Is StealthGPT Undetectable?

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Is StealthGPT Undetectable?

Is StealthGPT undetectable? To find out, we need to test StealthGPT against 5 major AI detectors to see if it can bypass them all.We will put StealthGPT against Academichelp, GPTZero, Writer, ContentAtScale, and CopyLeaks.Finally, we will examine the results to see if StealthGPT remains undetectable against 5 AI detectors. Table of Contents
  • What is StealthGPT?
  • What Are AI Detectors?
  • The Experiment
  • StealthGPT's Bypass Tool Experiment
  • StealthGPT's Chat with Stealth Tool Experiment
  • Findings Explained
  • Final Verdict if StealthGPT Remains Undetectable Against 5 AI Detectors

What is StealthGPT?

StealthGPT is an all-in-one platform that features different solutions depending on the users needs. StealthGPT offers: Bypass tool, Generate tool, Essay tool, AI checker, and Chat with Stealth. StealthGPT creates undetectable text capable of bypassing AI Detectors. It also has an AI checker tool that's capable of detecting any sign of AI written content. Finally, the Chat with Stealth tool allows users to ask any question and generate any responses. It also has a humanize feature to make the texts sound natural.

What Are AI Detectors?

AI Detectors are capable of detecting AI-generated text. ChatGPT or other AI tools leave traces with certain wordage, structure, and syntax. AI Detectors are capable of analyzing these traces and creating probabilities or scores of how much content is AI written or human-written. With the rise of ChatGPT, AI-generated content has exploded, and with it comes the growing need to detect AI-written content and human-written content.

The Experiment

There are two ways we can test to see if StealthGPT is undetectable. One is through its Bypass Tool and the other is Chat with Stealth. The Bypass Tool offers an undetectability mode and tone that allows the user to greatly customize their response while Chat with Stealth only humanizes the texts to sound more natural.We will be using Chat with Stealth to help us generate a prompt to use for both of the experiments. Chat with Stealth is similar to ChatGPT but also has a feature that allows users to humanize the responses. We will not be using the humanize feature but instead use StealthGPT's bypass tool for the first experiment. For the second experiment, we will be using the humanized feature against the AI Detectors.

StealthGPT's Bypass Tool Experiment

Here is the prompt that we will be using for the first experiment.
We will use medium stealth mode and academic tone for the bypass tool.
Finally, after clicking "Generate," here is the output generated. Let's put this newly generated text against 5 AI detectors.
This concludes the end of the first experiment.

StealthGPT's Chat with Stealth Tool Experiment

Here is the prompt that will be used for the second experiment.
Now, here is the humanized version of the prompt. Remember, you will need to click the humanize icon first in order to get this result.
Finally, let's put this newly humanized prompt to the test against Academichelp, GPTZero, Writer, ContentAtScale, and CopyLeaks.Academichelp
This concludes the end of StealthGPT's Chat with Stealth tool experiment.

Findings Explained

In the first experiment, StealthGPT's bypass tool manages to remain undetectable from Academichelp with 0% AI probability, GPTZero with 98% human written score, Writer with 88% human-generated content, ContentAtScale with 100% human score, and CopyLeaks with 100% human text.Meanwhile, Chat with Stealth also remains undetectable with 0% AI generated score from Academichelp, 97% human score from GPTZero, 95% human generated content from Writer, 100% human score from ContentAtScale, and CopyLeaks.

Final Verdict if StealthGPT Remains Undetectable Against 5 AI Detectors

StealthGPT's Bypass Tool and Chat with Stealth Tool ultimately remain undetectable against all 5 AI Detectors. Not yet convinced? Let's use the AI Checker tool.
We put StealthGPT's bypass output in our AI checker which received just 2% AI detection score, making it purely human.
Here's the humanized text version from Chat with Stealth against our AI checker which received over 100% human score.We will be conducting more experiments in the future and doing in-depth reviews of AI Detectors. Feel free to read more from our blogs to find out more information.If you're still not fully convinced, don't worry, we firmly believe that if you are ever detected we will issue you a full refund. So, is StealthGPT undetectable? The clear answer is yes.

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