StealthGPT's Undetectable AI Tool Against TurnItIn, GPTZero, and Originality AI

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StealthGPT's Undetectable AI Tool Against TurnItIn, GPTZero, and Originality AI

Since AI writing tools like ChatGPT, Claude AI , and Microsoft Bing AI, to name a few, have been widely applied these days, and people feel free to enjoy the power it provides due to its effectiveness and convenience. However, the concern about detecting AI-generated content has also received increasing attention, and many AI checker tools have emerged to join this vibrant market to detect it.That’s why the market always needs AI bypass tools like StealthGPT to come in place to trick those detection platforms, and such demand is still getting higher by the day. But, can StealthGPT really beat popular AI detectors like, Turnitin, and GPTZero ? or are there any better options on the Internet? Let’s find out in this blog post to get the objective answer, and then you can make a knowledgeable decision on your own.

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  • What Is
  • What Is For?
  • How We Tested StealthGPT
  • How Well StealthGPT Works to Make AI Content Undetectable: Real-Life Testing
  • What Do These Results Tell Us?
  • In a Nutshell
  • StealthGPT’s Pricing


StealthGPT, the ultimate undetectable & humanizer tool, has undergone rigorous testing and was proven to easily bypass advanced systems of AI detection like, Turnitin, and GPTZero. With the stated unique features, this software can make output that is not detectable and will further make sure that the content resonates in an authentic human voice in the case of essays, product description, or article, etc..Not only does StealthGPT bypass detectors, but it can also turn AI-generated content to make it sound more human, be an original content generator, and even give feedback and advice to help users in formulating their content. As such, it is one of the most indispensable tools of such a kind for those who are seeking an effective AI Bypass tool, making sure that people deal with the growing demand for AI-created but undetectable content.
  • StealthGPT bypassed with every sentence scoring up to 90% as human written.
  • The stealthGPT-generated text was passed entirely as a human text against Turnitin.
  • GPTZero returned a 92% human content score for the text generated by StealthGPT, which means there is very little difference between it and the text written by humans.

What Is

StealthGPT is a pioneering AI engine specifically designed to generate undetectable AI content, whether by humanizing the existing text or producing new. It understands how AI detection engines work and uses that knowledge to overcome them with high accuracy so that it ensures every sentence, every word, resonates with an authentic human voice in the generated content.The tool can breathe uniqueness into your essays, research papers, blog posts, emails, and any kind of content that you wish to transform without repeating common and tedious AI clichés in your text. In addition, StealthGPT also proudly supports over 7,000+ languages, broadening its accessibility to a wide range of users in demand.

What Is For?

As a multipurpose tool, StealthGPT can be used for various purposes, from transforming AI content to human writing, generating ideas, detecting AI as well as bypassing AI content. All are integrated into one. It is the most effortless and speedy method to cut back on the time and energy that you may have if you choose to humanize the AI-generated content manually.

AI Checker

StealthGPT’s AI checker is considered as the most straightforward and simple feature to use. The system works with the same formula as other advanced AI content detection in the market. All the users need to do is just simply copy and paste the content inside the AI checker box and click on the “analyze.” button. After a few seconds, StealthGPT will scan through the content and let you know the percentage of whether your content is flagged as AI-generated or not.

Stealth Tools

Stealth Bypass: The most powerful feature of Stealth lies in this. Users can feel confident when leveraging this and bypass many AI detectors out there, such as Winston AI, Content at Sale, Scribbr, etc., as these detectors have failed against the content generated by StealthGPT. Moreover, not only does it bypass the AI detectors, but it also produces content in such a way that it is uniquely different each time a response is generated by setting the undetectability mode and tone feature, which definitely helps to prevent any plagiarism issues.Stealth Content Generator: The generating tool allows you to generate prompts from scratch based on the length you want it to, and it is undetectable as well. All you need is just to send a request to Stealth Generate Tool, and it will give you content that is coherent, readable, and grammatically correct. A helpful tip here is that even though the content itself is already undetectable, and you still want your text to remain as the maximum score of human written, you can also put “ the newly generated content” into the Stealth Bypass box, and you will see the miracle.Stealth Essay Generator: Through the Essay tool, you can generate the original content by explaining the outline of your essay along with the thesis statement included. The StealthGPT's Essay tool will follow exactly the prompt given and output an essay that can't be detected by any AI detection software while still ensuring high-quality content.Chat with Stealth: This is the newest feature of our website, which allows users to ask questions and generate prompts similar to ChatGPT, but much better. It will give you the feedback and advice needed based on your questions and help you form your content. However, just don't forget that the generated text is still AI-written unless the user selects the humanize option in order to make the generated text sound more natural, BUT it is not undetectable against AI detectors. You will need to use the Stealth Bypass tool for that.


Our cutting-edge API has been developed with the most advanced natural language processing technology to enable you to create unique, quality content or rewrite existing text to meet your needs exactly. If you’re a developer, marketer, or content creator who needs to handle automatic content processing, by integrating StealthGPT’s API into your own projects could be beneficial. Our API is designed to be as easy to use as much as possible, which allows you to generate content in millions of seconds. And the pricing will be operating on a token-based fixed price.

