Originality AI’s Content Detector Case Study: StealthGPT is Confidently Seen as Human

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Originality AI’s Content Detector Case Study: StealthGPT is Confidently Seen as Human

Originality AI is one of the most well-known and frequently used AI detectors. Many professionals and schools utilize Originality AI to check for factual inaccuracies, plagiarism, and of course AI writing. While Originality AI isn’t as well known as TurnItIn for example, its prevalence still makes it deserving of a full and comprehensive case study by our team here at StealthGPT.

Below we’re going to get into everything from general information to our methodology to the results of our research, so read on to find out more.

Table of Contents

  • What is Originality AI?

  • What is StealthGPT?

  • Case Study Methodology

  • Case Study Results

  • FAQ

  • Conclusion

What is Originality AI?

As I mentioned earlier, Originality AI is one of the biggest names in AI content detection. It’s also one of the most stringent and high-quality AI writing detection tools. In previous blogs, we’ve tested other AI humanizer services against Originality and they typically come up lacking. Something interesting on Originality AI is that a user can select whether their system will scan a piece of text for plagiarism and factual accuracy, a feature which services like GPTZero lack.

What is StealthGPT

Unlike some other AI writers, StealthGPT is an undetectable AI tool that can turn standard AI writing into a form that is completely undetectable to detection services like Originality AI, TurnItIn, GPTZero, Content at Scale, and many others. Other so-called undetectable AI tools include StealthWriter, Quillbot, and many others. But StealthGPT stands out for its human-like content and completely humanized text. Being able to make ChatGPT writing more human in tone is an important step not only for users who want to evade AI detection tools, but it’s also for the next step in AI writing more generally. Integrating AI writing into our lives further and removing the taboo against it arbitrarily created by institutions will benefit us all and only be to the detriment of AI content detectors, and StealthGPT has been at the forefront of these use cases since the introduction of OpenAI.

Case Study Methodology

Our test today is relatively simple. We’re going to generate standard ChatGPT AI-generated content creation, run it through StealthGPT’s AI humanizer, and then check it against Originality AI’s detection algorithm. To show that our success isn’t just a one-off example, we’re going to do this 10 different times.

To make sure StealthGPT is generating the best AI results, we’re going to ask ChatGPT to keep each generation to around 500 words in length, which is one of the best ways to remain undetectable while using StealthGPT.

After we’ve created our first prompt, as shown above, we’re going to generate 9 more so we have an even 10 to test.

For our next step, we’re going to paste our ChatGPT AI generated text into StealthGPT’s humanizer feature and generate an undetectable version of it which will hopefully bypass AI detection. We’ll repeat this process a total of 10 times, each one mimicking the same steps to ensure the most accurate result possible.

Here is an example of StealthGPT's humanizer tool against Originality's AI content detector. StealthGPT managed to reach 96% confidence of being human written against Originality.

Case Study Results

As you can see below, every time we checked StealthGPT’s outputs against Originality AI we received a score denoting a higher than average likelihood that the AI text was in fact human written. This is important not only because it once again proves the effectiveness of StealthGPT’s model, but also because Originality AI is notoriously difficult to bypass.

The average of our 10 scores gave StealthGPT an 89.90% overall confidence in human writing by the standards of Originality AI. Which for a completely randomized test with no previous checking is an amazing result. In half of our tests StealthGPT had a score of over 99% human. Showing StealthGPT’s high functionality to humanize AI writing.


How does StealthGPT work?

StealthGPT uses a high-quality language processing algorithm to understand and generate human-like text. It processes ChatGPT text, understands the context, and produces responses which are both high in readability and undetectability.

Is StealthGPT Free?

No, StealthGPT is not free and you will need to purchase a subscription to access StealthGPT's features. However, StealthGPT has an AI checker that you can access for free.

Is StealthGPT Worth It?

Absolutely, we have a Bypass tool, Generate tool, Chat with Stealth, AI Checker, and SEO writer for you to access.

Can StealthGPT Bypass other AI Detectors other than Originality?

StealthGPT can beat other AI detectors such as GPTZero, TurnItIn, Winston AI, and more. We are constantly improving our engines to bypass AI detectors and making experiments to show how we can beat them.


While Originality AI is an extremely rigorous AI detection system, it’s simply no match for StealthGPT. We’ve empirically proven that with very little effort or advanced knowledge of AI, anyone can generate high-quality and readable humanized AI writing. StealthGPT goes beyond simply paraphrasing AI writing, its unique undetectable AI language model and machine learning will give you the edge you need against AI content detection tools. While other products aren’t able to consistently bypass AI detectors like Originality AI, you can trust StealthGPT to get you the results you depend upon for your papers and blogs.

Get StealthGPT today and see for yourself just how massive it will be for your business and other AI writing needs with very competitive pricing.

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