Does BypassGPT Work?

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Does BypassGPT Work?

This blog post will cover on whether or not BypassGPT, bypass AI detection with 100% undetectable AI content, can bypass popular AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn.

BypassGPT claims to create 100% undetectable AI text that mimics a human touch and ensure your content is not flagged by AI checkers. They claim that their content can pass AI detection, giving you the best chance of maintaining your rankings while providing informative, engaging content for your readers. They claim to bypass: ZeroGPT, GPTZero, Copyleaks, Writer, Content at Scale, Sapling, and Originality.

Finally, we will compare BypassGPT against StealthGPT to see which Undetectable AI website reigns supreme. The results will shock you.

Here's what we will cover:

  • What Are Undetectable AI Websites?

  • What is BypassGPT?

  • What is StealthGPT?

  • Test Preparation

  • BypassGPT Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

  • StealthGPT Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

  • Final Thoughts

  • BypassGPT vs StealthGPT's Value and Pricing

What Are Undetectable AI Websites?

Undetectable AI websites are a new frontier in online content generation. These websites use advanced AI algorithms to create content that is nearly impossible to distinguish from human-written text. The hallmark of these websites is their ability to produce high-quality, contextually relevant, and engaging content at scale.

Characteristics of Undetectable AI Websites:

  • Human-like Writing: The AI-generated content closely mimics human tone and style, making it relatable and engaging.

  • Scalability: These platforms can produce vast quantities of content quickly, catering to the demands of content-heavy digital strategies.

  • SEO-optimized: The content is often optimized for search engines, aiding in better online visibility and ranking.

  • Versatility: Capable of generating content across various niches and formats, adapting to diverse content requirements.

What is BypassGPT?

BypassGPT is a term that has emerged in the context of AI-generated content, particularly referring to technologies or methods that can 'bypass' certain limitations or controls of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models.

Aspects of BypassGPT:

  • Overcoming Limitations: It could involve techniques to circumvent restrictions in standard GPT models, like content moderation filters or creative limitations.

  • Enhanced Creativity: Potentially allows for more creative and unrestricted content generation.

  • Customization: BypassGPT might offer more tailored solutions for specific content needs, beyond the general capabilities of standard GPT models.

What is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT, akin to the concept of undetectable AI websites, refers to an advanced AI technology designed for generating content that appears to be written by a human. The focus is on creating high-quality, original content that does not seem AI-generated.

Features of StealthGPT:

  • Advanced Language Processing: Utilizes sophisticated AI models for generating natural, coherent, and contextually appropriate content.

  • Undetectability: Specializes in producing content that can pass as human-written, both in quality and style.

  • Adaptive Writing Styles: Capable of mimicking various writing styles and formats, making it versatile for different content needs.

  • SEO Integration: Often includes features for optimizing content for search engines to enhance online visibility.

Test Preparation

We will be using ChatGPT for our experiment. We will use the content produced by ChatGPT and place them onto BypassGPT and StealthGPT's bypass tools. We will then test to see if they can bypass against well known AI detectors.

Popular AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn will be used for this experiment. We will provide images showcasing how BypassGPT compares against StealthGPT.

Finally, we will make a conclusion based on the experiment to see if whether or not BypassGPT actually works.

BypassGPT Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

Firstly, let's come up with a text written by ChatGPT. Here's the prompt that we will be using for the experiment.

Now, let's place this text within BypassGPT's AI bypass tool.

BypassGPT Against GPTZero

It's not looking too good for BypassGPT already. Achieving over 51% probability that it is written by AI with a mixture of human text. While not too bad it's still a major problem that all sentences were likely AI generated.

BypassGPT Against Originality

99% AI detection score is laughable that Originality had to suggest that it could be a false positive. Before we come up with conclusions, let's see how well BypassGPT does against TurnItIn.

BypassGPT Against TurnItIn

It's not surprising at this point but we now know that BypassGPT cannot go up against all three AI detectors. Let's see how StealthGPT does.

StealthGPT Against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn

Now, let's compare StealthGPT against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn. We'll take the same text from ChatGPT and convert it to StealthGPT beforehand.

StealthGPT Against GPTZero

Wow, compared to BypassGPT, StealthGPT was able to achieve an impressive 0% probability of AI written sentences. Could this be a false positive too? Let's see how well they go up against Originality and TurnItIn just to make sure.

StealthGPT Against Originality

0% AI detection score on Originality? Surely it can't be a false positive too. StealthGPT is able to beat 2 AI detectors now. It's not looking too good for BypassGPT. Let's see how well StealthGPT does against TurnItIn.

StealthGPT Against TurnItIn

StealthGPT is able to bypass all 3 AI detectors now. It's an impressive achievement that StealthGPT is able to bypass them.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it turns out that BypassGPT fails to bypass major AI detectors such as GPTZero at 51% AI content, Originality at 99% AI detection, and TurnItIn at 100% AI score. BypassGPT fails to claim itself as the Undetectable AI website capable of reaching 100% undetectability from popular AI detectors.

In comparison, StealthGPT goes beyond expectations and achieved over 0% AI written score on GPTZero, 0% on Originality, and 0% AI detection on TurnItIn. This signifies the major breakthrough that StealthGPT has with it's powerful Undetectable AI engine that's capable of bypassing GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn.

StealthGPT currently ranks as the best AI bypasser website and this experiment proves it. We will continue to experiment other undetectable AI websites to see their capabilities and trustworthiness. Check out our blog post here.

BypassGPT vs StealthGPT's Value and Pricing

BypassGPT Pricing

Starting at $15.00 per month at 20,000 words, 1 user, "undetectable rewriting," error-free outputs, and humanize upwards of 1000 words per input. A maximum option of $72 per month for 500,000 words. Users are able to adjust their price according to their needs. An annual option starting at $120 for 20,000 words per month with a maximum of $624 for 500,000 words per month.

StealthGPT Pricing

Starting at $14.99 per month for 100,000 Undetectable AI words, 1 user, and with chrome extension. $19.99 for 500,000 words per month and $29.99 for 1,000,000 words per month. An annual option of $99.99 for 100,000 words per month, $199.99 for 500,000 words per month, and $299.99 for 1,000,000 words per month. StealthGPT has a flexible pricing option compared to Content at Scale. Making it a more affordable option for users especially highschool and college students.

BypassGPT vs StealthGPT's value

Just looking at the pricing alone, StealthGPT is the clear winner for its cheaper price and insane value. You are getting half of the value of what you would have paid for if you chose BypassGPT alone. BypassGPT's annual price alone would have costed you way more in the long run than in StealthGPT. Their bypass engine fails in comparison against GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn. StealthGPT's powerful undetectable AI engine surpasses all three popular AI detectors. It's not even a competition to see which undetectable AI website is better.

StealthGPT: The World's Most Powerful AI Humanizer Tool

StealthGPT is the best Undetectable AI website out there, beating major AI detectors such as GPTZero, Originality, and TurnItIn. If you are a highschool or college student looking for the best AI humanizer tool in the market then look no further. It's simple, easy to use, and there's plenty of evidence you need to give you the assurance of staying undetected. Try StealthGPT out today!

StealthGPT is able to beat most AI detectors due to the way it was build from the ground up. We cannot speak to how BypassGPT was built but we are aware that most AI tools are built with very simple prompts from OpenAI's GPT models. Unlike most AI tools out there, StealthGPT was built and trained on hundreds of hours of human styled writings that make it uniquely different from any other AI writing tool on the market. That is how StealthGPT is and continues to remain the best Undetectable AI on the market.

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