How We Tested StealthGPT

Alright, while StealthGPT sounds impressive, but does actually work? We all know that it is always easier than done, so to show if StealthGPT can bypass AI detection, nothing is more valuable than running real-life examples and putting the platform to the test for authentic results. So, as the name of the blog post title already shows, we are going to run our content through the top 3 advanced AI detector websites currently on the market, which are, Turnitin, and GPTZero.First of all, for the tool to show what it can do, I need an AI writing tool like ChatGPT to generate some documents for us. In this case, I will be asking ChatGPT to generate 3 types of content, which are an article, essay, and product descriptions, respectively, for, Turnitin, and GPTZero. And then, we will humanize or paraphrase the content by simply using the StealthGPT Bypass tool. After that, we will put the newly generated content by using Stealth features on these three AI detectors and see whether the content is getting flagged as AI-generated or not. However, if it isn't caught and identified as a product created by AI, then it confirms the effectiveness of StealthGPT as the ultimate AI bypasser and humanizes in the market.

How Well StealthGPT Works to Make AI Content Undetectable: Real-Life Testing

1. StealthGPT Against Originality AI

To start off, I visited the ChatGPT website and asked for a prompt to produce an article of 300 words about the importance of getting enough sleep. Here’s a screenshot of what ChatGPT provided:

Step #1: Generate Text with ChatGPT Tool

Step #2: Humanize the Content with StealthGPT

Copy the newly generated text and paste it into StealthGPT's Bypass. Alternatively, if you have the AI content in a pdf., docx., txt. file, etc. Just upload it to StealthGPT, and the tool will work. After pasting the content into the box, I will set the parameters that StealthGPT will consider when humanizing the content. I will choose the “medium” undetectability mode as it makes the content easy to read and sets the undetectability tone to "academic," which is ideal for academic writing.

Step #3: Run the Stealth text through Originality AI

After the fast-checking speed of, the result shows that each sentence in the Stealth text is confident as human-written up to 90%.

2. StealthGPT Against Turnitin

For this second experiment, I continue to send ChatGPT a prompt about writing an 300 words essay about the impact of Christmas in today's society.

Step #1: Generate Content Through ChatGPT

Step #2: Copy and Paste the AI-generated Content in StealthGPT

You don't need to edit the content before pasting it in Stealth Bypass. Just paste it the way it is.

Step #3: Run the Stealth text through Turnitin

After reviewing the essay was humanized with StealthGPT. Turnitin was positive that the text totally passed as human text. You can check the screenshot of the test result below.

3. StealthGPT Against GPTZero

For this final test, I request ChatGPT to write a 300-word product description about a violin. Here is the output result from the AI-writing tool.

Step #1: Generate Content Using ChatGPT Tool

Step #2: Feed the AI Text into StealthGPT

In this part, I continue to copy the newly produced text and paste it into Stealth Bypass for humanizing. I'll choose the “casual” tone and the “medium” mode for this product description. When working in this mode, StealthGPTmakes the content sufficiently easy to read but undetectable by AI content detection programs as well as maintains the high-quality content.

Step #3: Run the Entire Stealth Text through GPTZero

Next, I will ask GPTZero to run a scan to check whether or not the text humanized by StealthGPT is caught as AI-written. Based on the screenshot above, GPT Zero returned a 92% human content score for the text. This means that GPT Zero is highly confident that there's a small of 3 percent probability that text generated by StealthGPT is flagged as AI. This implies that StealthGPT can bypass GPTZero completely. That’s an enormous victory!

What Do These Results Tell Us?

At first glance at the table above, we can easily see that the results already speak for themselves. For only three AI checkers in this experiment, 3 out of 3 claimed that the content generated by StealthGPT was NOT caught as AI-generated content. Since this is considered one of the top 3 hardest AI detectors in the market, we are confident that our platform can be extended to bypass other AI checker tools out there, and any others that are propping up. It came to the conclusion that StealthGPT can beat any advanced AI detectors out here with its features as well as abilities. And this is absolutely an ideal tool for anyone seeking to find a way to bypass AI without worrying about being caught. Without a doubt, the top undetectable AI calls out StealthGPT.

In a Nutshell

To sum it up, StealthGPT is one of the best tools ever created within the realm of AI content creation and manipulation. It can create high-quality, undetectable content, which makes it a worthy investment tool for students, content creators, marketers, and developers who are indeed. Not only can it beat AI detection systems such as Turnitin,, and GPTZero, but it also ensures that the content has an authentic human touch. From all-in-one features, such as AI content generation to content humanization, StealthGPT has shown the whole world that it really can revolutionize the production and editing of content. Take just one look at our testing results. StealthGPT has proven to be an invaluable tool in this growing demand for AI-generated but undetectable content. However, we also have no doubt that AI checkers like, Turnitin, and GPTZero will adapt their models one day to do even better. But When they upgrade, we will always be ready.

StealthGPT’s Pricing

StealthGPT offers three different kinds of pricing plans, depending on people's needs. The pricing for the plans is as follows: $17.99 per month for an individual package with the Essential plan, $24.99 per month for the Pro package, and $34.99 per month for the Exclusive package. All these include word amount and extra features, yet still, in any case, you can upgrade each plan to a higher level of the Stealth Samurai engine for just $4.99 a month, irrespective of the tier, but still get all of these powerful features, all rolled in one, at a cheaper price. Try StealthGPT today and find out for yourself whether it is worth one single cent!

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