it claims to bypass? Not really.

Also, Undetectable AI’s guesses concerning the likelihood of its humanized text bypassing AI detectors aren't accurate. To know if the humanized text can truly bypass an AI detector, you have to scan the text using that particular detector first.


Stealthwriter is second only to StealthGPT in terms of making content undetectable. Unfortunately, the readability of the humanized text is questionable.


Of all undetectable AI websites, BypassGPT promises itself as the most advanced. It's reportedly trained on over 200,000,000 human-written and AI-generated texts. Through this training, it developed algorithms to differentiate between both types of writing. It also claims that its humanized text is completely free of all grammar and syntax errors. Unfortunately, its claims about its accuracy aren't true.


CheatGPT was built by a college student who wanted an undetectable AI website that actually fulfilled its promises. Can CheatGPT beat AI detectors? Sadly, no. We tested CheatGPT using five AI detectors and it managed to beat only one; Content at Scale.

How do Undetectable AI Websites Compare?

We'll compare the undetectable AI websites listed above based on two criteria:

  • The undetectability of their humanized text

  • The readability of their humanized text.

Here's a table that summarizes our comparison of these AI tools:

Below is an explanation of the table:

  • StealthGPT: StealthGPT's humanized text is perfectly undetectable and readable.

  • Stealthwriter: Stealthwriter tries its best to make text undetectable but the readability of the humanized text suffers.

  • Undetectable AI: When Undetectable AI humanizes text, the text is fairly undetectable. The readability of the text is also fair. In our Undetectable AI review, we talk more about the tool's performance.

  • BypassGPT: Most times, the humanized text fails AI detection. The readability of BypassGPT’s outputs is okay sometimes. Other times, it's not that good.

  • CheatGPT: CheatGPT can't bypass AI detectors because it doesn't put any effort into humanizing text at all. The readability of the humanized text, however, is fair.

Testing Process for Undetectable AI Websites

Follow these steps to complete the testing process for undetectable AI sites:

  • Get AI-written content.

  • Humanize the AI-written content with an undetectable AI tool.

  • Send the humanized content to an AI detector.

AI Detection Results

At the end of the testing process, the AI detector or detectors (if you use more than one) should all believe that the humanized text is human writing. The benchmark for the classification of text as mostly human writing is an AI detection score of 70 and above. Scores higher than 90 indicate that the undetectable AI site can really bypass AI detectors.

When humanized text fails to bypass AI detection, it could mean two things:

  • The undetectable AI writer paid too much attention to making the text sound better but failed to make the text undetectable or;

  • The humanized text sounds so much like AI-written text that it was easily flagged by AI detectors.

Humanizing Results

If humanized text bypasses AI detection, read the text thoroughly. This helps you ensure that it's not packed with blunders that affect its readability.

Using Undetectable AI for Content Marketing

Should you use undetectable AI for content marketing? In theory, undetectable AI websites are supposed to make content marketing easier. However, many of them can't deliver your expectations. Undetectable AI, for example, often adds unnecessary typos to humanized content. Removing all those errors may take your time and slow down the pace of content marketing. Hence, the honest answer to this question is: it depends on the undetectable AI site you choose.

Pros of Using Undetectable AI for Content Creation

High Functionality

The difference between an undetectable AI website and a human content spinner is that the former has been loaded with all the necessary techniques to bypass AI detection tools. They're not playing a guessing game. They're overhauling the entire text in all the right ways that a human editor can't.

Undetectable AI Websites Are Relatively Cheap

They're cheap in terms of their pricing and the amount of time that you spend using them. With less than $20, you can subscribe to an undetectable AI tool. The smallest monthly StealthGPT subscription, for example, costs $17.99. Within five minutes, StealthGPT has humanized over 1000 words. This speed combined with cost efficiency is something that only undetectable AI websites offer.

Remove Hidden ChatGPT Watermarks

If your quest is to make ChatGPT undetectable, then you should use undetectable AI websites. In 2022, Scott Aranson, who was one of OpenAI’s guest researchers, said that OpenAI was working on watermarking ChatGPT-generated text. No one knows if OpenAI actually introduced the watermark feature to ChatGPT or if it'll introduce the watermark sometime in the future. However, one thing we're sure of is that undetectable AI websites can remove those watermarks by varying the syntax of text.

Cons of Using Undetectable AI for Content Creation

Undetectable AI Could Reduce the Readability of Text

Some undetectable AI websites deliberately misspell words and make other mistakes when rewriting text. These mistakes could ruin the user experience by detracting from the humanized quality of the text.

You Have Little Control over the Humanization Process

Undetectable AI websites work with preset parameters. They don't let you define the exact tone and style of the humanized text. For example, when using StealthGPT to bypass AI content detection, you can only select the “academic” tone. You can't tell StealthGPT to use a “tone that's academic but reads like something a quirky 8th-grader would write.” While the absence of these additional tone adjustment options don't affect the quality of their outputs, it's something that'll definitely be nice to see in undetectable AI websites.


As a content creator or writer, you need not make it so obvious that you use ChatGPT for content creation. Undetectable AI websites can help keep your secret safe by humanizing AI-generated content. For a safe start with undetectable AI websites, try StealthGPT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AI detection free?

AI detection isn't free. While AI checkers including StealthGPT offer free trials, you'll be required to pay for their services at some point to continue using them.

What are the best AI undetectable alternatives to bypass AI detection?

The best AI Undetectable alternative is StealthGPT. You can bank on StealthGPT's ability to deliver high-quality content that bypasses AI content detectors all the time.

How does undetectable AI work in evading detection algorithms?

Undetectable AI hasn't officially explained how it works in evading detection algorithms. However, by looking at the results that it has generated, we can tell that text randomization is one of its techniques.

Can AI detection software differentiate between human and AI-generated content?

AI detection software doesn't outrightly differentiate between human and AI-generated content. It guesses whether or not content is AI-generated. AI detection results aren't facts. They're predictions. Therefore, it's advised that you should do your own investigation before adopting these results, especially when they indicate that text is AI-generated.

Can AI content be differentiated from human-written content?

Yes, AI content can be differentiated from human-written content, but it's easier to do that when the AI content hasn't undergone humanization. Once an excellent AI tool like StealthGPT has humanized AI content, it's almost impossible for AI detectors and humans to differentiate it from real human-written text.

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